[Unobtainable Deal] Boost Juice Hack - Buy 2 Drinks for Only $1 with Voucher (Your Experience May Vary)

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There seems to be some kind of hack/error with a voucher you can get from the competition posted in the link. If you get the voucher Buy One Get One for $1, the code will instead amount to $1 for 2 original drinks. You may get other vouchers as well, depending on luck.

The direct link to start chatting (must have messenger) is: https://m.me/boostjuice
The link to the competition is: https://www.facebook.com/boostjuice/videos/1339502362764721/

The code is not generic. In that case, you may have to chat to one of the fruits and hope you get the right voucher.

The steps are:
1) Go to the link.
2) Get chatting.
3) You may get the voucher or some others as well (Buy one get one free, free protein ball, $3 off, etc).
4) Take a pic of the voucher and scan it at a Boost Juice shop.
5) You should only pay $1 for both.

Worked at Boost Camberwell, Vic.

If you didn't get the voucher, there are other fruits you can chat to. Also you can chat to them again after a few days for another voucher.

Sorry if it's not detailed enough. I'm using mobile.

Edit; You have to download an application called Facebook messenger to chat. I have also added a direct link to the competition in the description. Also credit to Spackbace for the original post regarding the competition.

Mod: 8 reports that this didn't work and no reports that it worked, so we'll move to the forum as it appears likely that it's fixed or a specific store error.

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