Is Ordering Products from an Online Store with a Price Glitch Legal?

Hi I came across an online store with deals spend so much $ choose afree gift how ever the site due to a glitch allowed me to purchase the free item with free delivery and it came can I get in trouble for this I did it a few times.



    A free gift how ever the site due to a glitch allowed me to purchase the free item with free delivery and it came

    karma will get you.


    If you find a free gift item in store would you talk it walk out because no one is watching?

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      No but if I take the free gift to the checkout and they sell it to me for free without other purchase then yes. I placed the item in my cart and went to the checkout like normal the item came up as $0 so I placed order No one forced them to send it

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    Can you post the link here so we can check if it's legal?

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    this almost smells like the 7c duffle bag from DJ's that broke their website

    ……Meanwhile in the chocolate fire guard company…..

    Sir look at all the traffic we must be getting hacked…. nobody uses the site this much…..

    IT boss - It's not hackers boy, we have been ozbargained —slamming the panic button— find that item now!!!!!!! and shut it down!!!!

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    I have a friend at the local police station. Because you seem like a good guy I'm going to give you the heads up, they will be at your place 9am Monday morning. Your welcome :)

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    That is computer hacking and carries a maximum sentence of 25 years (which you most probably won't receive). Unfortunately there is a mandatory 5 year minimum jail term for this offense which means you'll be in the pokey for 5 years at least, possibly more depending on judge.


      So I place something from a store in my cart and it comes up $0 and I complete purchase as normal and they send it to me you call that hacking, I see it as no different to going through a real checkout and the sales clerk is to lazy to charge me and throws it in my trolley but in this case the lazy clerk is an overpaid IT expert who screwed up.

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    My brain glitched whilst trying to read this.


    I see people on this site advertising and buying price errors on things like Xbox live all the time this is no different is it legal to purchase from a store even if you know the price is wrong or free?


    This thread has come up before.


    Are you worried they will sue you or what?
    It's not against the law, it's rather a policy. They have the legal right to refund or cancel… Or send it, if you're lucky.


    You guys scared him away with the police comment

    He is now a Disabled User

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    Holy sh!t … OP literally bugged out. Probably ordered a few '000 and saw the correlation of 0's. Much paranoid.

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    Where is the damn poll for your question?

    My take is that you should order away, and if you get it then great, and if not, then oh well…

    Anyway, fancy coming to a site asking this type of question where the majority of members would throw out their parents from a plane to get a bargain.

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