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All Vita Games $10 at JB Hi-Fi Westfield Southland, VIC


Just walked in the store and was greeted by a $10 sale on Vita games. They're clearing their shelves. Some great bargains in there including Uncharted, Superbeat Xonic, Grand Kingdom, Sword Art Online, World of Final Fantasy. Check shelves and sale bin back in the corner where the PC peripherals are.

Bargain bin pics: http://imgur.com/a/TNWIo

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  • any chance this is nationwide?

  • Make sure you blow off the dust to read the titles.

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      Fortunately shop staff would have done that for you, equipped with masks, as they relabelled them :)

  • Would love to catch wind of this being nationwide before it's too late! Some potential bargains if so.

  • Doesn't seem nation wide called two stores game staff and they didn't know anything about it.

  • World of Final Fantasy for $10. My God that's cheap.

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      I paid $23 for it a couple of weeks back, feeling mighty proud of myself at the time. Shortly before that I bought Xonic on ebay for the princely sum of $20, again feeling proud of myself!

    • Final fantasy at $10 is ok but oven seen it for $23 delivered before. Real gems here are super beat xonic which is jb hifi retail exclusive and hasn't seen a drop at all since release and sword art online as bamco doesn't reprint or discount their games much at all.

  • Any cheap vita consoles out there?

  • shame really wanted a few of those but westfield is far

  • I was at Southland last Thursday to pick up some Blu-rays, and looked for some Vita games, but couldn't find them so I guess I missed the bargain bin. I'd have grabbed a couple of games if I'd known they were $10, but I don't think I'll make a trip to get any.

  • Save yourself the journey. They have pulled them from the shelf to be redistributed to other stores that sell more PS Vita titles. Not a single title on the shelf at all.

    Shame, just wanted that Super Xonic but I guess I'll hunt it on eBay

  • Called JB Southland, have been informed the Vita titles have been removed from shelf and transferred to other stores where they are full price.

    • You're wrong.

      Vita is amazing.

      • So what is the worst Sony console then? Does the Vita really even come close to any of the others?

        Just saying, you can like the Vita and still think it's the worst of the Sony consoles.

        • Well if you had to go by sales numbers I'd have to say Playstation TV sold worse then vita by numbers. That as well as having all the problems of the vita it also had a white list so you could only play games on it that the developers had approved so any games the devs didn't want to test for it never got the ok to be played on it unless you hack it to bypass it.

          All though you could also say the PSX (japan only) was a pretty big failure. PSP GO was also pretty bad too I wonder how many of those are floating around.

        • @Scaregdearimasu:

          Ok, sure. I'm not going to argue that the Vita is worse than any of those. But when you have to resort to toned down versions of other consoles, that's a pretty bad sign.

          Obviously I'm talking about the mainline Playstation consoles here: PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4, PSP, PSV.

        • Probably the PS3. The library in hindsight (and even at the time) isn't that good. It was basically my Uncharted/Demon's Souls/Yakuza/Singstar machine.

          Obviously in terms of sales, Vita performed the worst of the lot so if you want to rank them in terms of sales there's no comparison.

          But I really love my vita and despite Sony exiting the handheld race and leaving its baby behind, it allowed a number of third parties to step up and be successful with their mid tier/niche titles. Don't forget you can play a ton of PS1 classics on this system, heaps of PS2 classics in their HD collections (MGS collection, Jak and Daxter, Ratchet, Sly, Ninja Gaiden 1 and 2) and of course full titles that came out on the PS3 and PS4 (World of Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest Builders).

        • @arbok:

          Wow that's interesting to hear. For me PS3 is the best and the library is one of the reasons for that. Even now I still do most of my gaming on it and barely even touch my PS4 or Vita. Side note: I just played Demon's Souls last week for the first time actually. Loved it.

          I definitely wasn't talking about sales… And I think the Vita is much better than its sales suggest too.

          But anyway, fair enough if that's how you see it. Your first comment just sounded like Vita couldn't be the worst because it's amazing, which isn't necessarily true.

        • I bought a vita recently and love the remote play feature, that alone is worth it IMO (you can play the PS4 in one room in another).

          I wish there was a bigger catalog of what i like, but its still a handy little device for some of us.

        • @Scaregdearimasu:
          psp go would get that title.

        • @clarkey:

          Haha that's true, it could be the 'worst' but still be amazing.

          I still have quite a number of games on PS3 I haven't beaten yet, and its a great system, but I think the PS4 already has it beat in terms of great games and PS4 might possibly be remembered as the greatest Playstation console. It is too early to say, but that's the way its heading I think. Especially this last quarter, the games have been amazing with Horizon, Nioh, Yakuza 0, Nier, Persona 5.

          Btw, Demon Souls is probably my favourite game of that generation, single handedly created a new genre called the Souls games.

          Definitely dig out your Vita and check out the PS Store when there's a sale going. You'll be surprised how many awesome games there are on the Vita. :)

      • It can still be amazing yet also be the worst Sony console (which means the bar set for Sony consoles would be rather high). They're not mutually exclusive.

        Eg. You like all Sony consoles, but if you rate them in the order of PS2 > PS4 > PS3 > PSP > PS1 > PSVita, then the Vita is the worst Sony console in your opinion.

      • Agreed. I collect vita games. Mainly because I'm a jRPG fanatic. I can see why gamers who play FPS feel nothing about it though.

  • Damm. I would of bought one of each title

  • Still the original price at Eastland.

  • Heads up, Superbeat is coming to PS4 and Xbone soon for anyone who's interested.

  • bloody hell, there's definitely not going to be any of these left before i get there on the weekend.

  • Vita is beyond huge is Japan there's more games for it than 3ds. Plus multiple colours of the system. Pity we don't get the localisations all the time. Probably won't be surprised if Sony makes another portable console.

    • Vita is dying in Japan just as it already has in the West. The year on year Vita console sales have dropped about 50% there.

      Taken from Neogaf

      Media Create Sales: Week 19, 2017 (May 08 - May 14)

      |System | This Week | Last Week | Last Year | YTD | Last YTD | LTD |
      | NSW | 25.257 | 47.353 | | 831.798 | | 831.798 |
      | PS4 # | 17.287 | 28.498 | 22.109 | 748.439 | 592.981 | 4.670.055 |
      | 3DS # | 13.730 | 23.264 | 14.434 | 797.382 | 567.766 | 22.708.795 |
      | PSV # | 4.212 | 6.921 | 10.855 | 232.565 | 460.891 | 5.479.984 |
      | PS3 | 237 | 388 | 781 | 12.797 | 28.046 | 10.270.516 |
      | WIU | 203 | 418 | 3.296 | 17.862 | 194.100 | 3.297.600 |
      | XB1 # | 72 | 97 | 138 | 4.532 | 2.837 | 77.480 |
      | ALL | 60.998 | 106.939 | 51.613 | 2.645.375 | 1.846.621 | 47.336.228 |
      | XB1 S | 72 | 97 | | 3.760 | | 5.478 |
      |PS4 Pro| 4.441 | 6.393 | | 123.714 | | 240.764 |
      | PS4 | 12.846 | 22.105 | 22.109 | 624.725 | 592.981 | 4.429.291 |
      | PSV | 4.212 | 6.921 | 10.855 | 232.565 | 460.891 | 5.479.984 |
      | 2DS | 2.995 | 5.879 | | 199.451 | | 496.598 |
      | n-3DS | 10.735 | 17.385 | 13.778 | 597.931 | 528.220 | 5.291.920 |

      As you can see Vita did 10000 units the same week last year, while this year it did 4000 units. Year to Date - there's been 230k sales, compared to last year to date about 460k sales of the console.

      What that means is that Japanese publishers are starting to drop support for it. For example Koei Tecmo, who graced the machine with titles regularly through its lifetime such as Dead or Alive 5, Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus 1 and 2, Atelier series, Toukiden, Dynasty Warriors, Samurai warriors games etc. are already not bringing out stuff like the next Samurai Warriors game on the Vita. The latest Atelier games (Sophie, Firis) are also not on the Vita and PS4/PC only. Similarly Square Enix will probably do the same and they have no Vita titles announced for 2017.

      This will probably leave only the 'smaller' publishers like NIS America, PQube, Atlus for this year and some titles for next year. This year still looks reasonable with games like Tokyo Xanadu, Utawarerumono, Summon Night 6, Chaos;Child, Ys VIII, Ys Origins coming out.

      I think the Vita had a pretty good run software wise for a system that sold 1/7th of what the original PSP did. Certainly the library is far better, with deeper, meatier games and the console was very flexible technically and able to get close to PS3 quality. Certainly there's some moaning to be had if you like FPSs because they are basically non existent, but everything besides that gets good coverage (no NBA game though!). Like I said above, if you haven't touched the Vita for a while, check out the PSN store during a sale and pick some stuff up, you'll be amazed how comfortable playing near PS3 quality titles are on the system with dedicated buttons (as opposed to mobile games with on screen buttons). It's like you had a Playstation Switch all along and didn't realise. :)

      EDIT: Apologies for the shitty table. It automatically adjusts the formatting.

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    Many ozbargainers calling stores and telling them one store is selling them for ten bucks. Smarty pants from the jb group acting quickly and recalling it from the store for redistribution after knowing many people are looking for the games to buy. Lesson learned - ask for the price and don't say which store has it on sale😄


    I purchased my 3g vita for thw same price as the wifi version. They gave it to me because they couldnt sell them. Cant complain really but i havent played my vita for a few months.


    I hear they should be happening at other JB hi-fis, keep us posted

    • I certainly hope not, would prefer them to maintain a vita selection rather then firesale and not sell any more vita games from the new releases. There aren't too many releases left but still if they come out in USA and EU why not australia?

      do you actually have an association with JB or just a friend at JB?
      any time frames mentioned?

      • At some point, retail stores have to sell their unsellable stock so if Vita titles are not selling, they'd much rather use the space for something that does like Switch or PS4.

      • EB have more or less gotten rid of Vita stock. Console is pretty much dead outside of digital games. Only publisher releasing games consistently right now is NISA.