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20% off Online @ PETstock


Hey guys,

This sale started Monday and it looks like it hasn't hit here yet, so just giving you all the heads up.

PETstock are having a 20% off online only (includes click & collect orders) sale, with the following T&Cs;

Excludes VET Prescription Diet, Equine and Gift Cards. Available for online home delivery orders and Click & Collect orders only. No Rainchecks. Not in conjunction with any other offer. Sale starts 22/5 12:00am AEST and ends 25/5 11:59pm AEST.

Have fun.

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    Still overpriced on the BlackHawk range of dry dog food. Must be the PetBarn competitor 20% off bring it almost down to price others are selling for. Still 8 bucks more than my usual goto PetCircle


      Buy it off eBay. Petstock are part of the nesting sale so got black hawk adult for ~$76 delivered, which is by far the cheapest I can find it at the moment.


        Cool didnt know that. Not sure how it fits into the nesting sale but who cares when it makes it cheaper


        Checked on eBay - they have the same prices as their website. They both now have 20% off RRP with this website offer.
        Only difference is $9 postage for website & $4.95 via eBay (when buying <$50).

        …But even with the 20% off, they come out on-par (or worse than) PetCircle.


          Petcircle $87.95, petstock on eBay with 20% off using COZY is $76.17. Don't know which one of us is failing at maths but as far as I'm concerned that makes me $10 better off.


          @crift85: So which product is that then? OP was talking about BlackHawk:
          Note: all for 3kg / 10kg / 20kg sizing, & all incl. 20% discount (or after eBay code deducted)

          Black Hawk - Lamb & Rice:
          PetStock website - $23.99 / $51.19 / $95.19
          PetStock eBay - $23.99 / N/A / 95.19
          PetCircle website - $20.95 / $51.15 / $87.95

          Black Hawk - Fish & Potato:
          PetStock website - $26.39 / $59.19 / $109.59
          PetStock eBay - N/A / N/A / $109.59
          PetCircle website - $23.95 / $59.15 / $95.95

          Black Hawk - Lamb & Rice Puppy:
          PetStock website - $23.99 / $52.79 / $95.19
          PetStock eBay - N/A / $52.79 / $95.19
          PetCircle website - $22.85 / $52.75 / $87.95

          …and so on…

          Like I said, their eBay prices (with 20% off) match their website (which has taken 20% off automatically already).
          Their prices (in either site) are the same or dearer than PetCircle. Only the 10kg bags are the same price, really.


          You are missing the fact you can take another 20% using COZY. Which brings all those prices under pet circle.

          It's 20% off sale at petstock. You can then get another 20% off using COZY. The price listed on eBay doesn't include the second 20% off.

          I myself, last night paid $76.17 for black hawk adult lamb and rice 20kg which is over $10 cheaper then petcircle.

          Edit: I can now see they have removed the discount. You were able to get 20% off, then another 20% off last night. Guess petcircle is now cheaper, my apologies. My dog will enjoy her $76 dog food.


    Checked a few prices and Pet Circle and a few other places are significantly cheaper.

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    Checked a few product I normally get from the other shops, they are still way cheaper


    Your better off on the petstock eBay shop. Seems products in there are 20%off plus if you use the eBay promo code cozy you get another 20%off!


      Sadly they removed the 20% off this morning, just as I was adding an item to my cart :(


        I saw that too. They had the marked down price & were advertising the code. Thought there may've been something with my settings to show the post-"COZY code" price, but obviously not.