Xiaomi Miband 2 Strap Problem. Anyone Else?

I bought a Miband 2 from the (ill fated) Gamiss deal. Within a couple of months I strap had become very loose around the 'face' (the two layers of the strap had separated from each other). I hadn't worn in in water or been rough with it. I stopped wearing it pronto as it looked like the 'face' would easily jump out and be lost, and ordered a few new no name straps from gearbest. I had also given a Miband to my friend as a birthday gift and sadly hers did escape from its strap, never to be seen again.

Is this a known design fault with the mibands, or did we get a bad batch (or fakes?)? Electronics in mine still seem fine, and so far so good on the first gearbest strap. After all the problems others had with Gamiss I didn't bother to contact them.

Any fail safe strap recommendations appreciated.


  • Same problem as you, I bought a generic one off eBay and so far its held up longer. I think the more you take it out of the strap the more loose it becomes. Before I would recharge the device every 3 weeks so had to take it out of the strap. Nowadays I recharge the Mi Band 2 every 25 days which cuts down the wear and tear of the straps.

    The strap is obviously the weakest part so always handy to buy a few. The one I bought was roughly a dollar off ebay, but shipping took a while.

  • Yep - same problem. I thought about putting a drop of superglue to bind the two layers together but buying some generic straps ended up being a better option.

  • Little bit of duct tape round the middle. Done.

  • I ordered a metal band from Aliexpress (e.g. https://tinyurl.com/ydezpfy9). The 'face' doesn't come out anymore and the band is good quality but it is a bit heavy.

  • whilst the original mi band 2 band does have an issue where the internal rubber grommet comes loose over time, the thirdparty mi-bands are pieces of shit. they dont suffer the same problem because they don't have that internal rubber grom, and are absolutely woeful at keeping the actual device contained. they dont sit flush on your hand from the start, and are so poorly designed.

    with the third party bands i had it pop out and nearly lose the thing over and over til i just gave up. did not have a single popout with the original, in fact it survived a pretty horrendous situation fully intact save for serious road rash.

    unfortunately, i have not found a way to get an original replacement band short of being a whole new miband2….

    these things are pretty stupid anyway. but then again i came of age in the 80s and 90s, you don't need this gimicky shit.


    I have these purchased elsewhere, and band is not 2 layer like you describe. There is nothing to come apart. The bands and holding up very well. Possible your band is not genuine?

  • They are like $2 shipped so buy a new one off ebay. Thing is even the non genuine ones are fine but if they fail after a year or so, big deal.

    • A year or so is what I naively expected from the genuine one, less than two months of gentle wear was the surprise. But I agree, the cheapo non genuine replacements are the go.