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Cherry G80-3930 MX Keyboard $248 + Delivery (~$14) @ i-Tech


Cherry RK Keyboard - lowest price seen , good value for gaming

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  • Price in title?

  • Lol good value for gaming @ $248.

  • Keyboard $248
    lowest price seen , good value for gaming


  • I'll wait for the $2000 version.

  • Bought some mouse pads on clearance and bought a keyboard while I was at it even though it wasn't the best price. Few weeks later they say mouse pads are out of stock and supplier isn't getting any more. Only reason I bought the keyboard from this place is because of the mouse pads. Anyway I don't recommend i-tech and will never use them again.

  • Crappy board with no features, and twice the price of far better boards. No deal.

    • Games cherry MX inside. This BIG ones. RK win everyone game house

    • Don't think that's how negging works… from a quick google the price comes up to be the lowest available, Store states In stock, but can't tell QTY is over 10 so valid.
      Negging on your personal opinion on 'twice the price of far better boards' isn't correct.
      I don't go negging iPhone deals when I think Android phones are better as they have more features…

      • Pretty sure that a dud deal is valid for a neg. It's overpriced, who cares if it's cheaper than other places are selling the same thing?

        • @eug:

          If the Surface Pro had less features and was twice the price of the X2 then yes. If you can get something better for less, by definition, the more expensive one is not a bargain.

        • @Nukkels: Nope. Read the voting guidelines.

          You vote for the deal, not the product compared to other products.

          That's because what you want in an item can be different to what other people want. Why don't I see you negging every iPhone deal when Android phones can do everything for less money?

    • Not sure why you were downvoted.

      It might be an invalid reason to neg a deal, but your comments about the product itself are 100% right.

  • good value for gaming

    This might be a great price for the product - and to be fair Cherry have a stellar reputation - but value for gaming: no. It's about the opposite of that actually ;)

  • get a custom TKL keyboard for this price, maybe even with custom keycaps :P

  • Bought a K70 LUX Cherry Red from MSY not long ago only cost me $150 so not sure what the difference is with this particular brand.

  • Cherry makes very nice boards but yeah the price asked is just too much