expired Tempur sale @ Doymane... massive savings INC 2 free pillows with mattresses.


Been waiting to get a Tempur mattress?

Well now's the time, as there are massive savings at Domayne.

Finally you can sleep like at NASA :)

My Aunty just ordered one last night; $2699 including two pillows.

Last week they were quoting $3699, so $1000 savings.

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    big 2 thumb ups for tempur, very rarely on sale and last time i got one it was almost 5 k


    Not a sale that's worth posting, I think. That is, at any given time, if you bargain enough, you'd be able to get this price.

    I know this because I was in the market for this about 4 months ago, and the price is much better (e.g. what's listed here as $4k, was on sale for less than $3.5k).

    Then again, mabe if you bargain now, you'd get even cheaper. So I won't neg (but no positives either).


    Unfortunately still far too out of my budget.

    Anyone tried one of these knockoffs yet?


    I'm extremely tempted. =/


    @Uncharted it's expensive for me too, I've never tried ergoflex before. I found this
    http://www.rockdalemattressfactory.com.au company, so do you have some experience with them?


      I'm in Melbourne so never heard of them I'm afraid. But a personalized mattress would be great. Although I have heard that single coil pocket mattresses get lumpy over time from the coils sagging at different rates.


    I bought a Tempurpedic mattress in the US a few years ago — never regretted it, best mattress I've ever had, albeit you need the right base to make it super comfortable. I tested a bunch similar products, but most have only a thin mayer of memory foam, so they're not nearly as good; some Canadians complain they're too hard in the colder months, but as long as you don't live on in the mountains, they're awesome.
    I paid US$1400, inc. free pillows and delivery, down from a US$2390 retail price (pillows were $99-150 ea), just by shopping around.
    It's unbelievable how much these are marked up in Australia, but that's what we're used to I guess.