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Asus Chromebook Flip C302CA M3 4GB 12.5" FHD $799 Plus Shipping @ Asus AU


Asus Chromebook Flip C302CA

This new C302CA has been available overseas for a few months but is now available at Asus AU.

Not a bad deal at $799 particularly if you can access TRS GST refund.

Also available at Amazon US for US$499 plus about US$20 shipping = approx AUD$720

Would be nice to have the Australian adapter.

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  • $799 plus shipping for a Chromebook?

    I love my Toshiba 2 that I picked up for a few hundred dollars, but anything north of $600 seems rather steep. Especially when you could pick up a ASUS Zenbook for just over $900.

    • Yea these chromebooks are supposed to be cheap, whats the point of shelling out 800$ for a web surfing machine.

    • Typing this on a Toshiba 2, agree completely except one thing

      I wouldn't pay any more than 300, 600 should buy me 2 or 3 of these things.

  • I like chromebooks and their concepts of being cheap, but at $799 for an essential a glorified web browser? That's a bit ridiculous

    • The hardware is worth $799 for a Macbook quality laptop.

      You can make up all sorts of crazy labels, but have you tried a Chromebook?

      I find having access to the Android Apps far more valuable than managing virus' and maintaining crappy windows software.

      I haven't found any limitations for my use yet.

      • There's different use cases depending on your workflow for different OSs and laptops, and yes I have tried chromebooks.

        I'm not bashing on the Chrome OS and its concept, I like for what they are mostly used for and that's mostly content consumption like a tablet or similar to what a browser is mostly used for. The Android apps compatibility is a huge bonus too…in theory, but that's up to developers to make the apps compatible with chromebooks - so its not just Windows with "crappy software". Most apps should work, but these apps aren't written properly for the screen of the chromebook. Just look at the many Android tablet apps that aren't written properly but just scaled up mobile versions.

        Is it worth the high premium? I still don't think so at this stage. Build quality may be nice, but the software must also back that up and it's still early stages with the Android app integration. I still think chromebooks should cost around $500 or less, $800 is too high

        I have my use case for my laptop for other things like video and RAW photo editing, something that lacks with chromebooks…for now. I need the power and more accurate colour screens for that. Larger and faster storage options too. Don't get me wrong, I do think there's a place for chromebook, but I don't think there's a need for a premium one.

        Also the one listed on Amazon gives you 64GB of storage as appose to 32GB in the deal linked. I don't know if there's an error anywhere, but that's what I'm seeing so the Amazon one is the better buy (for those who are willing to buy). regardless of the charging adapter.

  • Well it is close to Macbook quality … whether you install ChromeOS, Windows, OS X hack, or a linux distro doesnt really matter.

    But yea, this is as good as a Zenbook (if not better) and it is $100 less, so it's a good deal.

  • Amazon is actually USD $516.25 delivered which is less than AUD $700. Whereas buying directly from ASUS is $799 + $12.65 postage = $811.65. Even if you manage to claim back GST it's still ~$738. I guess you do get local warranty from ASUS (finger crossed).

    • wow camel says lowest Amazon price was US $477.25, that would've been a great deal.

    • Actually, I checked my order and paid the approx US$40 for express shipping so it worked out to AUD$733 on my credit card statement (Bankwest Platinum with no forex fees).

      Would be nice to have the AU plug on the charger which I would value at about $50. I'm actually travelling in a month, so I could have claimed the TRS GST but couldn't be bothered with (a) the extra wait for Asus AU as it was not in stock at the time and (b) the TRS GST hassle.

      I'm just using my Pixel charger which is super compact as I dont really need fast charging. The Pixel charger will still charge the battery whilst in use. Anyway with about 10hrs of battery life, I can afford to slow charge whilst sleeping. You need to sleep sometime I guess.

  • LOL. $800+ Chromebook with 32GB eMMC? No thanks.

    I grabbed a Lenovo Yoga 710-11.6 for less than 100 bucks more from JB with better specs (8GB RAM and a proper SSD) etc. It's thinner and only weighs 1kg.

    Chromebooks should stick to sub $400 price tags.

  • Seems to be $899 now for me.

  • Hence the coupon posted in this ozbargain