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Xbox One - Zoo Tycoon - Games with Gold from June 16 on The Japan Store


Saw this on Reddit this morning and figured a cross post was in order. Instead of Watch_Dogs Japan will be receiving Zoo Tycoon for this month's GWG, since it's an Xbox One title we can get it too. Just set a reminder on OzBargain and click the link on the 16th, or click the link below, sign in and change the region to Japan at the bottom of the page. Mixed reviews but it's free.

Xbox AU Link

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    It's a terrible game - nothing like the previous Zoo Tycoon games. It's basically been dumbed down a LOT to make it more accessible to kids and pre-teens. I bought it soon after I got my Xbox and traded it in about a week later. For a free game, it's still a nice distraction, and probably a pretty fun experience for anyone with children to play with together.

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    Great game - my kids love it, especially with the Kinect integration (patting/feeding the animals).

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    I'm actually quite excited this is a gwg, I've always been interested in this game, but never as a gwg.

  • AngryAlfred made a cross post.

    Helpful as I'd never see it otherwise, ta.

  • Nice find

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    Great game, underrated

  • awesome, i am really glad about this :D

  • Hey, the Japanese also get Hardwood Heart instead of Assassins Creed 3 xbox 360. (Sorry cannot work out how to get if for free).

    And Battleblock Theatre instead of Dragon Age Origins

    • Yeah they do, but you need a JP account to get them, you can't buy 360 games from other regions without changing the region in account settings which I think has a limit of 3 changes. XB1 games are universal across all accounts though which is why this works and those don't.

      • Thanks for the explaining this.

  • Thanks - I put a reminder on my phone for this for today and it totally worked!

  • Thanks! Just did this. Initially it wanted to charge me ~JPY3,000 but then I cancelled out and tried it again and it worked! JPY0!

  • Wow just did it then, was super easy and I get a game I've wanted for a while

  • Thanks OP managed to snag this and freshen up my Japanese! Be good if there was intl games with gold release each month to add them all to your collection. Am sure other regions do better than aus.

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