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Hmm, are these just Tuya app knock off's? I've got a generic one at the minute but won't connect it to my Alexa due to not being able to...
10/09/2021 - 10:15
Yup, it's terrible reading some of the comments on here isn't it. You can see why people are turned away from the place. Good on you @Lady...
23/08/2021 - 08:27
Thanks team! I've put an order in for pickup as I'm close by, looking forward to this for my son.
03/08/2021 - 18:30
Poll needs an option for "already have one", and "this year". Already have one, and it's fantastic. Costs me practically nothing to run,...
23/07/2021 - 16:59
Don't forget the OzBargain, electric cars suck, why would I drive anything else than a 10 year old Camry which is the best car ever?!
02/06/2021 - 11:28
Go and test drive a Tesla Model 3 - you'll soon be converted.
26/05/2021 - 19:38
My s60 vacuum is unable to update at the minute as well - maybe it's a server issue.
03/01/2021 - 19:24
I doubt there is much profit in it at $6.80 for 50!
03/11/2020 - 13:35
Sounds like this is a perfect example of where a lack of communication ends in years of issues. You had a good relationship with the...
28/10/2020 - 10:47
I normally get a flagship - generally I find the phone lasts (as in, is not slower/outdated/not getting software updates) longer. I use my...
28/10/2020 - 10:34
All of the "experiences" are very much that - experiences. If you want to get into it, chances are you're going to need another car (simply...
28/10/2020 - 10:28
You might have been lucky and caught the time between them updating the site / quote system - they don't include the HPWC any more, however...
19/10/2020 - 19:40
It's a deal for Australian stock.
19/10/2020 - 15:53
Thanks for your response - genuinely appreciated!
18/10/2020 - 21:22
To be fair there are not a lot of smarts in the charger, it's just a relay/switch for the AC - the AC-DC conversion is done on the car end.
18/10/2020 - 12:36
Nope, everyone has settled on Type 2 and CCS2 as standard now, just older cars that are running type 1.
18/10/2020 - 12:33
Keep in mind that this doesn't support all electric cars, just the ones that run that plug... I'd be more comfortable just going for a...
18/10/2020 - 12:30
Yes but does Samsung Pay on this particular grey market phone work in Australia.... I know the app works in Aus, but recall hearing...
18/10/2020 - 12:20
Does anyone know what version this is - will Samsung Pay work in Aus?
18/10/2020 - 08:38
Last couple I've sold I've advertised on CarSales, Gumtree, and Facebook - both ended up selling on Facebook. CarSales just had all of the...
06/10/2020 - 18:32
Yup, definite increase in this type of spam - very annoying!
05/10/2020 - 18:46
Can anyone confirm it's still this price on education store? It's 1699 on Government store.
01/10/2020 - 10:47
Flick me a PM, I might be keen on it depending on the price.
23/08/2020 - 10:30
That escalated quickly! Seems like she didn't get the fawning responses she wanted.
20/08/2020 - 12:12
That's what I've done as well - put it as my downstairs vacuum while the new S6?5? (too many models) is upstairs.
18/08/2020 - 18:35
Given that people seem to know a bit about these in here - does anyone know how to fix the Error 10 cleab or replace filter error? Have...
17/08/2020 - 15:12
Running a business without insurance!? Has he never heard the old saying about not insuring what you can afford to lose? He should be very...
11/08/2020 - 10:53
I've bought Doom and Doom 2 on so many platforms so far...
05/08/2020 - 10:25