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Jetstar NZ Sale (Return): MEL-CHC $176, MEL-AKL $187, MEL-ZQN $232, SYD-CHC $180, SYD-AKL $192, SYD-ZQN $240, OOL-AKL $190 +MORE


Jetstar has launched their 'Who knows who you'll hang out with in NZ' sale with some great fares across the Tasman. Queenstown seems especially cheap. Quoted fares in title are all return. Dates of travel vary, with some available right through until March 2018. Good luck, and enjoy :)

Sample screenshot…

Checked baggage is not included but may be added for a fee. Prices based on deselection of optional extras and on payment by POLi, Jetstar voucher, Jetstar Gift Card, Jetstar MasterCard or Jetstar Platinum MasterCard for bookings through jetstar.com

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  • Hmmm almost worth it for trs purposes…..

    Does anyone know if I could buy this or similar cheap one way ticket to enter security at Sydney airport claim trs but then exit the airport without actually taking the flight? Or by that stage would I have to be checked in and they call my name of the speakers etc etc

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      I can't imagine why anyone would want to manipulate the system like that, but that's just me.

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      I want to buy this so I can wander around the airport and appear on Australian Border Protection on TV.

    • they don't check for a boarding pass at the immigration 'gate' or at security screening…

    • Customs already know that trick (people used to buy refundable tickets & try to stock up on booze/ciggies/etc or do a drug pickup). But it'll probably will land you on a tv show with @scab

      But yeah you need a boarding pass to get through security in the first place and a passport to get through customs/border farce, then into dutyfree.

      The best plan I heard was getting one of those domestic flights which land in international, then convince someone off an international flight to buy the goods for you (with cash), then exit flashing your domestic boarding pass bypassing customs. (as you need to show your boarding pass & passport, which they enter into the POS terminal, to buy stuff IIRC).

    • +10

      Is it really worth all that effort? Just get a job or a payrise.

      • It was more a thought experiment - wasnt actually going to do it.

        • That's what the Nazis said in 1937….

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          This conversation was literally not possible before the internet.

  • Just wondering how much are food/accom prices in NZ compared to Aus?

    • pretty equivalent …. the thing that I found noticeably more expensive was petrol - about 2$ a litre when I went about 3 years ago

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        yep, still is around that price.

        Everything seems to be pretty on par with australia, except for ice cream, thats dirt cheap over there!

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          $2.08 last week, single malts were really cheap though

        • +2

          @havok44: mmm heading over in a couple months, will have to check out the whiskeys.

          I will be honest though, i was talking ice creams… i thought you wrote single melts :)

      • It seems it is a different personal injury insurance model in NZ compared with Au - the CTPI component of rego is much cheaper (as are rental cars) relative to ours. Ostensibly, the premium paid on NZ petrol is funnelled into CTPI coffers which effectively means a more egalitarian user-pays system. This is based on my observations rather than researching any annoying facts but, if im right, it seems a much fairer system. I also found that fresh fruit and veg (in Christchurch, at least) is quite expensive. Accommodation in shoulder season is quite a bit cheaper than peak.

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      Fush is more expensive.

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        what about the price of chups?

    • i find food accomo more pricey, and yes fuel currently $1.90- ish but the liquor is cheaper so makes up for some

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      We did a family holiday in January of this year, touring around the South Island (Te Anau - Dunedin - Tekapo - Christchurch - Franz Josef - Queenstown) and found pretty much everything to be more expensive than Australian prices. In particular we found food to be a LOT more expensive than what we are used to in Melbourne. This goes for your basic supermarket items like milk, cereals, fruit etc.

      It actually took us a bit by surprise and we ended up using our Australian credit cards for a couple of minor excursions later in the trip just to ensure we had enough NZ money to get us through.

      The petrol price difference is well known to be a lot different from Australia, so be aware of this if doing a lot of driving.

      As for accommodation, we used a travel agent (Travel Counsellours Australia) who got some pretty good rates compared to what we could get online. Not that it's any use for this post, but they also got us cheaper flights with additional baggage allowance.

      As for the holiday? Mind blowing. We loved the place and would go back there for a holiday in a heartbeat.

      For anyone reading this doing a driving holiday the best tip I could give you is to download an app called 'Campermate'. I have lost count of the number of amazing places we visited off the main roads due to that app. Disused tunnels with glowworms, beaches with seals scattered across them, views to catch the best sunset etc. One of the funniest things the app gave us was between Te Anau and Dunedin (near Waihola?) there is a fence with thousands of old shoes attached. Our kids thought that was hilarious.

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        What was wrong with the seals?

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        If you shop at the discount supermarket Pac N' Save groceries seem to be on-par or even cheaper than Australia.

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        I found food to be more expensive, but produce are of a higher quality. especially seafood (compared to Melbourne)

      • Thank so much. I just downloaded campermate. It's pretty good

    • It's more or less the same, but from my perspective, but you don't get nice lakes and mountains here like you do there.

    • Domines NZ is the cheapest dominoes in the world !

  • Just went to Queenstown in May on the last sale, beautiful as always, this sale slightly more expensive but still pretty good value.

  • Is there anything worth buying in NZ?

    • +1

      Experience and the majestic scenery…

    • Go and see for yourself, I'm pretty sure you'll find something…
      Warm clothes are pretty good I would think.

  • +3

    I was in Christchurch for my honeymoon in Feb 2011 and I'm still scarred. When I see these deals it brings back bad memories

    • The 'CBD' is still quite confronting even today

    • Want to talk about it?

      • Sweet as bro, I've done all the talking but still gets to me sometimes

  • Been to North Island once and South Island twice, hire a car and drive. It is a really nice drive as there are not that many traffics and the scenery is very nice. I found price is comparable to here except for fuel. Anyone not been to NZ should definitely give it a go.

  • What's the deal with Jetstar only flying once a day MEL-AKL? Trying not to cannibalise seats from Qantas?

  • Jetstar's website tells me "We don't have any sales from Perth today".
    Would love to go to NZ for a visit but never get any good deals…

  • anyone see any special in Jan 2018 from Syd to NZ? i don't see any too good one. all around $300 return.

  • Unfortunately I hear the AUD is on par with NZD. Previously AUD was worth more so NZ was a bit cheaper to visit but now no more.

  • Thanks TA. Booked for March 18. Hopefully AUD picks up by then.

  • Any good deals from Perth To Queenstown included here? Maybe leveraging off a flight from one of the eastern states to ZQN?

  • +1

    Much appreciated TA

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