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FiiO X5III 3rd Generation Digital Music Player. $522 with Code. Free Shipping. or Pickup Sydney @ A1 Future Shop


Decent price with coupon code for the X5 3rd gen portable audio player. Most other shops sells for $549.

The code works for:
- FiiO X3 II Digital Music Player which brings it down to $227.
- FiiO X7 Digital Audio Player + FiiO LC-X7B Leather Case which brings it down to $854

Thanks andy2: cheaper on ebay with 10% off code

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      Nice find, didn't notice that one.

    • Nice! Will probably pull the trigger when the 15% off comes around again.

  • Is the X7 substantially better than the X5 to justify the $300+ price difference?

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      I heard both and to be honest, not really.

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        Seconded. Fiio is generally a very 'realist' company and charge fair prices. However, in this industry there's plenty of whales who WANT to pay for snake oil, and it's a smart business decision to cater to them as well.

        • Speaking of snake oil, how would this compare to the LG V20 ?

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          For regular 3.5mms, not much. Maybe not at all.

          The main selling point of these DAPs were their much quieter background static/hiss than phone's. BUT the past 2-3 years there's been a sudden focus on audio (in flagship phones, at least), so most of that background noise has been eliminated, and phones often offer superior UI, so I wouldn't recommend DAPs generally.

          However, if you have balanced output ear/headphones, personally I'd say it's worth it. This is the lowest price offering so far for bal. out, and it comes with Android so the UI can be amazing (and stay amazing over the years). Most ear/headphones with detachable cables can have those swapped for balanced ones. They tend to cost quite a bit, but I diy my own so it's a lot cheaper.

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      You can swap amp modules with the X7 but not with the X5. X7 runs Sabre32 while the X5 is using the more 'in trend' AKM4490 dual DAC. It really comes down to impedance matching and pairing with your current gear. I've been reading both model's headfi forum and they are plagued with UI bugs, etc. While Fiio is a very down to earth company with its offerings, the Japanese are still better in the software department.

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    I was thinking of replacing my gen2 with a gen3 solely because scrolling through 20k files with a click wheel is retarded and makes me furious, but the power output seems a bit girly with high impedance headphones.

    • I also have the gen2. I was thinking about the X7 or new X5. Not sure which at the moment.

      • There's a new X7 coming out.

        If I were you, I'd keep the gen2 and save some money or if you want something new, the new X5.

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    I just picked up one of these a few days ago. My fourth and by far my favourite DAP . Sound is smooth, clear and effortless. Highly recommended!

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    FYI the Ebay 15% site wide (CALM) works for this item until midnight tonight. It will bring the price down to $466.65! Pretty good I would say.

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