This was posted 6 years 5 months 11 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Hungry Jack's Coupons: Whopper Jr./Chicken Royale/Bacon Deluxe Jr. Meal $3.95, 10 Nuggets + Chips $4.95 + More


I apologize in advance If it's repeated. It's look like same repeated deal.


Thanks Bonz for Mobile friendly voucher…

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  • The picture was loading really slowly for some reason and I read flame-grilled… and got super excited that the flame-grilled chicken was back. Never have I been more disappointed with HJ's :'(

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      Never disappointed with HJs….. Giggle…. Giggle

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        This is starting to get awkward

        • slow, excited, disappointed, HJ….
          not a happy ending

  • Where is the back page ?

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      Scroll down…

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    awesome work! hopefully wont be buried in ebay deals…

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    Thanks Manoj Jayswal.

    • It's manoj

  • Both pages loaded easily for me - looks like they are using the same voucher deals as the last one except expiry date is now Sept rather than June, glad they have the bacon deluxe junior meal, that's what I usually have with a coffee substituted for 50c extra! Thanks Manoj!

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    They dropped the 2x whoppers without cheese. Screw paying an extra dollar for cheese!

    • The Classic Whopper meal is there

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    OZBargain is really very popular website. In 2 hours it's 1810 clicks….

    • It's good, everyone is helping each other

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      Most Ozbargainers look forward to new HJ coupons :p

      • I always use vouchers at HJ's even when I don't have any, they have never in the past 10 years asked my for the voucher (drive through) I just order "on a voucher", pay and move on.

        I don't know what I'll do if they ever ask me for the voucher. I'll probably just look surprised and fumble around for a bit and say where did it go….

        But really, in the last 10 years I get HJ's usually once a fortnight and have never ever actually used or been asked for the voucher I claim to have!

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          Well I get asked every time. I usually go to the store, use their free wifi, download the latest vouchers, order at the counter. One night they were shut, wifi wasn't working, so at the drive thru I mentioned some deal I knew was, and had been, in the vouchers for months. They still demanded to actually see the stupid vouchers so I changed the order.

        • @GregMonarch: Ouch! Seems my locals are particularly relaxed about it!

  • is this valid in Vic? do you need to print out for HJs to accept it? thank you.

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      Phone is fine.

      • thanks, will give it a go.

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    I remember when you could get 2 bacon deluxe for 3.75

  • Any idea, how to redeem this voucher??

    • Download it to your phone, make sure you have it open and zoomed in to the voucher before ordering in case they ask to see it.

      Order and Enjoy your meal.

      If you are into tree killing, you can also print it out.

      Chances are they don't even ask to see it, but have it open ready to go, rather than holding up people behind you.

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    Hi Friends,

    Anybody have mobile voucher?

    Thanks in advance..

    • Are you… "special"?

      • I think you will find he is talking about Hungry Jack's Shake & Win App voucher.

        Pity you need to FaceBook to use the App.

        • Oh - I thought he meant the PDF… above, lol.

          Wait… facebook… App voucher… Have I missed some change with their phone app?

        • @GregMonarch:

          As per the Android Play store:

          Please note that in order to check-in and win, you will need a Facebook account.

        • @Tom2222: Aw, what a pain in the neck! Thanks [grumble].

        • @Tom2222: Does it look/work the same? (I'm thinking about 'modifying' the app's code so that's not needed.)

        • @GregMonarch:

          Don't know as I don't use FacePlant due to privacy issues ;)

          There are a number of apps that fake the real app in the Google Play store, never used them though.

          KFC person myself, loving the 15 for $13 shop a docket deal at present.

          5 pcs Original Recipe Chicken, 5 Original Tenders and 5 Wicked Wings.

          Only need the App, show on phone, done it at 5 different stores.

        • @Tom2222: Yeah, after months of shop a docket deals, KFC here has had no discounts for weeks. And I noticed their free chips & drink is for only 3 days. (I think it was longer before. Who eats at KFC every 3 days apart from Michael Moore and Clive Palmer.)

        • @GregMonarch:

          The Survey is 3 days to complete the survey, 2 weeks to use it. Been there done that with KFC support after I was told not valid, given anyway.

          Yes the Manager went out the back to check it believe it or not.

          Most stores don't care, some people like to write random numbers, but it's 30'sec to do it, so why not comply.

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          @Tom2222: You're kidding… I had two dockets with numbers ready, and they claimed both were invalid because they had to be used within 3 days of the docket date. Just checked an old one I found on my desk, and you're right. Gee I wish staff would learn their job. It's not like there's a KFC encyclopedia of info.

        • @GregMonarch:

          Sounds like you have some free Chicken coming your way from KFC support. You should send them feedback.

          Look, some stores are bad, I avoid them, I only go to the stores I like, even if it takes more time.

          My local is not on the KFC App, but they have Hot & Spicy all year round, so it's a trade off.

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      Pretty sure everyone wrong and you're referring the mobile friendly JPEG? You probably have to wait till it's on the website.

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        You can convert PDF to JPG online for free, if you are really that fussy to want a JPG.

        But which phones these days don't support PDF's?

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    Anyone know there'll be grillmasters range vouchers again?

  • @Manoj

    Please keep the prices in the title. Please Refer to posting guidelines

  • Best option to just go drive thru and then in-store so you can redeem 2 vouchers?

    • 2 People, 1 inside one out.

      1 person, two orders numbers, ask to split bill.

      You can mix those numbers up, but the more people might be better to do in store.

      1 voucher per transaction is the rule, unless you are 99% lucky they don't care :)

      Edit: Have to say HJ doesn't even care if you have a voucher to the stores I've been to, but have the PDF at least downloaded in case you meet a P

    • My local doesn't care how many vouchers you use. I just used 8 at the same time (4x Chicken Royale Meal + 4x Small Onion Rings). When I ask to use the onion rings voucher they actually ask how many of them I want.

      • Where do you live?

        So I can move there.

        • I don't live there, but the store I go to is Wiley Park.

  • Fkn adobe in 2017

  • any mobile friendly vouchers?

  • Sigh just paid $7 for a small whopper jnr meal cause i couldnt find this in the line :( so sad but taste so good thanks op!

  • Just got knocked back at the Gold Coast airport, girl said "we don't take those, we're privately owned store" to which I said every HJ is privately owned" (you idiot!) so I'm sorry to be down-voting this one - it warrants a down vote as the girl wouldn't budge.

    • Melbourne airport HJs also doesn't accept these vouchers, so don't feel too bad. That's just how it is. Ie.'valid in participating stores only'

  • Updated mobile version:

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