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OzBargain Exclusive - Deskalator Height Adjustable Standing Desk $275 + Free Metro Shipping @ Ausergo


Due to popular request we have reopened the Ozbargain exclusive discount for Deskalators for 3 days only. Offer ends June 30 11:59pm

Arise Deskalator upgrades your existing workstation to a Height Adjustable Sit Stand Desk. Transition between sitting and standing easily with a smooth gas spring adjustment.

An advanced design makes the Arise Deskalator vastly superior to other add-on retro-fit height adjustable desks. Two activation paddles and a gas spring allows you to adjust the height easily while keeping fingers clear.

Available in Black or White, Small or Medium sizes (medium size will support dual monitors)


10 Yr Warranty
15kg weight capacity
13 height levels available
Scissor structure with gas spring allows for smooth, easy adjustment
Two activation paddles keep fingers clear of moving parts
Advanced design eliminates potential of clamping injuries
Support groove allows mounting of tablet or smart phone
3 hole mounts allow the addition of monitor arms for maximum adjustability

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  • +2 votes

    Great desk!

  • i wouldnt even call it a desk. more like a platform you need to put onto another desk. a near $300 platform….

  • Grabbed one from the last deal. Very good quality. Admin are happy :)


      Hi goingDHfast,

      The Wynston sit stand desk is not the same product. It has half the warranty (5 years) and does not adjust straight up and down like the Deskalator. When you raise the Wynston it comes towards you.

      The Deskalator also has a greater adjustment range (150 to 500mm) over the Wynston (165 to 415mm)

      • I would say it is better coming towards you when raised, otherwise you are leaning against the table to maintain the same viewing distance


          Not necessarily, normally when moving from a sitting to standing position you end up closer to your monitor, so if your standing desk is bringing the monitor closer again then you may end up being too close to it, but of course that depends entirely on the individual.

          Strongly recommend not leaning on your desk when standing, this defeats the purpose!

  • How are you supposed to do paperwork with this thing in the way?
    Doesn't beat an actual standing desk.

    Also some of the pictures on the website are dodgy.
    Some of them with the black deskalator are not even pictures, it's just a guy cut into it.
    The guy has 2 laptops and a monitor and the size difference is crazy.


      Hi Hirolol, yes we blame the manufacturer for the dodgy photoshop job. This retro-fit Sit Stand Desk is designed for those who are unable for whatever reason to implement a complete standing desk, which is another product we provide. As far as paperwork goes, there is room in front of the monitor although obviously not as much a complete standing desk.

  • We bought 2 for the office last time. These things are certainly good quality and rock solid. Not OfficeWorks junk. Would look nicer if it didn't have the nasty plugs for where the monitor stands can go.

  • Argh I want one but am having a hard time deciding on the size… Am using the LG 34inch super wide.

    It measures pretty much 81-82cm length which is the same size as the medium, but the 90 inch keyboard stand sticking out may be a hassle.

    My desk looks like this.

    Is the keyboard stand detachable too?
    Right now I'm leaning towards medium but still uncertain.

    • +1 vote

      Hi Zeral,

      Both sizes are only 58cm deep so either should fit on your desk. The keyboard stand is detachable so you could put the keyboard on the same platform as the monitor if you want to play FFXIV standing up :)

      Just keep in mind that having your monitor at the same level as your keyboard is not technically ergonomic (as you would be bending your neck looking down) so you might want to prop up the monitor if you're going to try that.

      • Sweet thanks for the clarification, will buy from your site if ebay doesn't have another 10+% sale in the next 2 days, works out cheaper on your eBay store for the medium sized.


    Duplicate post in response to above.

    • hi op, would an Aldi monitor mount attach to this safely with 2x23 inch screens?

      • +1 vote

        Assuming that the ALDI Monitor mount is a clamp style, yes it will. The weight is the only consideration here, as the gas lifter in the Deskalator is rated to 15kg. An average monitor weights about 6-7kg so if you overload the Deskalator slightly, it means you will be doing a small portion of the lifting yourself. Eg. If you load it with 16kg, you will be lifting the equivalent of 1kg yourself when raising the unit.

        • Omg I've been in a dilemma with this thinking it can't hold more than 15kg…
          If this is the cause even better…
          Wanted something for my tv as well and it weighs 21kg, won't buy it now but will take it into consideration next time.


          @Zeral: Yes it won't collapse if you overload it (within reason, obviously. Don't go sitting on it!). Just keep in mind anything above 15kg you are lifting yourself.

        • @Ausergo:
          Nearly forgot to measure the TV unit itself and it's only 45cm deep whereas the deskalator is 56cm :(

          I just thought it'd be cool if I could lie in bed and raise it up xD


          @Zeral: The Deskalator is 58cm deep, not sure if the extra 2 cms help. That would be cool but there may be easier/more efficient ways to do that, is it a flat screen TV?

        • @Ausergo:
          Yeah probably wall mountable but I think accessing the ports will be a pain and I may rearrange my bedroom every now and then, so being constricted to 1 spot sucks.

          Don't worry about it, not your problem, I've already ordered 1 deskalator from your ebay store using the ebay 15% off :D
          Glad I waited.


          @Zeral: Wow, 15% off is a good deal! We love it when eBay discounts our products for us :)

          Thanks for your order, it will be dispatched on Monday.

        • Thanks, I now think I have decided to get a complete new desk, any discounts planned on these for ozbargain in the pipeline anytime soon?


          @pranksta: Potentially yes, we have a new model launching this month with a very attractive price point. If you join our newsletter you'll hear about it straight away, although we are considering running another Ozbargain exclusive in advance…

          Newsletter signup is at the bottom right hand of the page.