This was posted 1 year 21 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

expired 20% off All Intrepid Travel Tours for 48 Hours (Save Anywhere from $200 to $6000)


Hi OzBargainers!

Intrepid Travel is having a 48 hr flash sale on all their tours for travel dates before December 15th 2017.

They have some great short term and long term trips that you can get for a bargain. E.g. Morocco for $1,150 for 15 days

I've been on two of their tours myself (Vietnam this year and India one and a half years ago) and without a doubt would go again. Very well organised albeit a little pricier than other tour companies. With this discount it eases the pain on your wallet a bit more.


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    So to confirm, the prices on the website are the 20% off? Not 20% off those prices?
    It says call to book, does this mean we can't book online?
    If we do book online do we get cr?


      Yes the prices are listed on the website in red already.

      I would also suggest booking through a travel agent. The both times I booked through a travel agent for myself and two other people they were able to take off an extra $50 per person.

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    Just curious though if anyone has been with Intrepid Travel, I had a blast when I had tour with Contiki when I was 18, how is this tour compared overall to Contiki or self-travel?

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      Can answer this for you as I travel quite a bit.

      I think these tours are great dependent on where you are going and how much effort you want to put in for your trip.

      For example if you want to immerse yourself into a totally different culture e.g. India, getting a tour is great because you have a local guide with you every step of the way who explains every little thing and you can ask them as many questions as you want.

      Even though I really enjoy planning my trips (yeah I'm one of those organisational freaks) sometimes it's great to put money down and let someone else take care of it. Especially when I personally went with my parents and we all wanted to do different things at some point on the trip. Tours accommodate with optional activities.

      They have a few different types of tours e.g. Basix, Original and Comfort. Price goes up through that list, so you can assume you will get younger travelers in Basix if that's what you want and in Original and Comfort you get a mix of people which is what I liked and did.

      Generally speaking you always get what you pay for. Intrepid tours in the middle of the market, and probably on the high end of the middle market. You can find cheaper and budget tours, but is it worth the risk of paying a large sum and being unsatisfied?

      Sorry for long post!

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        Thank you , nah It's all good, very informative :)

        I guess when you have a family, the holiday schedule might be changed a bit, I agree with you putting money down for some packages, in all senses, you have to hire a car or catch their transport. It might be easier to hop on the bus and go where ever they take you.

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          yeah absolutely. I've also considered getting tours on groupon and etc when they're quite cheap but sometimes I'd rather pay the extra few hundred and go with a reputable tour company when i know for 100% sure nothing will go wrong.

          If you go cheaper it's a gamble, it could pay off. I guess it would be best to find people who have gone on them to compare!

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    Cool, I've gone with Intrepid for my Vietnam tour and they were fantastic

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