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25% off Playerunknown's Battlegrounds [Early Access] (Code Redeemable up to 3 Times) $22.49 USD (~ $30 AUD) @ Greenman Gaming


The code 9LGR1U-7X49EY-VUQ83R is used up. You must be given a new code from another user. Each code can be redeemed for a total of 3 times only.

Again, greenmangaming is offering 25% discount for Player's Unknown Battleground Playerunknown's Battlegrounds, and this time, each code can be redeemed 3 times.
Since i already own the game, feel free to use the code.

Thanks and have a good day

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    Code is already invalid but thanks for being kind OP.

    And I have to ask it, what does it mean when a deal is targeted? Never really got it…

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      Targeted means not available to everyone. In this instance, you have to be subscribed to GMG emails. Even if you are, there's no guarantee you received the deal.

      • Mostly people who get the promotion email are "Targeted", if you don't get one… you're not "Targeted". Meanwhile can be …BigW-ed, Coles-ed, Wooli-ed…etc.

  • Great game

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    here you go

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      Cheers mate!

      JUST had enough on my Macquarie account ($29.55 AUD after conversion).

  • Thanks OP, got a discount from your code. You're awesome!

    Note: I am subscribed to the GMG newsletter, but haven't received a code to share :-(

    • I'm signed up for the newsletters and I've bought the game through GMG. But I don't get these codes. Anyone have any ideas what I'm doing wrong? I want to give out my code but I'm not getting them.

      • usually you can email GMG about this issue and they will sent you a code ASAP

    • I didn't get the email for this special either. Would've loved to share the code.

  • Thanks OP, I got a discount as well from your code!


  • +5

    Here's another one:

    See you on the Battlegrounds!

    • Thanks mate, great of you to share

    • Thank you!

  • Cant get any codes to work :/

    • Each code can be redeemed up to 3 times, they are being really generous this time. You can try to use the newest code that people shared here. Hopefully you will be able to buy the game

      • Thanks got it working

  • Anyone want to pm me a code =]

    • +1 on this

      • need a code as well, thanks

      • Just noticed I didn't have PMs enabled. Go nuts!

        • I can't PM you because my account is new, but I'd love a code if you've still got one :)

        • +1

          @nootboii: Oh, I was asking for one myself. Good luck in your hunt! :)

  • Anyone got a spare code, PM me please.

    • I'd love a code too <3

  • I've got a few mates who I'd like to invite to play the game with me, if anyone's got a spare code they could PM me it would be greatly appreciated! :-)

  • If anyone has a spare code, pm me please! Thanks in advance!

  • +1

    Aaaaand I just bought this yesterday. RIP

  • Any spare please? Cheers Jake

    One of them worked. Thanks!!!

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    after one as well, anyone PM me a code - appreciated

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    I guess people just use and do not comment.

    Guys, please at least leave comment that you have used with some appreciation.

    • To be fair, some times it could be they're in the process of completing the transaction before they can come back to report it being used…Like I just did.

      • +1

        That's ok. But you would see there's more people just used the code and does not leave any at all…

        It takes like 5 seconds to say Thanks after purchase and I'm surprising some people does not have minimum appreciation at all.

    • It's likely non-ozbargainers are around this thread too, might have been posted somewhere and they are skimming them.

  • Please PM me if you have a spare. Much appreciated

  • I would appreciate a code. Please PM me thank you!

  • Hi, if anyone could spare two codes please pm! I'd like to buy with a friend. Thanks

  • hey hi, looking for some codes if anyone has some spares :) thank you!

  • would love a code if posssible pretty please!

  • Anyone care to share a code?

  • love a code, pm me for good karma

  • If anybody else has a code I would also be very appreciative :D

  • If anyone has some spares code please pm. Thank you very much.

  • Appreciate it if someone pms or posts a code :)

  • Does anyone have a spare code they could PM me? I'll sell you my left kidney and/or wisdom teeth

  • Edit: Already got a code thanks :)

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    Have at it lads

  • Anyone keen to share a code??

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    Here's my code: PO16VC-Q77QTC-NSDEL3
    Enjoy guys :)

    • USED x1 - Thanks :)

    • Thanks snail!

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    • Thanks!

    • Thank you very much

  • Before I purchase I heard this game is a real system hog….. what the minimum specs to enjoy the game…

    • you gotta have like 10+gb ram at least

      • god dam really…

        • yeah the MINIMUM is 6gb, if you look at the steam requirements

        • @didntknowicould:
          There is minimum reqs and then when something is playable are veey separate things

        • @bugman: yeah that's why i think you need around 10gb+ (8 at the very minimum)

    • +1

      This game is in open beta (early access) and patches are released each month. The latest patch released in the past 24 hours is reported to improve performance considerably.

  • chasing a code if anyone has one that hasn't been posted.

  • I'm also looking for a code if anyone has one, Thanks.

  • +1

    I already purchased the game, how do I generate the code for people?

  • If anyone has a spare code, could they please pm me, thanks

  • So is this game better than h1z1?

    • Much better

  • Can someone PM me a code please :), really want to try this out.

  • +4

    Here is my code. PUFMPC-TL70ZY-WTTUJ6

    Be great if you can mark as used so other people don't have to waste their time trying a used code.
    Code can be used up to 3x.
    Go for it!!!

    • Thank you, I got one use from this code.

    • how do you enter these coupons?

    • I love you. Taken.


  • Need code…..badly……dying………..aaaahhhhh

    • pm code….still alive….barely…

  • I had a 27% off code and didn't even see it in my inbox, it's expired already on the 23rd…

  • Would love a code if someone has one spare to PM me!!

  • please PM me a code as well, thanks so much!

  • y'all got any o dem codes?

  • +2

    Who needs a code? Please reply to this msg.

    • me pls

    • Me thanks.

    • mee

    • hi

    • Yes pls

    • i beg im monitoring this 'node' please man

    • First 3 get it

      • ah plse

    • yes please

  • If someone has a spare code can they PM me please…..pretty please :)

    • Just check this post, people are posting it

  • Edit: used a code, thanks!

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    This is my code. If you've used it, can you please reply saying you have (Thanks)

    • +1

      I didn't get to use the code, but can confirm it is now used.

      • What?

        • Someone else has already used your code. I wasn't fast enough :(

          Just letting people know your code is no longer valid. Thanks for your generousity :)