TV Help. OLED VS LED. (Practicality). $2-3k budget

Hi Guys.

I'm planning on buying a new TV (within next 6 months) since mine is 10 years old and Quite outdated.

We use our TV alot, we watch alot of netflix(have 4k plan), Bluray, I mostly play on the TV (PC gaming, gota an xps15 9560 and planning on getting egpu), and watch regular TV, Mostly sport.
We also watch alot of TV in the dark, I have a light strip setup behind the TV

Would like 55"-65"
My budget is $2k-$3k, definitely under 3k.

I saw this deal But my heart didn't settle, i feel like I could get better by the end of the year and I'm willing to wait that long.
I definitely want 4k HDR, but I'm not as familiar with TV's as I am with Laptops for example, I know there's atmos technology ect.
What I need Help with is deciding what to go for. Oled vs Led

Is It worth getting an OLED? from a practicality POV, paying the extra money, is the content there? is the difference clear enough?
(I went to JB today and couldnt really tell a difference, obviosuly its a bright place and they're playing premade perfect trailers, I've read about it, but my eyes couldn't pick them apart.)

So help me, what should I get? Any good models I should keep an eye on?


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    I had this dilemma a few moths ago.. $3k budget. Smaller OLED or Larger LED. I decided more screen real estate was of higher importance. The quality difference is not as much as the difference in screen size. So I got a 75" Sony for $3200 from Costco. Couldn't be happier. Do I want an OLED, Yes. Would I rather have a 75" OLED over the 75" LED, Yes. But with what $3k buys, you're looking at a significant difference in screen size. Would I rather have a 60" OLED or a 75" LED?, the 75" for sure. It's been a few months now, and I know it's the right choice for me (maybe not everyone).
    OLED will likely be on the table later, as they come down in price..
    Hope that helps.

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    The problem with buying a tv in a shop is that they set it in retail mode!!! I bought a sony lcd in 2015 paid 1500 for it its great for watching tv in a bright room but in a darkened room it suffered light bleed blacks didnt look black to cut a long story short i recently bought a an oled 55 inch tv lg its much better I ( have an Oppo 203 blu ray player) the picture is great!!!
    If you can afford it by an oled tv much better tech!!!


      I completely get what you're saying, when I went to JB the other day, all the TV's were playing a preloaded perfectly made trailer to make the TV look amazing, and thats why I couldn't really tell the difference from Oled to LED (Qled), That's why I want people with experience to help me decide from a practical point of view

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    If you're not a fan of clouding and light bleed, go with the OLED. If you watch a lot of TV you will appreciate the perfect blacks and accurate colors. HDR wise, LG has got you covered with HDR10 and Dolby Vision - with the first Dolby Vision UHD Blu-rays releasing now, otherwise some Netflix titles utilise the format.

    Navigating the menu is such a breeze as well with WebOS and the magic remote. The apps are extremely well integrated, always smooth and fluid and I have yet to experience any bugs. It's also extremely feature rich.

    Check out last years models - specifically the E6 (a bonus if you like 3D), otherwise - this years C7 would defiantly be within your budget within a few months.


      Yea I get what you're saying, I also watch alot of TV in the dark so Oled might be the better choice, I wanted people with expeirence to let me know if it's actually worth getting OLED, paying the extra cash.
      Does it make a difference with the current content? ect

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        I bought Samsungs first LED back in 2008 and have owned 4 hi range models in that time. I purchased the LG 65" G6 last year and it blew my mind. There just hasn't been anything like OLED on the market and I think it's going to be a very long time until something tops it.

        It is absolutely worth the price difference and will improve all current content - the TV will upscale your content to 4K or at least near that.


          At the moment Im leaning towards OLED, As you said, i think the C7 is looking like the viable option.

          Lifespan worries me a little, but hopefully that just talk.

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          @Hashstrid: Good on ya. There's been a lot of fear mongering online from people who don't even own an OLED, specifically regarding burn-in and lifespan - it's all just rubbish. the first gen OLED had some burn-in issues but this has long since rectified. In terms of lifespan, you should be covered by the ACCC for a good 5 years should anything happen to the TV, which I extremely doubt it will.

          Spoil yourself - grab a C7, but I must warn you, you're gonna suffer muscle cramps in your face for the first few weeks due to the large smile that will consume you every time you turn the bugger on!


          @Psy1: and Cringe when I see other TVs

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    OLED, no question. But only if you care about a quality image.


    You should be able to see the huge difference in black and shadow levels on OLED. If you can't then buy an LED and pocket the coin. An OLED for $3000 is going to be pretty small.


    We bought an OLED curved 55" at the start of the year, worth it and you can definitely tell the difference in quality!

    I wanted something that was going to last 5-10 years with good quality picture..

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    I'm in the EXACTY same position as you! With the same budget haha

    I want a good OLED TV, 65" for under 3k. Is this possible?!? Haha


      Hahaha, 65" is over kill for me, 55 is probably pushing it.

      But I really hope the prices drop nicely come Christmas, good thing is there is a little bit of competition now from Panasonic and Sony so hopefully that'll help us out!

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      Dreamin', haha. Check out graysonline they have some "seconds" for less $$$$

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    I'd go OLED any day. I own both OLED and LED/LCD TVs, there really is no comparison, even for 1080p content, I remember playing Nier: Automata and just noticing how much more the little particles popped compared to my 4k LCD-based TV. I know it sounds silly, but the image just pops in a way that a normal LED TV can't manage.