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What does the 'connected' aspect do?
01/12/2023 - 11:53
South East QLD! PM me :)
01/12/2023 - 00:21
I mean, if you're going to trawl through 1000s of comments for a 'got ya', you will eventually find one that aligns with a preconceived…
28/11/2023 - 11:33
I mean, if you're going to trawl through 1000s of comments for a 'got ya', you will eventually find one that aligns with a preconceived…
28/11/2023 - 11:32
Why? Being furious over that seems unreasonable.
27/11/2023 - 22:51
Your question seems to miss the mark. Gaming is a big hobby of mine, one that I use it to connect with my friends - she does not use it…
27/11/2023 - 22:43
Thanks mate! I think this is the best value/current plan!
27/11/2023 - 17:12
I don't lol. Honestly.
27/11/2023 - 17:03
Yea, nah. We don't do our marriage that way. A fortnight's salary on a single item must be spent with mutual agreement. To expect/be…
26/11/2023 - 20:17
If you are married to someone, you share their debt anyway, doesn’t matter if you think you ‘share’ or not. You share… No, marriage…
26/11/2023 - 13:04
There is no ‘her’ or ‘me’ there is only ‘we’ in our marriage. At least when $2.7k is involved. I’d recommend all marriages…
26/11/2023 - 12:56
This isn’t r/relationshipadvice 😂 Where the answer to every marital issue is divorce hehe
25/11/2023 - 15:52
Lol what? Do you know me in real life? You sound like a pretty hurt person.
25/11/2023 - 11:43
MyDeal 18% Cash Back (Stack with $10 off $75 Spend) until 10pm
Cashback rates: Standard Rate (excludes Alcohol, Electronics, Cameras, Optics) = 18% Alcohol = 7% Electronics & Cameras and Optics = 4%…
24/11/2023 - 19:24
Hey mate - any word on that cashback voucher? I didn't get mine, I don't beleive.
24/11/2023 - 18:52
Sounds like you’re projecting here mate!
24/11/2023 - 17:44
Wait WHAT? Subscription? Oh boyyyy...
24/11/2023 - 15:12
Every large expense in our household has been made with mutual support and both sides have seen the value provided. Our marriage is a…
24/11/2023 - 15:09
I've seen a few comments like this... it seems to suggest that I should just accept any idea/expense (regardless of value/merit/purpose)…
24/11/2023 - 14:02
This question feels illegal.
24/11/2023 - 08:51
Thanks for the review! I guess if it comes down to it, we could buy it second hand, then sell if it's not being used as initially intended.
23/11/2023 - 23:03
Air fryers are as little as $100 though. Happy to experiment with that price range.
23/11/2023 - 23:00
She does. That doesn't mean I'm ok with (potentially) wasting our money though. If it were up to $500 sure... $2.7k (or $1.6k) is different.
23/11/2023 - 22:59
Yea, our friend has one... and everything cooked in it lacks texture... a huge part of cooking well is managing that imo.
23/11/2023 - 22:56
Nice - any Black Friday sales on this?
23/11/2023 - 22:53
Hehe thanks for sharing!
23/11/2023 - 22:53
She doesn't mind if it's second hand... what's the difference?
23/11/2023 - 22:46
So, I’ll try to get it second hand for $1.6kish…. But I just can’t see the value in it. Anyone on OzBargain like em? Thoughts? The…
23/11/2023 - 20:16