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5.8kw Solar System $4,252 in WA @ E-Solar


We have a great deal on the 5.8kw system for only $4,252!

5.8kw System

20 x Tier 1 Talesun monocrystaline 290w Panels
Delta RPI M6A 5kW Inverter


For over 30 years e-Solar has established a solid reputation for quality and delivery in the renewable energy market, making us the longest running solar company in WA!

We pride ourselves on delivering a great service from beginning to end and our small, dedicated team means we are available at all times to answer your questions. Look for yourself at our reviews from happy customers at Solar Quotes

With electricity prices set to increase and green energy becoming the new way to save both money and the environment, there has never been a better time to switch to solar! e-solar is a reliable and affordable choice with years of experience and great prices. So head to our website www.esolar.com.au

Prices based on single phase electricity, single storey home in Perth Metro area.

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    What is your normal price?

      • Hahahahahahahaha

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        Hi Savas,

        This was for a different system with a zeversolar inverter not the delta as shown above.

        Many thanks for your comment

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          oh I am sorry, I missed that.

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          not the delta

          the difference is?

        • @Steptoe:

          3 phase vs single phase for one it looks like..

        • @bamzero:
          Missed the Greek Alphabet joke?

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      Hi Diddy50,

      There is around $600 of savings on this deal.

      Many thanks

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    Any Vic solar offers a similar deal?

  • Is it right to call it a 5.8kW system when it can never produce 5.8kW, due to the inverter being 5kW? I don't know what the advertising convention is on this, but it seems a bit misleading.

    REP, how come your 6kW system is $3,900, which is $352 cheaper than the 5.8kW system?

    • Probably a different inverter.

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      Hi Make it so,

      The system is 5.8kw due to the panels being collectively 5.8kw. This is standard advertising practice in the industry to state power of panels.

      The 5.8kw deal from before was with a different inverter, namely the zeversolar inverter, which is where the price difference arises. The delta inverter is a slightly higher spec hence the cost.

      Many thanks

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      From the tech guy on the solar quotes website:
      "Pro Tip: You can, and should, add up to 33% more panels than the inverter is rated at. For example, I would recommend using 4kW of panels with a 3kW inverter. You'll get 33% more solar rebate and lots more power in winter, mornings and evenings. It's a very efficient use of the inverter. Also, in many areas, the smaller the inverter, the easier it is to get permission to connect to the grid."

      • Overcooking the inverter is pretty standard practice in the industry. Effectively, it increases the system's "catchment area" and thus keeps your inverter running at maximum capacity for longer over the course of the day.

        During ideal sunny conditions, you won't ever use the full capacity of your panels. But the system can start outputting earlier in the morning, it produces more power during inclement weather, and switches off later in the evening. The end result is a substantially higher total output each day, which is more money in your pocket.

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    I just paid $3500 for a 6.4kW system (5kW inverter) in Perth.
    10 year warranty on inverter and 25 on panels.
    Company has a 13 year local history.

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      Can you give me detail for that..

      It's good deal.


    • hi i payed $3500 through green wiring 5kw what was the company you used? looking at getting for my parents

      • …also interested in the details for the 2 x $3500 deals mentioned above (eg panel & inverter brand) & installation company.

    • Christ, I want a tiny setup compared to that (like, less than 2kw as that's all the space I have) and frequently get quotes for more than what you have paid. Bloody hell.

      • You are likely getting quotes for a 2kW of good quality gear instead of budget components (such as the gear in this deal). You get what you pay for with solar. Stick to LG/QCell/Trina panels and SMA/Fronius inverters and you will have a system that outlasts these cheap ones for years.

  • Does this deal involve rebates or subsidies that have not been disclosed?

    • Hi Frugal Rock,

      The government subsidy has already been taken off the price.

      Many thanks

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        So there are rebates to yourself involved that you have not disclosed? Your advertisement above does not even say installation is mandatory. Can your offer be bought, as presented above without installation at that price or is that an undisclosed condition connected with you getting a substantial government rebate.

        • +5

          The comple cost of the system without government subsidy $8284. At todays rate the subsidy is $4032. Hence the price of $4252. If you would like we could charge you the full price and give you the government subsidy in a separate transaction, or we can make it a saving on the system. We have found that very few people want to pay full price and then receive the subsidy separately, so like all other companies we do it this way.

          Many thanks

      • I'd be interested to know what the full price is to work out whether it is cost effective for me to upgrade/replace my system. I'm in a situation where apparently my panels are no longer on the grid connect approved list so I can't add any additional panels, which in itself is pretty piss poor, so much for a 25 year warranty if they can't actually be used.

        • Hi Claymen,

          If your panels are not on the list you can still add to them, but you don't get the government subsidy. So, say you add 4 panels you would pay full price of around $2000 but for a couple of thousand dollars more you can update your whole system. If you would like to talk this over and come to the best, most cost effective solution for you please dont hesitate to contact me on 0415910877


        • @E-Solar: Interesting, that wasn't what was advised to me. I'll get in contact to discuss the situation.

        • That is really bad - if your panels were on the approved list at time of installation they should honour rebates to upgrades (as long as the new panels are approved). I guess this is a Government decision?

      • I currently have a tiny 1KW system installed from when the scheme first started, which was fully subsidised and is still on the government REBS.

        If I was to replace the system at the same address, would I still pay the rebated price having received a rebate before?

        Also as I understand it, I would lose the government REBS if the system size changed. Is that correct?

        • +1

          I think once you change the invertor you loose the rebate you were on.

        • @alwayslooking: That is my understanding, if you replace the inverter for any reason other than failure (and it must be replaced with an equivalent size) you will lose the rebate from the state government which depending on when you signed up would be up to 40c per kw/hr when feeding back into the grid.

        • I had my faulty inverter changed to a different brand, same size, by the company that sold it. No issue if same size.
          You would have to reapply to Synergy I believe, and get an authorized installation, if upgradng. I'm certain you would then get the standard feedback price (something like 10c p/kwh I guess).
          I have taken half my panels off for my motorhome use, as they're an insult on my roof making more money for synergy (who carefully hid this point) than for the homeowner.
          Yes, I did get ripped off by this solar feedback scheme in WA, but a lesson learned.

  • What about SW WA, i.e. Bunbury?

    • Hi,

      For work in Bunbury we do charge a travel cost of $1 per Km from our offices in Greenwood and back.

      Many thanks

      • How far South do you travel without extra cost?

      • Thanks - ill check it out, but it seems it wont be worthwhile paying another $300+.

  • Interesting that your solar panels aren't listed on the recommended brands of panel on the SolarQuotes website.

    • It's not exactly an exhaustive list, and there are a massive number of brands out there.

      What brand is the OP selling? I couldn't see it on the first page.

      • In the deal above he says:
        "20 x Tier 1 Talesun monocrystaline 290w Panels"

        • I just saw that :-\

          I've never heard of that brand…but there are heaps of Chinese brands out there, and some of them are actually quite decent. Don't dismiss them entirely based on the brand name though - more info required.

        • +1

          Yes, that's true. It was mainly interesting that the OP was promoting their reviews on solarquotes but they weren't actually using their recommended panel for this offer (but presumably have in the past).

        • @Gaz1: SolarQuotes are good, the operator Finn is informed and independant. There are 6-7 panels you would ideally want to have on your roof and Talesun isn't one of them

        • @klaw81:
          Could you please tell me what Chinese brands are decent for panels and inverters?

        • @tg: I currently have Jinko panels on my roof, and they've been awesome…a huge improvement over the previous name-brand panels I had before.

          I don't have a lot of knowledge on other brands other than hearsay - I just know that like most things, almost all brands are made in China anyway and some of them are very good.

  • Feedback to the grid pays less than 50% of p/watt purchase price in Perth correct? Unlike most other states and countries.

    Thus you're installing a solar grid feedback system from your own pocket is actually making more money for the Perth AC monopoly Synergy than you, or am I wrong.

    Put it into bluechips and save your roof from sagging.


    Also who accredits the stated "Tier 1 " rating?

    • +1

      Presumably the idea is to aim to get a suitably sized system that covers your usage (so you aren't relying too much on seliing excess).

      Also who accredits the stated "Tier 1 " rating?
      Yes, that would be very interesting to know.

    • Typically, a low feed-in tariff just means you should adjust your energy usage towards daytime consumption whenever possible, so you're using your own "free" power rather than the grid. In Australia, that's easy enough because cooling/refrigeration costs are usually the biggest power consumers and are needed most during the heat of the day. It's harder to offset night-time usage like heating/cooking during winter, but even a low feed-in tariff helps with that.

      Also, see explanation of "tiers" FYI.

      • Typically, a low feed-in tariff just means you should adjust your energy usage towards daytime consumption whenever possible, …

        Unfortunately most people are at work, school etc at peak sunlight times. So synergy wins that round too :-)

    • Bloomberg produce the Solar Panel Tier ranking.

      • +1

        -From the 3rd bulleted section on:

        "So if a company tries to sell you a solar system saying that the panels they use are ‘Tier 1’, you may have no way of verifying this independently."

        Mine were cheap panels and are still good after about 7 years. The inverter died after about 3 or 4, and waranty replaced it.

        People should maybe consider a solar water heater instead, might be a much better value for money.

  • Can't they print solar panels onto sheets of plastic now ?.


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