Please Help Me Choose an ISP and Plan

Hi Guys,

I've moved apartments and I'm in the market for an internet connection. Below are my options.

Provider Plan Features Deals (if any) Data Cost First month cost
Spintel Urban Home Bundle 500GB ADSL2+ Includes monthly line rental Includes PAYG calls Flexible Bundle options Usage monitoring online Deal: No Setup Fee (Special Offer) 500GB $49.95/mth Min. total cost $49.95 for first month
MyNetFone ADSL2+ Economy 500GB Requires an active home phone line (not included) Includes VoIP phone service with PAYG calls 1 Static IPV4 IP Address 7 day Australian support 500GB $49.95/mth + $99 Upfront Min. total cost $148.95 for first month
Spintel Urban Home Bundle Unlimited ADSL2+ Includes monthly line rental Includes PAYG calls Flexible Bundle options Usage monitoring online Deal: No Setup Fee (Special Offer) Unlimited Data $54.95/mth Min. total cost $54.95 for first month
AusBBS On-Net ADSL Unlimited Includes monthly line rental Pay as you go calls Fast churn - switching to AusBBS is fast & easy Set-up fee $0 - 24month, $75 - 12month & $125 - No-contract Unlimited Data $55/mth + $55 Upfront Min. total cost $110 for first month
Belong ADSL2+ Bundle – Regular Includes monthly line rental Powered by Telstra $0 standard activation 24/7 customer support No excess usage charges Unlimited Data $70/mth + $60 Upfront Min. total cost $130 for first month
Optus 60 Plan M2M Exclusively available online only Unlimited data included per month WiFi modem included $200 Set up fee Unlimited Data $60/mth + $200 Upfront Min. total cost $260 for first month
Bendigo Bank ADSL Active + Voice Includes monthly line rental Includes PAYG calls Australian based customer centre Usage monitoring via MyServiceCentre Unlimited Data $64.95/mth + $199 Upfront Min. total cost $263.95 for first month
Barefoot ADSL Bundle Metro Ultra Includes monthly line rental Includes unlimited calls to Local & National numbers No activation & plan change fee Australian customer service centre Deal: Sign up online and receive a $20 credit Unlimited Data $69/mth Min. total cost $69 for first month
mate ADSL2+ Phone #citymates Includes monthly line rental Includes Local and National calls Australian customer service Free NBN transition when available Deal: Sign up online and receive a $20 credit Unlimited Data $69/mth Min. total cost $69 for first month

My budget is about $65 p.m. and I would think that 500GB would be sufficient for my usage, however, unlimited is always nice. Also, I would prefer a month to month rather than a contract. I would've loved the Optus plan however the $200 set up fee is killing the deal. Spintel and AusBBS have really poor reviews. I'm leaning towards the Barefoot and Mate plans, but wanted the community opinion on those.

The previous tenants have left a working Optus modem: Sagemcom f@st 3864op. Can I reuse this in any of the plans above to save on getting a new one?


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    I think you can rule out Bendigo Bank


    Was looking at this for myself last week, On the iinet unlimited ADSL2+ for $69.99 per month and didn't use 200GB a month. Went with iinet 250GB per month for $59.99, so I do save $10 and can still do what I like. I would have gone Optus $60 unlimited but like you said the $200 upfront is bad as is the 24 month contract (for me).

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      200GB is too less for me. That's why I've not even included the iiNet plan. 500 GB is just right.


    Spintel also has a $25 sign-up credit through referral:


    Try buzztelco….plan starts with $40 per month for unlimited….with voip enabled free modem if you signup for 12 month plan….i was with aussie broadband and they charge you premium rates but gives you sh**t speed.


    Update (if anyone's interested): Tried to go with Belong. Tech can come 5 days later to install the line and set it up. Receive a call, 2 days after putting the order in saying that ADSL2 is not available only ADSL1 is: lower speeds, no increase in data cap, same price. I say, just install something to get me connected ASAP. 5th day arrives, Original appointment can't be kept as tech is busy at another site. Next week also "can be tried, but can't confirm". I threaten to cancel order. Immediate response, ok and hang up phone. Receive email from Paypal saying refund received from Belong.

    Spintel next. Says they can do an install today. More than half the day over. Still waiting.

    Running out of KOGAN and half price Amaysims to stay connected. GoT also started :(.

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    Most ADSL2+ connection speeds will come as a rude surprise.

    Long story short: Having moved into a place, I contacted all major providers from Telstra, Optus and down for an ADSL connection and got turned down by all (feasibility, lack of ports etc., were the cited reasons). Surprisingly, TPG stepped up, and provided me a connection, on contract. Pretty soon, I realised I was getting 0.5 Mbps downloads speeds, and constant disconnections. Then I knew why the others had declined. They didn't want to offer substandard service. However, the TPG scum did't have such concerns and happily took my money for over two years.

    To answer your query, check on the above link to find out how reliable a connection you can expect over ADSL.
    It shows your nearest exchange (all ADSL providers connect using the same infrastructure,so nobody can guarantee any magic). It also shows the real-life speeds you can expect. If it does not suggest speeds upwards of 12 Mbps, don't even bother with ADSL.

    The story now: I moved from the absolutely pathetic TPG ADSL to Uniti . This technology uses a roof-mount antenna (like the ubiquitous TV dishes, but smaller) and establish line-of-sight with their nearest transmitter to give minimum 25 Mbps download and 10 Mbps upload speeds. 500 GB per month at $60. If you use that up, then speeds will be shaped to 1 Mbps till the next cycle. And…. if you spend another $10 per month, you can add-on something called "raptor" which takes your speed to 50 Mbps. I see this for real; yes indeed. I'm thus now in internet bliss. From what I heard, read and now believe, even when NBN goes full fledged, this technology may continue to outperform it in terms of reliability, speed and cost.

    There is another company - NuSkope which offers the same tech; have heard good reviews of them too. There may be others I have not come to know of.

    The above Uniti plan came on a 24 month contract, and they have month-to-month arrangements too (maybe costlier?). Installation of the antenna will get you billed with $99. And, you get a lousy TP-Link N router free.

    I love my current setup. Never thought I would get used to having 4K video streaming for real, considering how Oz lags behind the others in the developed world in average internet speeds.

    And, last but not the least, chuck the lousy free routers, get a future proofed one with beamfoaming, MU-MIMO, dual 5 GHz bands etc. I use a Netgear Nighthawk R 7000 from circa 2014, and still stays impressed with it's capabilities. Even though one needn't go the extreme of getting a 802.11ad model, if you can get the current Lexus of wireless routers - the ASUS RT-AC88U, you can say you have arrived!

    Thanks for listening to my two cents.


      Thanks for your detailed review! Which city are you based in?

      I will definitely keep the two providers you mentioned in mind. Currently waiting for TPG (I know!… but FTTB and not ADSL). If they don't work out, I'll be going for wireless.


    Does the building have Telstra HFC cable? That's an option if it does.


    Update 2:

    Apparently TPG FTTB is available. Tech visit scheduled for Monday. Fingers crossed.

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    This is Adelaide


    (Hopefully Final) Update: TPG tech came on the mentioned day. In fact called to check if he could come in earlier. (Duh!)

    Came with the required modems/cables. Checked the MDF in the basement. Made the necessary connections. bada-bing bada-boom 40 mins later internet connected via a VDSL modem which also does dual-band wifi.

    The speeds are much greater than the promised 50mbps, that too during peak hours of 6PM-11PM. Here are some test results. "Happy camper" would be an understatement after the previous two failed attempts with Belong and Spintel :)

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