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4 Months Audible Membership for $4 (Usually ~ $60) (New Accounts) @ Groupon



  • Four-month membership
  • Every title selected is kept by a user whether continuing membership or not
  • Listen anytime on a smartphone, tablet or MP3 player
  • Take a pick from over 200,000 must-read titles from a range of genres like crime, comedy and biographies
  • Ideal way to keep long commutes interesting without lugging around heavy books, or people reading over the shoulder
  • Enjoy one new complimentary audiobook every month with membership
  • Possibility to exchange a chosen audiobook for free
  • Flexible and convenient membership
  • Audible has received more than 135,000 five-star ratings on iOS and Android collectively

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closed Comments

  • "Available for new Audible members only" OP, would you like to amend the title to reflect this?

  • Possibility to exchange a chosen audiobook for free

    found out i can exchange any ebook at any time because i 'didnt like it'. 10/10 would take advantage again.

  • Nice. Bought one

  • Note: only includes 4 free audio books. It's not like a Spotify sub where you listen to as many songs as you like. I think they start charging on the fifth book.

    • You own them forever though.
      And when used with 40hour+ audiobooks most people would have fulltime listening.
      If you didnt like one you can exchange for another too.

      • I read a book a week or more sometimes so it would last less than one month. Just worth noting as it was in the original title on Groupon but OP left it out altogether.

        Only 4 books for free, not four months of books.

  • If you are an existing member one trick is to go through the process of cancelling your account. Right on the last screen you will get an option to subscribe for half price for 6 months. I have done this twice in a row, it doesn't seem to be limited. I've done similar with my Fairfax subscription as well.

    • Its limited/targeted.
      It worked the first time I cancelled (and I stayed because of it) but the second time it didnt offer.
      Perhaps the offer comes and goes, or perhaps it has some more sophisticated algorithms based on listening habits to judge if you are worth keeping on the hook.
      Either way it is worth a bluff cancellation for cheaper rate, worst case you just rejoin.

      • I spoke with Amazon support about it, this offer should only last 3 months not 6 and only be available every 12 months.

    • I never got that and I wanted to put my account on hold for a second time and I couldn't so I cancelled my account. I got a deal for 3 books for half price but that didn't interest me so I haven't been back yet.

    • Just clicked on cancel with the reason being that the membership was too expensive and have only been offered 3 months at half price.

      Been a member for three months and have the three free books plus two purchases.

  • I remember the previous audible deal from Groupon worked on existing account. Anyone tried this offer on existing account yet?

  • Does anyone know if you can just cancel your existing Audible subscription and then use this? This worked with the last Audible deal that was for "new accounts only" but that was directly through Amazon/Audible.

  • So while I love the concept of Audible I think they have the model all wrong, they need to be 'audiobooks' on demand. I'm not paying $15 a month for one audiobook a month.

    • Yeah but if you can finish / smash a large book 30+ hours in a month and are hanging just return it for free and get another one.

      I think for books I prefer this model otherwise I would queue up 32 books and finish NONE whereas now I have to pick 1 at a time and listen to it.

    • Awww. I thought they work like netflix for audiobooks.

  • How long do people find the average book takes to finish?

    • Lol depends on the book. Working on "skunk works" now, 15 hours.

      I remember there is a few that takes 30 hours.

    • Depends on the length of the book tbh. Plus it depends on what speed you have the books read to you..I have had some books read quicker than others so that can also contribute to how long a book will last.

  • @easternculture
    Signed up and purchased using your ref code, so you should get a $10 credit on your account…maybe.

  • I wouldn't call their setup really 'flexible' in the sense if you put your subscription on hold once they won't allow you to do it again…Then the whole process of actually cancelling your account ISN'T the easiest thing in the world (personally, I had no issue but I know this is one of their main complaints from people).

  • Does it work on existing accounts in which only the trial period has been used (no credit card charge)?

  • Thanks.

    Worked on my existing account that I cancelled ages ago. 3rd time I've done this. Just to support books I may have listened to elsewhere for free but I'm assuming audible will pay the author if I purchase with these credits. Will cancel after 4 months and wait until the next 4 for $4 :)