Current Home Loan Deals- Brokers on OzBargain

Signed the contract for a house last night and now looking for a good current home loan deal. LVR 85% but trying to inch it closer to 80% by the time I settle the loan.
From time to time there have been special deals by Brokers on Ozbargain with specials like getting back the trailing commission.
So are there any good deals for Home loans. Also would appreciate if someone could recommend a good broker.
Based in Melbourne if that hleps. Looking to sign in the next 10 days.


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    Have never used another broker, but I've used Quay Finance. Happy with them to date. Based in Sydney, but I know they can help whenever you are.

    Isn't it prudent to get pre approval before you sign anything???


      Have got a pre-approval already.

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    Naritas was good to communicate and upfront with their information, even though I didn't go with them due to several reasons that aren't related to them. They frequent this forum and are based in Sydney.

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    PM me please

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    Cape Finance helped me settle a new purchase about a week ago, and actually still helping me with a refinance as well.

    They have a rep on here - very responsive and helpful.


      Thank you will contact him.


    Just a quick question. As I already have a pre approval too.

    Is it ok to have more than 1 pre approval from different brokers?

    As im looking at better deals at the moment?


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      Pre approval does not mean you are getting best deals. It does mean that bank is ready to finance your purchase based on information you provided them. But it does not make sense to me to have more than one pre-approval.


        Thanks for your reply.

        I thought I needed a pre aproval with the bank before getting the loan with them?

        As i have been offered a better deal from another broker than the one i got with the pre-approval one.

        Ie. pre approval with Commonwealth Bank.

        Then I decide to go with ING.

        Is that all good?

        Thanks again

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          No, you do not need pre-approval before getting loan with them. I have got pre-approval from ANZ but their rates are not the most competitive in market so i will NOT be going ahead with them for my home loan. Check with Toby from CapFinance Or Naritas. Both of them post deals here and they are good people to deal with based on my personal experience with them.

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          Thanks again, appreciate your help.

          Yes , I will definitely contact them.