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Suction Bluetooth Speaker $2 Australian Geographic (RRP $19.95) in Store Only


Suction Bluetooth Speaker down to $2 in store instead of $19.95. Saw this at Chadstone VIC. Store rep says other stores have them too.

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Curious Planet

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    let the "this deal sucks" comments begin!

  • Update it already out of stock

    • Updated title to in store only as they have plenty of stock in stores at $2.

      • 4 me it says out of stock

        • Online it is but they have them in the stores.

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      Are you seriously going to do that on every post?

      • Are you seriously going to do that on every post?

        Every post? No. Just when the spirits inspire me. It's a fair bit of work.

        Seriously? yes.
        Thanks for responding. Keep doing so.

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          Sure why not I'll bite. Let's follow your trail.

          Your low-quality website that you always refer to states that;

          “ARPANSA recommends that parents encourage their children to limit their exposure.”

          ARPANSA also state quite clearly on their website in huge font;

          There is no established scientific evidence that the low exposure to RF EME from Wi-fi adversely affects the health of children or the general population.
          There is no established scientific evidence that the use of mobile phones causes any health effects.
          Overall, the evidence suggests that the radiofrequency (RF) electromagnetic energy (EME) emissions of mobile phone handsets are not harmful to the user.

          I mean it's not impossible that the formaldehyde that naturally occurs in pears will poison you, but it's so unimaginably low-risk that it's pointless avoiding ingesting pears and pear-based products.

        • Oh cool so the website itself knows it's a website for idiots :D

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          Thanks for responding. I'm glad you provided a link from government. Shall we debate back and forth?

        • @Diji1:

          Diji1. Can you please explain your comment.

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  • These work well stuck on a forehead.

    • Ideal for blockheads.