So Banggood Warranty Is Only 3 Days for Many Things?

Most people probably know this, but I was totally caught off guard to find out that many products the warranty on Banggood is only

  • 3 days from receipt or
  • 30 days from sending (which is not long for some of their deliveries that take close to 30 days)

So this means zero warranty?
I tried to raise a broken remote control car - (3 days warranty from receipt!)
but it seems many other categories are the same?

I'll have a look at Paypal and my westpac altitude credit card for return/warranty options, as this AU$75 RC is only 8 months old.

Wow, other than buying a low cost item where the risk is irrelevant, This meaningless warranty period really reduces my desire to use them.



    With bg, you get what you pay for.


    I guess their argument is they offer a warranty that covers 'dead on arrival' items, but they don't want to be responsible for warranting your continued use.
    Given the cost of returning an item to China, I think it still offers value for lower cost things, but I also hesitate to buy costlier items from them (and other Chinese sellers).
    Considering the costs associated with servicing warranties, they are probably quite happy for you to take your business elsewhere, as they will make more money selling stuff cheaper to people who accept their warranty rather than trying to make a few extra sales but having to handle costly and complicated warranty administration.

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    Just out of interest, how much warranty were you expecting to receive on a $75 RC car?

    Put it this way, if you'd purchased the exact same thing from one of those pop-up kiosks at your local shopping centre, do you think they'd still be there 8 months later to offer you a refund or replacement? Even if they were, it's a child's toy - a lot can happen in 8 months.


      @gonk fair question

      The predominant reason for my post was 3 days (DoA issues) was a surprise.

      Looking at my specific acenario the car had good reviews and seemed ok. Much better quality than a bazaar table version or what toysrus would sell (Witoys A979(?) Model.

      So for a gear broken I thought they would mail you a replacement.

      Maybe I get too used to the levels of Australian consumer protection where there is a minimum warranty


        DealExtreme were like that as well a few years, once you receive the package you only had a few days to file a DOA claim.

        AliExpress gives you 14 days.

        For an actual warranty claim where something breaks 6 months down the road, I think that comes under 'it's all too hard'. Buy local if you want a real warranty, I guess.


    Tried PMing the rep? You might get a better response from them.

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