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LEGO 10252 Creator Volkswagen Beetle - $110 Delivered @ eBay Hobby Warehouse


Lego Beetle. purchased today for $110 with eBay 20% off toys deal. using code "playing"

Original 20% off Toys and Video Games at eBay Deal Post

Stock has sold out at Hobby Warehouse, however using the same eBay code can get you the same product for just $3 more at Toys R Us at this link:

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    Does it include the Performance Pack?

  • these things are worth more money mint boxed once they go EOL

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      Settle down President Business!

  • I miss the old technics lego :(.

    You know, where you actually had to build each of the components into a shape using hundreds of little bits and have some patience.
    Then when finished you could dismantle and build something completely different.

    These modern sets are pretty much just model cars, with specific parts that can't be used building anything else.

    And the reason they've done it like this is because they don't want kids re-playing with old blocks and building a collection of generic parts that'll allow them to use their imagination. No… they want you to keep buying new kits with specific custom parts that can only be built once for one item, and then requiring more money for a new build.


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      I kinda get what you're getting at (eg, the panel pieces on the Technic Porsche) but I think you're off the money. Take a look at the way this is built - there are almost no new piece molds.

      Cars like the Technic Porsche are not targeted towards kids anyway.

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      While the wheels and main windscreen might limit you to creating other cars, the rest of the parts are quite generic.
      If someone can't use the parts to build something else, that's a limitation of the person's imagination/creativity.

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        It's interesting that the above kit can make some other cars, but what I was getting at (and again, excuse my age!) was older lego kits like this https://www.toysperiod.com/lego-set-reference/technic/expert...

        Where the kits comprised entirely of generic lego parts, that could not only be used to build other car variants, but entirely different constructions all together.

        Yes not as pretty and molded as the OP's car, but infinitely more replayable.

        It is interesting to see the parts list (thanks for linking) does show more generic parts than I initially thought, but still….

  • did they ever make a Lego 'Herbie'?

    • Only available in Monte Carlo

      • I heard it came in two parts.

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    Sadly showing as out of stock. Next cheapest is ~113 from TRU


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