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Nitecore UM20 USB Power LCD Intelligent Li-Ion Battery Charger @ Banggood $14.48AUD ($11.16USD) Delivered

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I considered posting this the other day, but seeing as though someone posted the BLF A6 deal and folks might be looking for a charger for 18650 batteries, this one came to mind. Good charger and great price.

It's part of the additional 30% OFF selected torches sale on Banggood with the 2017FNL code.

For those who like a Nitecore headlamp, these two below are good deals:
The Nitecore HC30 XM-L2 U2 1000LM can be had for $49.89AUD delivered. They are over $50USD everywhere else.

Also, the Nitecore NU30 XP-G2 S3 400LM Multi-purposes USB Rechargeable LED Headlamp can be had for $36.27AUD delivered using this same coupon.

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  • I bought one of these last year. Can vouch for quality. Good for charging any type of cylindrical battery.
    Only does two at a time though…,

  • Can anyone recommend a good charger for both Li-Ion 18650 and AA Ni-Cad batteries please?

    For example is something like this any good?: https://www.banggood.com/Nitecore-Intellicharger-NEW-i2-Char…

  • Quick question in regards to this, the website says USB input/output in regards to data transfer. However, it says nothing about being able to charge batteries via USB.

    Is this possible? So say for example I have a powerbank, can I just plug this thing into it and recharge my AA batteries from it?


    • +1

      "Input voltage: Micro USB DC 5V"

      That suggests that you could plug it could run from any USB power source. Yes.

      • ahh cool… thanks for the clarification.

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