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Sirui Travel Tripod T-1004X [6yr Warranty, Free Tracking] $199 Delivered @ sellingoutsoon.com.au Photo Video


Hi OzBargainers, get in quick for possibly our best deal ever!
Super-special on one of the best travel tripods in the world.

Now at our lowest price ever. And anyone else's, worldwide. Nearly impossible to find anywhere near our price (except in Germany, before the shipping!), and you'll likely never see it on sale.

Under HALF the price of comparable delivery from the earth's biggest online store: Amazon (see price comparison below)

Our best deals sell out in a few hours, so be quick

Please share if you like it - thanks guys!

Our price today: $199 (is the lowest price in the world for official stock, and is…under half Amazon's price!

Use Coupon Code:


  • Made specifically for the traveller
  • Limited quantity
  • FREE, fast, tracked delivery to any Australian address
  • 6 Year Official Sirui Australian Warranty ONLY available from sellingoutsoon.com.au


This is a quick deal. All the terms etc are the same as our last deals, so just look one up if you want more info

Comparative pricing including shipping, in $AU

The lowest prices at time of writing ( July 26, 2017) converted by google (where applicable) to $AU

Amazon $445 ($296.83 + $148.18 5 day shipping)
ebay (Korea) $414.68
Fotomax Germany (ebay) $249.35
Ebay (Australia) $248+Post (Lowest price, Selling Out Soon)


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[Sirui Europe TX-Series Travel Tripods

Cheers guys, be quick, and thanks for allowing us to be a part of the OzBargain community.

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  • +1

    How would this go with a K-20X ball head? I only ask because I've already got one. is there much difference in size between the K-10X and K-20X

    • In short, very well indeed.

      Either Sirui K-20X or Sirui K-10X is recommended. Difference is K-20X is slightly larger (weighs 40g more) and will support a 5Kg greater load (20Kg vs 25kg). The real-world difference is not really seen until you're using some bigger lenses. Big glass weighs much more, and if you are concerned about droop, K-20X is better for you, but if you're wanting the lightest setup with a serious quality ball head, then the K-10X is just as good.

      But either fit beautifully.

  • +1

    Hi guys, had a read through the comments and op sent a tripod out and is reputable (for those actually wanting a tripod). Came quick and as described I personally have no issues with the op.

  • +3

    Well since the rep is now penalty boxed because of his conduct, have a neg:

    • cheaper prices elsewhere that include a head
    • question marks over the ability for SOS to provide the 6yr warranty as they appear to be a grey-market reseller, and aren't listed anywhere as authorised.
    • the rep's inability to tow the line
    • the constant marketing speak that this site just doesn't need
    • Learn something new everyday. How do you find if someone has been penalty boxed?

      • Click their username, and/or go into their profile

  • +3

    How extraordinary! Although this post is marked EXPIRED the code still works https://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/46870/50952/tripod.jpg which is entirely unexpected because Store Rep OP assured us 2 days ago they were very nearly sold out!

    • Expiry removed.

      • +2

        Sorry but that just means it's wrongful advertising, and not the first time this rep has done it.
        I know they're penalty boxed now but they can't keep pulling this shit.

        It's like a carpet store having a constant closing down sale.

        Hell, "1 Day Deal" is still in the title.

        And mooch this isn't meant as an attack on you either, I know this rep causes you just as much grief. Just that enough is enough with their marketing tactics.

        • In terms of deal posts, we will update them according to the true state of the deal so that what is on OzBargain reflects whether the deal is still active or not on the store's website. If the code hasn't expired then the deal hasn't expired.

          As for store rep behaviour, we deal with that independently on the user account.

          Edit: Appreciate your edit, I did not take it as such not to worry.

        • Hell, "1 Day Deal" is still in the title.

          Sorry I missed that. It has been edited out as well now.

        • Definitely nothing against Moochi. Correct, enough is enough.

        • @moocher: Thanks for your help but should the title still show "6yr Warranty" although Sirui's Australian Distributor http://mainlinephoto.com.au/brands/Sirui.html lists neither this model nor OP's company http://mainlinephoto.com.au/stockists/ as a stockist and none of those stockists list it either?

        • @PJC:Actually Selling Out Soon Pty Ltd is listed on the Stocklists page - scroll to the bottom.

        • +1


          FWIW it wasn't there before, and wasn't there in June (most recent cache I could get)

        • @moocher: Definitely not there yesterday!

      • Appreciated.

  • +4

    Unbelievable! There is also stock available still on OP's eBay listing. Surely this is another technical hitch.

  • Fantastic! Even though these were nearly sold out 26 July …

    UPDATE Nearly sold out https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/4915158/redir

    … Store Rep OP has again performed the impossible and reduced the price to $179.99! http://sellingoutsoon.com.au/sirui-t-1004x-40-139cm-tripod-c...

    • +1

      I was going to point that out too but wasn't sure if he had broken any rules yet?

      I wonder how long until he starts being the salesman again.

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