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Yamaha 2-Way Acoustic Bookshelf Speakers w/ Centre Pack $342.14 Delivered @ Catch


Looking for Entry level set up for New Yamaha Receiver (RX-V583) purchased from recent deal and Found this. I bought one with floor standing at $399 delivered with club catch trial membership.

Enjoy. :)

Blast up the volume and enjoy powerful, high quality surround sound with this ultimate speakers pack. The stylishly flat speakers are designed to complement your flat-screen TV and boast high quality sound for enjoying HD sources.


Yamaha speaker system
Model: NS-PB120 | YST-SW030
Colour: Black
Pack contents:
1 x NS-PB120 Speaker System (NS-B120, NS-C120, NS-B120)
1 x YST-SW030 Subwoofer
NS-PB120 Speaker System:
Stylish thin design goes well with flat-screen TVs
Easy placement on an AV rack, bookshelf and more
Thin for wall mounting
High sound quality design can dynamically reproduce HD sources
Wood cabinet enhances sound quality
Two 6.5cm cone woofers and 2cm silk dome tweeter provide natural, well-balanced sound (30W/100W; 110 Hz–46 kHz)
Centre speaker outputs clear dialogue and vocals aimed directly at the viewer
Large, threaded, gold-plated speaker jacks ensure best sound quality
YST-SW030 Subwoofer:
28-200 Hz
Powerful subwoofer with advanced technology
QD-Bass (Quatre Dispersion Bass) technology
Advanced YST (Yamaha Active Servo Technology) and 130W dynamic power
Please refer to the "More Info" tab for detailed specs on each model
Country of origin: N/A

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  • This is just the speakers only right?
    So no amp or anything which will be additional cost.

  • Added in some relevant specs from https://asia-latinamerica-mea.yamaha.com/en/products/audio_v... and https://au.yamaha.com/en/products/audio_visual/speakers/yst-...

    I would not recommend this product. Peak may be 100W, but at 30W nominal, you could blow them easily. The frequency range of the satellites and speakers is very poor, not being able to go below 110W. This gives it no benefit over smaller satellites, so you get the bulk but not the benefit.

    • Would you expect a small speaker to go below 110hz? Let alone any around this price? If it's just for movies they wouldn't need it anyway.

      Atleast Yamaha are probably giving a realistic spec sheet as opposed to many others out there.

      • Not at this price point. At least, not now. It may change when Amazon comes. Their pricing for speakers is way lower. When the AUD was strong, I bought a pair of JBL bookshelf speakers for ~$180AUD delivered.
        I have 100W JAMO satellites which are probably similar in size, and they go down to 80Hz comfortably. They cost more (in AU) though.

        • Just set up your subwoofer crossover frequency to suit the speaker specs on your amp. Problem solved.

        • @kamlem: And everything below 110Hz will come from one location. That is not much of a solution and will not give you a good sound field.

        • @Make it so:

          Sub frequencies aren't anywhere near directional like the higher frequencies.

          The bigger problem with this equipment would be stereo sources, which I agree, bookshelf speakers will leave these for dead.

        • @scuderiarmani: Yeah, I'm not worried about the LFE signal, which is meant to come from the sub. I am worried about everything below 110Hz that is meant to come from one of the 5 speakers, but isn't. That includes voices to a degree. Nothing worse than hearing a voice move between one of the speakers and the sub, depending on whether they are speaking high or low.