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KFC Double Combo $11.95 (2x Regular Zinger Combos) Via App


Got an email today for a cheap lunch (let's be real no real ozbargainer is going to share this lol) 2 zinger combos.
You can change one of the fries for potato and gravy or a shaker salad if that's how you roll..

Via app only. Couldn't see an expiry date.

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    This is a permanent fixture on the app specials menu. I get it more often than I care to admit, lol

    • That's dangerous, there goes my new years resolution

      • I think new years resolution need to have specific penalties assigned to them.
        eg. If I don't go for a 5km walk every morning, I'm not allowed to eat chocolate for 24 hours

    • That explains things

  • Cheaper to buy two singles. Get two extra sides, then get two lots of survey codes chips and drinks.

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      How? 1 zinger combo is $8.45, a burger on its own $5.95, and 2 sides $5.95… I'm not trying to be smart, if you can work out a better way I'm all for it! KFC ftw

      • You can get the burger deal on the app for 6.95$ 1 burger, 2 sides, 1 drink. Depends if you value the extra 2 sides for the extra 2$ I suppose

        • What's the best way for me to get 2 zinger fillets a dinner roll small gravy and chips 1 wicked wing and a can of drink?

        • I think the pricing is region dependent. Last year in Newcastle area it was $6.95, then went to $7.95 later in the year. I noticed this week it is now $8.45.

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        It's called the "Burger combo deluxe", been avaliable in the app since last year. See the KFC "bargain" that was posted yesterday.

      • Yep, 6.95 on app.

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        Not sure why he needs the sides, but:

        1. Buy a $5.95 Zinger. Hand over a previously filled-in survey receipt at the same time to get a free chips and drink. Be sure to ask for your new receipt. (My store often withholds it if you just redeemed a survey receipt.)

        2. Fill out a new survey on the new receipt using your phone. Order another $5.95 Zinger, hand over receipt for free chips and drink. Keep second new receipt for next time.

        You now have 2x zingers, 2x chips, 2x cans of drink. For 2x $5.95 = $11.90

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          OR pay 5c more and buy 2 zingers, 3 sides and 3 drinks?

        • @ZubatRingo: Yep, if your store uses the app. :-(

      • Which TAB in the app can I find it..?

    • This is what I get too but I add bacon + cheese for $1 and have been since the app was released.
      Bacon + cheese zinger, 2 small chips, can Pepsi for $7.95.
      If you buy this meal without using the colonel's Table on the app it cost $12.45

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        Used to get free upgrade to Krusher, noticed now they all have a $2 surcharge. Get free chips and drink on survey code and choose another different side. Apple juice is no charge extra, yet orange juice is extra 50c.

    • Not cheaper at all.

      Costs $2 more.

      • 6.95 at my local store for the single combo with extra free side. So for the sxtra 1.90, two extra sides and ane Xtra hips/drink survey free from survey for another order.

        • If you have the receipt in the first order, you can end up getting
          2 burgers
          6 reg chips
          4 cans

          For $13.90

        • @ZubatRingo:
          Better value to get 2 x shakers on each order. And juices on the survey code without surcharge like on the order.

        • @albanyson: Yah probs but dont like veggies so go with the junk instead

    • The main difference is you can sub for twisters in this deal

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    Damn it I saw double and thought something else.

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      I also dared to dream 😥

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    Uh what? I've been ordering this for almost a year now from the app.

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      Yeah thanks for letting us know!!!

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        lol sorry thought it was common knowledge.

        they advertised a while ago special offers in app only

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          lol all good man, it was a tongue in cheek comment

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      the app works better than the staffs.

      • Debatable. I mean the amount of data the KFC app attempts to gleam out of you just by opening it or leaving it to run in the background is insane, especially GPS wise.

        Its very slow and has a current bug where it wont connect to the store you want to order from it will just soft crash.

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      Waaay better than Maccas

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        Maccas app is horrendous

  • Thanks OP, dinner for 1

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    Always on offer on app I thought.

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      Apparently you're right but a lot of us (myself included) didn't know! Just trying to spread the word and share the love yo

  • Single combo is also $6.95 on the app when you can get it

    • Nothing better then paying 7 dollars, while some bogan got the same meal but instead of salad/gravy got a little piece of chicken for 12 dollars and looks at you confused.

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        Probably doesn't phase them anyway, centrelink pays pretty well these days I hear lol

        • Fortnightly.

          single, no children $535.60
          single, with a dependent child or children $579.30
          single, aged 60 or over, after 9 continuous months on payment $579.30
          partnered $483.60 each

          single principal carer granted an exemption from commitments for any of the following:
          •foster caring
          •non-parent relative caring under a court order
          •home schooling
          •distance education
          •large family

          Perhaps you need your hearing tested.

        • @Eeples: Still not bad for doing stuff all.

        • +1


          Unfortunately the bills still need to get paid.

        • @Eeples: get off your ass and work like the rest of us and you can afford KFC whenever you want …. All win win

  • This is not a new deal, I have been ordering at this price last couple of months

  • It's been this price for months. Where's the discount?

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    let's be real no real ozbargainer is going to share this lol

    A real ozbargainer would offer to buy a zinger combo for a workmate and charge them full price ;)

  • I get this quite often. I might need to uninstall the app :/

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    ordered last night.

    you can swapped cans of drink for choc krusher for no additional cost.

    krusher machine at local store was broken so they gave me 2x 1.25L pepsi instead. win

    • They've stopped the choc Krusher upgrade at no charge at my local now, and all the other Krushers srill have a $2 surcharge.
      That was always a good option.

  • Edit don't worry.