Qantas Lounge Pass- Can I Transfer or Sell It


I just received 2 free Qantas lounge passes as part of my credit card.

is this something I can sell? if so, where can I sell it on as I have no interest in using it




    Try the OzBargain Classifieds - it appears other people are already selling them there.


    did you receive physical passes or they are on your credit card?


      Just checked… I got an email but at the bottom of it, it said

      You can manage your invitations, transfer them to another Qantas Frequent Flyer


    The Qantas website and membership states:
    - Complimentary Invitations are not for resale and cannot be exchanged for Cash or Qantas Points.
    - Complimentary Invitations can only be transferred within the Complimentary Invitations Portal.

    They tried to stop people selling them on eBay but they keep re-appearing.

    Plenty are sold on Gumtree too. If you have the physical complimentary invite card it is impossible for them to know how you bought (or sold) them as plenty of the credit card sites send them out.


    Sold mine on Gumtree. Lovely girl snapped the up very fast


    Send you a PM :)

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