expired QANTAS: Los Angeles Return from Melbourne $956, Brisbane $968, Sydney $971, Perth $1076, Adelaide $1078 @ IWTF


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Melbourne to Los Angeles Flights $956 Return.
Depart Return
04/Sep 18/Sep $956 View Flight
12/Sep 26/Sep $956 View Flight
09/Nov 23/Nov $956 View Flight
21/Nov 05/Dec $956 View Flight
11/Sep 26/Sep $956 View Flight
13/Nov 23/Nov $956 View Flight
26/Oct 16/Nov $956 View Flight
14/Mar 21/Mar $956 View Flight
25/Oct 29/Nov $956 View Flight

Brisbane to Los Angeles Flights $968 Return.
Depart Return
04/Sep 19/Sep $968 View Flight
06/Nov 21/Nov $968 View Flight
29/Aug 11/Sep $968 View Flight
10/Oct 23/Oct $968 View Flight
11/Oct 24/Oct $968 View Flight
12/Oct 25/Oct $968 View Flight
28/Oct 10/Nov $981 View Flight

Sydney to Los Angeles Flights $971 Return.
Depart Return
11/Sep 25/Sep $971 View Flight
30/Oct 13/Nov $971 View Flight
06/Nov 20/Nov $971 View Flight
13/Nov 27/Nov $971 View Flight
15/Nov 29/Nov $971 View Flight
07/Nov 20/Nov $971 View Flight
07/Sep 25/Sep $971 View Flight
09/Nov 27/Nov $971 View Flight
08/Nov 27/Nov $971 View Flight
09/Nov 29/Nov $971 View Flight

Perth to Los Angeles Flights $1076 Return.
Depart Return
04/Sep 18/Sep $1076 View Flight
30/Oct 13/Nov $1076 View Flight
03/Sep 18/Sep $1076 View Flight
11/Sep 26/Sep $1076 View Flight
29/Oct 13/Nov $1076 View Flight
16/Oct 31/Oct $1076 View Flight
12/Nov 27/Nov $1076 View Flight
08/Nov 23/Nov $1076 View Flight
08/Nov 22/Nov $1084 View Flight

Adelaide to Los Angeles Flights $1078 Return.
Depart Return
04/Sep 18/Sep $1078 View Flight
12/Sep 26/Sep $1078 View Flight
26/Oct 09/Nov $1078 View Flight
30/Oct 14/Nov $1078 View Flight
11/Sep 26/Sep $1078 View Flight
08/Nov 23/Nov $1078 View Flight
09/Nov 23/Nov $1087 View Flight

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    Great prices. Thanks for sharing


    Why are these cheaper than booking directly with Airlines?

    I never understood that

    • +4 votes

      A lot of business comes from travel agents. These online ones sometimes sacrifice part of their commission to get a sale. Or they've been given some incentives by the airline to sell tickets. Sometimes the airlines give them some good deals and let the agents market it, saves marketing costs for the airline.


      No refund on cancellation, change of name or date and you have to travel on a specific day.

  • +1 vote

    Any chance of deals to San Francisco in the near future?


    The $928 flight have a 14hr stop over in Auckland.

    • +1 vote

      Apologies - It is a manual process to weed out the AA flights, and I missed those. I have gone through & removed them all & the description has been updated. Thanks for pointing it out.


    Any deals for business class?

    • +7 votes

      Hi GreatWhiteHunter,

      I'm not sure why you would call it spam. The last deal posted for IWTF was by Rawn and it got 67 votes, so I would have thought that was pretty popular.

      For multi-stop/layover flights, just click 'Add Layover' from the homepage. It takes you to:

      From there you can enter searches like SYD - HK - MNL - HK - SYD.

      Here is the result for the deal you entered yesterday:
      (The final price is $725 on Cathay Pacific, the same as on skyscanner)

      Perhaps this is not labelled as well as it should be (Clealy it isn't, if there are multiple people post that the'd like to see it added). We are redesigning the site at the moment and I'll make sure it is clearer.


        Thanks I have found its working today when I click add layover.

        The plus and minus buttons to add/delete extra legs are now showing.

        Yesterday and previously they weren't showing for me so it wasn't working. All good now.


    Thanks for sharing this.
    When i checked a date for SYD-LAX i could see the $971 fare, but also a Virgin $962 fare popped up also. So, is this not a great deal, or is the Virgin flight an even better one?


    I've got a stack of frequent flyer points saved up for a Syd to LA holiday with the kids. Does anyone know if the amount of frequent flyer points needed to book a flight reduce when airfares go on special? Is there a better time to book with frequent flyer points or is the amount of points required usually the same?

    • +1 vote

      Generally the points required to redeem reward flights don't fluctuate. I'm no expert but I've heard they're useful for claiming on last minute travel when there are no specials. Or save up a ridiculous number of points and blow them all on a first class trip. Then never ever fly again. Me = 😪

    • +1 vote

      Agree with Muncan's comments but wanted to add that Qantas has done sales on QFF point redemptions for flights before. e.g. they had 25% off classic rewards around late May this year. Unsure if it a regular or annual thing.

      EDIT: Just realised Muncan's link pointed to that already!


    Will there be any deals like this, travelling late December?

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