expired ALDI Special Buys 12/08 Men's/Women's Premium Runners $29.99


These are pretty good for the price, they've outlasted my expensive brand name runners and are just as comfortable, I now only buy ALDI or Rivers runners.

I love German supermarketeers.

  • Biomechanically approved and tested by Professor Hennig – Queensland University of Technology (If Professor Hennig approves them, they're good enough for me)

  • Excellent shock absorbing attributes

  • TPU stabiliser for torsion resistance, providing excellent stability

  • Outsole construction counteracts over-pronation (you don't ever want over-pronation)

  • Mens sizes: 7-12, Ladies sizes: 6-11

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    JV was telling me he only ever buys sneakers approved and tested by Professor Hennig.


    Bloody hell, tested AND approved by the great Professor Hennig? I'll be buying three pairs


    I don't know if these are the same ones as last year (I think they were $15?) but the quality is pretty much what youd expect for the price
    Useless for running unless you have leather soled feet. I fitted mine with elastic laces and use them for outdoor work so I can slip them on and off quickly when I need to grab something from inside the house but dont want to track mud inside

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      I think they were $15?

      That's their cheaper runners, these are their premium ones.

      For $30 they are great, outlasted my NB, Saucony and Nike and very comfortable.

      Plus they've been tested and approved by none other than Professor Hennig and they counteract over-pronation.


        How long are the Nike's lasting? You should only run with a pair of runners for a certain amount of time(depending on how much running you do) because you'll do damage to your feet as the soles start to wear. My Nike's and ascics last a year which is all they should then they're mowing shoes.


          I don't run, only use them to walk around in when going out.

          Never use them for gardening or anything that would damage them, all the brand name ones start falling to bits in a few months.

          The worst for me have been New Balance, and it wasn't just the one pair that failed but three.

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          I have a pair of Nike Pegasus that I bought 4 years ago.
          I've run about 1000 km, walked probably twice as much, climbed mountains, did a mud race in these shoes and they are still going strong. Best pair of sneakers I've ever owned!

          EDIT: sneakers not snickers :)

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          Best pair of snickers I've ever owned!

          Do they have nuts?



          I've had my current pair of Nike Free for 15 months and run over 1500kms in them and they are still going strong.


      I thought that I remembered buying my current pair at a cheaper price than this a couple of years ago. They have lasted longer than the Fila runners that I had before, but the rubber on the sole is slowly disappearing. I'll probably get a pair of these to replace them.

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    All ALDI shoes are on my sh!t list now, since my son's footy boots only lasted 6 games before the sole came completely off.


    You might wanna get one of these as well if you are buying these shoes for running I guess :)


    Do Aldi sell glassess - read it as Professor Herring…


    does this shoe provide the arch support? for better foot care.


    How long do these stay on special for?


      Each store only has a certain number, then you have to wait until they get them again once they're sold out.

      The Special Buys stuff goes pretty quick at my store, usually within a day or two for the popular stuff.

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