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So I'm having a mid-life crisis and want to buy a campervan. I've seen the one I want - a Jayco Freedom campervan, but being a true OzBargainer I don't want to pay full price. It's a very new model, so I can't get a second hand one, (which would be ideal) and it's even too recent to try and pick up a demonstrator. It's around $60k for the basic model and it would be a cash purchase. What kind of mark-up would a dealer get on such a sale and what kind of discount would I be able to negotiate? Looking for insider knowledge; otherwise any other suggestions. Many thanks!


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    Are you wanting/needing to purchase straight away?
    The demand for "mobile homes" is greatest in winter and spring.
    As such a dealer may be less likely to eat to much of their markup if inquiry is strong, there may be even wait time on securing said van based on demand?
    I have heard a few stories of people pulling the trigger on a new mobile home, heading north in the winter chasing the sun and hating the mobile home lifestyle.
    On returning home offloading there as new mobile home at a significant saving.
    May be a long shot given you specifically want said motor home.

  • If you really want to save money. Start with a tent and all the creature comforts you can carry within reason. See where and how often you go once you've got the gear. Then based on that, make your decision to purchase/spend $60k. Some tents setup quicker than trailers etc. So its not that inconvenient.

    The thing that I have found with caravans, the real beautiful destinations, you just can't get there towing big units. If your going to just go to big caravan parks in big towns, then its alot of coin to spend just for an experience that you could get away with at a cheap motel. Fill your mid life crisis with proper experiences not miscellaneous purchases.

  • simply start looking at some other older models, you shouldnt have started with the latest.

  • If you actually want to save money widen your selection and start scouring gumtree etc.

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    Never buy a new one first up. Get a used one and spend weekends/holidays away in it. After 12 months or so you will have a good idea of what your ideal campervan should have and the layout then you can go new/custom

  • Caravans and boats are money pits so be careful before you jump.
    Have you done much caravanning / camping / long distance towing before?
    We purchased a used one but sold it again after 5 weeks… Glad we did not buy new and also made no loss on the resale. I found it to be too much stuffing around and it can be more expensive than staying in van park cabins for short stays.
    Is your vehicle also capable of towing the one you like?

  • Had much the same experience as Xywolap ….they seem like a good idea, but in reality they are a pain in the tail!.
    You get to a location, set up, and then realise you need to go into town or visit some near local attraction.
    Suggest, try a hire for 2-4 weeks and then decide if it is for you. A camper trailer could be an alternative, but I would rather various destination based accomodation, and not have the problems associated with a camper. Just my 2c worth!.

    • There's the reason I'd rather have a caravan that a campervan. If you want to go for a drive you have to pack up your house. My brother is on an around Aus trip and headed off with a van and roof top tent. It lasted about a month and they sold the roof top tent and bought s normal tent for that reason.

      Disadvantage with towing though is… Towing. Makes it a lot harder to find somewhere to park in town while travelling.

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    Ozbargain style camper van is a commodore wagon, a blow up mattress and a portable stove.

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    Why not try a campervan relocation first?

    • The bond /deposit with imova is a doozey, imo. It's a great idea, if I can find a co that doesn't require such layout, I'll be doing just as you suggested 😊

      • Sorry i should have mentioned this before.If you go to the terms and conditions for each vehicle you should be able to workout which company they are and then search their website.This is another site i have stumbled across

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    Suggest you try renting one first to see if you like it. Things to consider with a campervan, you really want a fully self contained, depending on the layout you will most likely need to convert your seating/eating area into a bed each night and back to seating/eating area in the morning. You also will need to park your van on a slight angle when ever you use the shower so it will drain properly. In a lot of places it can be difficult to park bigger campervans and some roads just wont be suitable for a campervan so be prepared for a bit of extra walking, plus you need to be constantly aware of the height bigger vans are 3.4-3.5m high on average, this can also be a hassle when filling up in inner city area as some servos you wont fit under plus the fuel economy is not that good expect 12-14L/100km. In many tourist areas you will need to stay in caravan parks which will add to the cost but you will get to charge up the batteries for the living area and can use the microwave and heating/air con when plugged in. On the plus side throughout Australia you can find many free and very cheap RV stopping places check the CMCA site for the locations: The advantage of having a caravan is you can leave your caravan and go explore harder to get to places in a car. The advantage of having a car and staying is hotels is your fuel consumption will be about half the cost of a campervan. Try a relocation see how you like it:… Also check: They have some Jayco vans in their fleet.

    • He is talking about a Toyota Hiace camper van fuel usage is only .5 litre higher than a standard VF Commodore before the Commodore even tows anything.(the diesel Hiace returns figures well below 9 litres per 100kms)

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    Some great advice there - many thanks. I certainly won't be rushing into anything and will think about other options too.

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