LG G6 - Battery Life after April/June/July Security Patches

Has any noticed the reduced battery life after updating the phone with these stupid 500 Mb+ security patches?

I got two updates in the past. I was getting nearly 6 hours of SOT when I first bought the phone. After first security patch it reduced to 4.45 hours and after July patch its gone further down to just 4 hours.

Please share your experiences. Plus, how many signal bars do you get? I always have 0 to 2 at home (3046, Vic) and it goes to 3-4 when I am at work(Vic 3000).



    I had been having huge issues that came to a head last week. Then I cleared the system cache, OMG the improvement for me is mind blowing. I get over 35 hits out of it now.

    I think you clear it in one of the storage menus from memory


    signal bars mean nothing, they can vary going to a different room of the house.

    It maybe you need to restore the device and make it back to new - then install the apps you want.


      You mean by resetting the whole unit? Nah man thats lot of work.


        yeah, I know. But sometimes ya have too.

        My sony Z5 doesnt stream right since the last update, reading online a system restore is needed. I have been putting it off as its a pain like you say.

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