Air Purifier for dust

Hi guys wondering if anyone here uses an air purifierand if they actually work and if so do i need to run it 24/7? I plan on using it for my bedroom as my bedroom gets really dusty even when i vacuum it every week. I also saw a "hack" of putting an air filter in front of a box fan which works as well but hoping to see if anyone here has tried it.



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    I didn't believe in these for the longest time but after buying a cheap Philips one for the bedroom when I lived in Singapore, it actually helped me sleep better and removed a lot of the dust. I then bought a couple more (both Philips) and use them throughout my unit as they also help with pet fur, and the residual dust even from just vacuuming is amazing. You do need to clean the filter regularly though.


    I'm not sure, but I have one, and I think I've been sleeping better? The one I have is basically just a fan inside and a hepa filter. So I assume it sucks up dust in the air, and it gets stuck in the filter and supposedly only good air comes out?

    My room doesn't get much dust though and I do it mostly due to the quality of air (and I think there's mould in the roof). I saw some that changes colour when the air go's from dirty to clean so I'm interested to see how they're testing for that and how it works.

    Anyways I know this doesn't tell you much, but whether its placebo or not, I feel better?

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    What about solving the dust problem rather than putting a bandaid on it? Floorboards, sealing the windows better, clean your bedding more often?


    Use one, but only run it in the even overnight. Doesn't take long to turn all the air over in a bedroom a few times. So turn it on about 6pm


    "hack" of putting an air filter in front of a box fan

    That's pretty common, a lot of woodworkers do that to remove sanding dust from the air, partly so they don't breathe it in and partly so it doesn't get all over what they're trying to paint. They work well.

    Negative ions generators can also remove dust, you don't see them much these days. Most these days are combined with a fan & filter anyway.

    Avoid the ozone generators, these work superbly but in order to work they'll make the area uninhabitable - you'll get a really nasty headache at the least.

    Or as @Euphemistic say, figure out where the dust is coming from first?