Non AmEx Credit Card Options for bonus points.

Have the recent Amex velocity platinum card, so I can't apply for another Amex sign up bonus card.
Looking for non Amex card with bonus points on either velocity or Qantas.
Currently bank with NAB so the annual fee on the NAB card is waivered though the choice package.
The ANZ rewards travel (rtn domestic flight) and black with the 75k bonus points is interesting, ($0 1st year) but would like some further OzBargain input and advice please regarding options.

Thanks in advance. Open to all suggestions.

Edit. I don't need 0% balance transfer. I have some expenses that will cover the minimum spend requirements for bonus points.

I'm not getting the best opportunity from my using visa/debit card…..



    Sign-on bonii are generally gonna continue to shrink since reduced interchange fees come in. Amex sign-on bonii will stay high for the time being, but you won't find them without an 18mth waiting period if you're already a cardholder, and the chance of them being fee-free has virtually dried up.

    I really think the current fee-free ANZ black offer is hard to go past if you meet the criteria, and you're not putting more than $7.5k a month through it. It will still leave you eligible (based on current rules) for the ANZ rewards travel cards too.

    I just applied for the black even though prefer earning VFF to QFF. Have a rewards travels card that I will close (not a great card, find the flight hard to use and poor earning value). Of course, still prefer amex to these ones.

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      Still finding a few places don't take Amex.
      Set of tyres on my 4wd,($$$) couldn't pay with Amex.

      Why do you prefer Amex?
      I can split payments via two cards to maximum bonus points via minimum spend.


        that's why a visa/mc is a good backup. I prefer amex for better points earning on everyday spend, plus the rebates they have given over the past couple of years on spend (eg. shop small promos etc).

        If you're dedicated you can buy prepaid visa cards with yr amex for a small fee (which can be offset by flybuys/everyday rewards points in certain promos) at supermarkets. Use where amex not accepted - earn amex Points :) (if you have an amex that gives 3pts/$ at supermarkets, you can ratchet it up even more :)


    Got am amex platinum edge for the points as a main card and got no annual fee coles mastercard for backup with .5 flybuys point on every dollar spent. wouldn't mind know what other people use as combination for points with amex.

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      I used to have this. I now have Plat Edge + Coles Rewards MC. I have the Rewards one because it's a replacement of 28D (I get flybuys points on international transactions too which attract no fees). Currently on a first-year-free promo as I upgraded from the No Annual Fee one. Don't know what to do though when the renewal comes up, I don't want to pay $99 for the Coles Rewards MC.
      I am soon going to get an Explorer too, to complement my Plat Edge, and hope that Amex has some mercy on me and gives me a reduced combined annual fee for the 2 cards.


    I was considering the same recently; went with the ANZ black. Seems to be a decent deal, and currently has 75 status credit bonus as well as the points. Sign up was easy.

    Pointhacks is a good resource:

    Will probably churn to Westpac next.


      Same here got ANZ FF Black last week, will keep it for 6 months and then go for Westpac


      NAB had 75k points, Bo status credits. I won't be flying Qantas before January, so I'll not be eligible for the extra staus credits.

      Which Westpac is interesting for you?


    Even so it's a Amex card you can still apply for a David jones one and get the bonus sign on points

    Also with ANZ you can apply for a frequent flyer, ANZ rewards and travel adventures card because they are under different rewards(well travel adventures is under ANZ rewards as well) but the terms and conditions are ok with it… they also have there own 12 month waiting periods,

    NAB told me if I had more then one of the same card I would get bonus points on all of the cards ones I hit minimum spend(I will get back to you on this next week)

    Edit: also with nab I think you can have a unlimited number of cards under your choice home loan package


      NAB don't have a bonus velocity points card which I would prefer I think.
      NAB are charge free under the choice package. ANZ give first year free, so might grab bonus points on minimum spend and then dump the card.

      What ANZ card did you decide on?

      I'm not keen on the 'bank rewards' points. I think I'd prefer something more versatile?


    I personally would be getting this in October (October because I just applied for the Westpac in June want to give my score a break!):

    120,000 Bonus Velocity Points over 3 Month - Spend $9000 within 90days $289 Fee

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