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Hisense 43N6 43"(108cm) UHD LED LCD Smart TV for $760.75 + Shipping or Free Click and Collect @ The Good Guys eBay


Great Entry level 4k TV. while brand reputation is best compared to other cheap tvs. I bought this myself few week ago for $825. Amazing TV. new OS Vidaa U Makes it great and easy to use.

This Hisense TV features a 43-inch screen and an LED LCD display. Its smart TV capabilities enable you to tap into streaming media. Plus, the Hisense 43N6 has Ultra HD video. It features a 3,840 x 2,160 pixel screen resolution, allowing you to pick out minute details in videos. The 43N6 TV has a 3 year warranty. You can see what all the fuss is about with high-definition TV with this Hisense TV.

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    The 50" is only $90 more, might be a better buy.

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    Considering it's a Hisense, why would one buy this over the 55" Kogan for $549 which also has "brand reputation"


    Any idea how well this would work as a computer monitor?


      just picked it up. Hooked it up to my macbook. Resolution says 3840x2160 @ 30hz. Not sure what else to look for but seems fine to me.


        Don't know about Mac, but that resolution with Windows 7 would be horrible due to the awful scaling.

        And 30hz would be even worse to use.


          For use as a monitor I'd sit close and have no scaling. As I'm mainly programming I'd just have lots of editor windows open. Dpi should be equivalent to a 21.5" 1920x1080 screen, no? 30 Hz could be a concern…

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          No scaling would be unusable for me, the font/buttons/icons would be tiny even sitting close.

          Apparently Windows 8 and especially 10 have much better scaling, so this would be less of an issue.

          And 30Hz would be laggy.


          On the Macbook, I can choose when mirroring screens whether it be optimised for the Hisense or optimised for the Retina Mac. If it is optimised for the Hisense, it's small windows (which can be enlarged) and small icons. If I choose optimised for Retina, the windows/icons are much larger. So to me, this seems to work perfectly.

          Not sure if that's what you meant about scaling.

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