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Resilio Sync Home Pro US$20 (Normally US$59.99)


The page says 'Name your price' but the minimum is US$20.00.

There is a free version but the pro version offers:

  • Link all your devices
  • Manage permissions on the fly
  • Save space with Selective Sync
  • Control bandwidth usage
  • One time send

For more information see:


I have been using this piece of software to keep my files sync'd between many computers/raspberry pi's for a while now - mainly because I like having control of my stuff and not have it in the cloud. The main drawback is that to sync, you have to have the other computer(s) on but I've gotten around that by having an always on Raspberry Pi. Other than that, it's brilliant.

There are also mobile apps which are free and I can view my files on the run whenever I want.

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  • have you heard of rclone? its free

    • Looks like a lot of work to set up. Correct me if I'm wrong.

      Also there is a free version which probably does what most people want but I'm putting it the deal out there if you want/need the pro features.

  • +3 votes

    Went from Resilio (formerly Bittorrent) Sync to Syncthing and haven't looked back. IMO Syncthing uses less resources particularly on folders with thousands of files whilst being faster and open source.

    • Had a look at Syncthing way back. Can't remember why I didn't go that way.

      One thing I think it doesn't have is encrypted folders. If someone steals my Raspberry Pi, I'm not too worried about them getting my data. Also, I'm not syncing massive amounts of data so I haven't noticed any performance issues. Having said that, I did sync over 300Gb of photos about a month ago on an old aspire one netbook and it took about 3 or 4 hours (if I remember correctly).

      • You can do encrypted folders independent of Syncthing, depending on your platform (Veracrypt, e.g.)

        • Yes, used to use veracrypt on my computers and LUKS on the pi, but now just use bitlocker on windows and encrypted resilio sync folders on pi.

    • Would agree, have Resilio Pro and only use Syncthing. Have found Resilio absolutely canes my Windows PC but haven't tried it for six months or more, it may have improved.

    • I'm a heavy user of syncthing. The security it has (or at least it claims it has) makes it the safest choice

    • Syncthing does not have an iOS app, so Resilio was the best cross platform sync application I could find.

      Please do correct me if I'm wrong :)

  • I jumped at it. I already use the free version, and have no idea if I need the pro license.
    This feels like joining the free Plex ecosystem, only to discover there are lifetime Plex Passes etc to buy…

    Thanks OP.

  • I use Resilio daily too.. Contemplating this as $20 seems such a small price to pay to support the devs.

  • Thats weird, my minimum was $10, maybe because I started using since the pre-testing stages