Reccomendation for Air Conditioner Brands


I need to get an AC before summer

I know what size I want but are there much differences between the brands?

Going to get it through The Good Guys - They Offer:


I'm inclining to go either Fujitsu or Panasonic?

Are these good choices?

Sorry, I have no idea.



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    mitsubishi electric or mitsubishi heavy industries are both decent units (different companies, that have the same owner). Yeah I know, strange.

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      Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is meant to be the better of the two.


        Correct… MHIA is meant to be the better, but warranty, if needed, can be harder to find compared to ME.

        I have a couple of MHIA units, no faults in over 5 years. The folks have an ME unit, as no local MHIA dealers, and they had an ME gold dealer not far away who gave an excellent price. So hoping for good service if ever needed.

        OP FYI They had a Fujitsu unit before the ME unit that failed just outside of warranty and lots of jumping up and down and nothing from Fujitsu. They wouldn't fix it, folks needed a unit ASAP, so had to buy something as they didn't want to wait (only source of cooling/heating) even thought consumer rights etc. But for the folks they wanted heating, so couldn't wait!

        So skip Fujitsu in my books. YMMV.


    Panasonic is decent, never had any issues with the units we have had.


    I have 3 TECO units. Happy with them. Oldest and most used is 9 years old and works like new.

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    i have daikin, no issues as well. pretty happy with them

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    Daiken and Mitsubishi were recommended by a sparky friend who installs a lot of them, both very good. I went with the Daiken, he also mentioned that their outside units are the quietest of the lot.

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    No contest - for reliability and cost efficiency go for Daiken


    Any reason you are getting it through Good Guys? I got Bunnings to pricebeat the next lowest competitor by 10%.