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Gift Cards - 30% off Adrenaline, 10% off Kogan, Freedom, Bonus Points on Supercheap, Drummond, BCF @ Woolworths

30% off Adrenaline Gift Cards
  • $50 Gift Card for $35
  • $100 Gift Card for $70

10% off Kogan & Freedom Gift Cards
  • $30 Gift Card for $27
  • $50 Gift Card for $45
  • $100 Gift Card for $90

Earn 1000 Bonus Reward Points Worth $5
  • $50 Drummond Golf Gift Card
  • $50 Supercheap Auto Gift Card
  • $50 BCF Gift Card
Earn 2000 Bonus Reward Points Worth $10
  • $100 Drummond Golf Gift Card
  • $100 Supercheap Auto Gift Card
  • $100 BCF Gift Card

Woolworths Rewards: 10 cards per Transaction
Kogan: 2 per Customer
Adrenaline: 5 per Transaction

This is part of Father's Day deals for 2017.

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  • Anyone know how long expiry on Kogan?

    • +3

      1 year from activation.

      • How many can you use in a single transaction?

  • can i use this kogan gift card to buy kogan mobile voucher in today's deal?

  • How long to the adrenaline cards last for?

    • +2

      One year from the date of purchase.

  • Thinking of buying the 4K tv with this. But first buy e-wish gift cards at 5% off. Would that work?

    • From kogan? Yes it would.

    • it would but chances are you might not be able to get that many kogans.

      • Different woolies have different kogan card levels.

        • I misunderstood what he said when he said 4k TV (thought price is $4K), will be very difficult to get $4K worth especially during promotion like this. But it seems the tv is only $500.

  • Does the woolworths staff discount stack?

    • It should. Ive used woolies staff discount and has worked on Myer GC, Good Food GC, Village GC and the Visa1 Gift cards.

    • Has worked for me on adrenaline cards

  • +2

    Only 30% off Adrenaline :( Still a good deal but much more preferred the 40/50% off deals.

  • Dammit just bought the Kogan mobile plan

    • lol mate i pm-ed you few hours ago.

  • Can you stack the adrenealine cards?

  • +1

    Anyone know if this stacks with cashrewards?
    ie buy Woolies egiftcard at 5% off then go to Woolies and buy other gift cards with said egiftcard?

    • +4

      I've been able to with other gift cards in the past. Just use the self check out lane.

    • What can my Gift Card or eGift Card not be used for or to purchase?

      Gift Cards and eGift Cards cannot be used to make credit card payments or other transaction account deposits.

      Gift Cards and eGift Cards cannot be used to load funds onto a Woolworths Money Prepaid MasterCard® or a Woolworths Money Re-loadable Prepaid MasterCard.

      Essentials Cards and Groceries Only Cards cannot be used to purchase Alcohol, Tobacco Products, Gift Cards or eGift Cards.

      Gift Cards and eGift Cards are non-refundable following the loading of funds onto the Card. Gift Cards and eGift Cards cannot be exchanged for cash. Cash cannot be withdrawn from the available balance of a Gift Card or eGift Card.

  • Can you buy the gift cards online or is it in store only?

    • in store only

  • Can you stack the kogan cards?

    • Yes you can. Can also refer me, myself and I for that extra $10 off ;)

  • +2

    Headsup, as at 815am Wednesday, NO Kogan giftcards at Woolies MetCentre near Wynyard (Sydney). Spoke to manager who advised no cards, and couldnt advise when expecting any.

    • Thanks that saves the time for me walking up there.

  • +2

    Also, as at 820am Wednesday NO Kogan cards at Woolies York (Metro) store, corner of York and Barrack streets Sydney. Confirmed with staff none in stock and unsure when will have any.

  • +2

    As at 915am Wednesday, NO Kogan cards at Woolies Town Hall.

  • +1

    At 11:50, there were no Kogan gift cards at WW Macquarie Centre.

    • They haven't had Kogan gift cards there for months.

  • +1

    At 11:57, there are plenty of $50 & $100 Cards at Calamvale QLD.

  • Called Woolies Alexandria at 11am (Wednesday) - they had Kogan giftcards in stock.

    • Alexandria NSW? Is there a Woolies there? :S

      Wow just googled. Never knew there was one there!

  • With the BCF cards - Do you get 2000 points per $100 gift card purchased or only 2000 no matter how many cards you buy up to the limit of 10?

  • +1

    Plenty at Woolies Kingscliff (near Tweed Heads)

    Thanks OP - used that to buy bamboo sheets - paid for the postage.

  • +3

    plenty of kogan cards at brighton vic. $30 kogan cards either do not exist or are not included in this deal. check the small print in the catalogue

    • Good pickup, Thanks. OP edited

      • +1

        $30 freedom and event cards are included

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