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6.4kw - 20 Risen Panels 320w + 5kw ZeverSolar Inverter - Photovoltaic Solar System $4,322 after STC Rebate @ E-Solar (Perth, WA)


We are currently offering a great package for $4,322 (was $5,547)

The Package includes:

20 x 320w Risen Panels
5kw ZeverSolar Inverter
Fully installed


For over 30 years e-Solar has established a solid reputation for quality and delivery in the renewable energy market, making us one of the longest running solar companies in WA! We have managed to maintain our place in the market by offering great products and years of after sale service.

We pride ourselves on delivering a great service from beginning to end and our small, dedicated team means we are available at all times to answer your questions. Look for yourself at our reviews from happy customers at Solar Quotes

As government incentives decrease and green energy becomes the new way to save both money and the environment, there has never been a better time to join the solar revolution! e-Solar is a reliable and affordable choice with years of experience and great prices. So head to our website to find out what we are about.

Visit our Facebook page to see that we are up to.

Prices based on single phase electricity, single storey home in Perth Metro area. For a limited time only.

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  • (was $5,547)

    where does it show that on your website?

    • Hi

      Our webiste is currently under maintenance so its not actually on there. If you go to our facebook you will see previous prices etc. This was taken from the price we quoted the day before our offers began.


  • Hi OP,
    No need to give me negative mark.

    Sorry to say, But I bought 24 Panel + 5kw ZeverSolar (Wifi)+ 3 Phase invertor in $3500.00.
    If anybody want to buy then I am happy to give their details and Customer service was also awesome.


    • +1

      What fuel do you use in your Lawnmower?

    • +3

      Can you confirm the "apples for apples" comparison you are making?
      - When was your purchase made?
      - Was your purchase in WA also?
      - If so, were the rebates the same?

    • 24 panels of what?
      and a 3 phase inverter?

  • 5Kw Zeversolar TLC 5000 Inverter (WiFi) and additional 5 year warranty (Total 10 Year). :)
    It's in Perth and I really impressed with their costumer services.

    • +2

      What brand/model panels?

      • keen to know the details, too

    • Please message me more information thank you

    • +1

      It's surprising that you can quote the exact model number of the inverter but have no knowledge of the panel brand.

      If I'm not mistaken this is a classic approach from a competitor that sells average/poor products and cuts corners to lower the price, usually cut in installation and customer care.

      • I remember model number because I have discussion with wander for my two solar system.
        One was TLC 5000 and other was only 5000

        • -1

          And those guys told me TLC 5000 is three phase and they charge $3500 and Only 5000 model is $3000.
          And I want to say OP.. I am not your competitor. I am OZBaragainer.

        • +1

          @manoj Jayswal:

          I did not accuse you of being a competitor, I merely stated that your approach is similar to that which I have seen from many companies. Lots of detail about how cheap it is, very little detail about who/what/why or how it is that cheap.

  • I need to see in my invoice.
    I read nice thread some ware in OZBargain when I bought. It's checklist for Solar system. And it was really helpful information for those who really new for solar system.

    • So what panels ?

  • -2

    So a quick search shows much better prices elsewhere no matter what state you're in, the difference would be the customer service but based on the comment above about accusing a fellow ozbargainer about be a sale competitor I'd stay way from these guys too

    • As someone who has been researching a system this size… "A quick search shiws better prices elsewhere"…. Ummmmm no.. Unless they are chinhlee panels and a SuperMegaHappyFunTine 5kw inverter

  • +1

    Manoj there are a lot of offers out there and price is not always everything. You might buy something really cheap today and it takes only for the system to stop working for 2 months and all bargains go out of the window in power bill. We never said we are the cheapest but we try to offer a good comprehensive package of products and service. Probably the fact that we have been doing it for a long time should give prospective clients some reassurance….

    • 5kw is max under renewable energy buyback scheme

      • You sure? Links ?

  • Am I missing something here? 6.4kw Panels but only 5kw inverter, What happens to the over 1400watts? Sure I know your never gonna get 100% but surely you can do better than 5kw under best conditions?

    • +1

      It is standard practice to put between 0.5kw -1.5kw extra of panels.

      It increases the amount of time in the day (usually early morning and late evening) that your inverter is producing 'peak' of 5kw.

      You can also read this artice here for all the info you may need https://www.solarquotes.com.au/blog/oversizing-solar-arrays/

    • Its normal mate

  • 20 x 320 = 6400 and only 5k inverter, where does the rest 1.4k (probably 0.8-1k) will go?

    • please see comment above

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