All Indian Restaurant Feedback - Scoopon

In light of the hassles dealing with restaurants and scoopon deals such as, I was wondering if anyone has used their coupon for All Indian Restaurant.

This deal was posted around late August (can't seem to find the link - the deal was $15 per person for a buffet meal). I would appreciate any feedback and I'd like to be aware if there are any complications before I use my coupon.


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    I can't remember what the deal was exactly. But as I live nearby and go all the time, I have already used it. I went immediately the week it was activated. No problems at all. Tons of food. We paid extra for drinks. It was as described ie unlimited of the dishes we ordered but you can't have unlimited types of dishes.

    We couldn't finish the massive portions and they offered us take-away of our leftovers which I thought was generous as it was another whole meal there.

    Its a big restaurant and I did book which i wouldn't normally. They don't normally fill on weekdays but Fri/sat potentially busy. If the scoopon is expiring I would book just in case they get a flood of scoopons.

  • Thanks for the info. That's the first time I've heard a buffet restaurant offering take away as well.

  • Wait, maybe I'm confused….
    I'm talking about All India restaurant in Balmain…I bought some coupon thing for it. And I think it was Scoopon. It was all you can eat but it isn't a buffet. You can order one entree and one main or something per person and have as many refills as you want of it.

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