Buying Samsung Galaxy Note 5 in 2017

Hi OzBs

Just thought of asking for advise before buying Note 5 from JB Hi-Fi for $699 (with 2 years warranty- 1 Extra year offered by JB)

My preference is to get something from physical store with hassle free warranty claims which is why I am happy to spend a bit more than buying from ebay.

Even though it is almost a 2 year old phone, I am only looking at the features I get for $699.

  • Compatibility with Samsung watches (Gear Fit 2 - which is also on promotion for $149 @JB)
  • Wireless charging
  • Samsung pay or Android pay (NFC)
  • S-pen and its great functionality in filling and sending forms right from the mobile with no need for a print outs.
  • Accessories are cheap in Reduced to clear baskets in almost every store.

Is it a wise decision? If not, please suggest me if there is any other Mobile that can replace Note 5 in same budget.

Thank you



    Just get second hand probably 300 ish.
    Wait few more weeks people getting their note 8 and selling their old note 4,5,6,7,etc


      7 is not released in aus yet and be very careful that purchasing the refurbished units online as they still might be locked by networks via ieme.

      the big issue you will have is battery life of the note 5 and the fact that it is a sealed unit.
      i know the understanding of a note comes with great functionality but with the release of the note 8 very soon well stick it out and wait a lil longer.

      also dont be fooled by the discount bin note 5 accessories, usually when the phone becomes old news everything goes with it back to samsung or the whoever jb buys the phones through.


      Good idea, but what if JB run out of stock ?? :/

      I have tried on Gumtree but no luck. Nothing under $450 with warranty and in good condition.


        Note 5 running out of stock? Not likely, the Note 5 series is hardly noticed nowadays in favour of other more modern devices. JB will probably just dump the stock to another seller like (who is well known for buying excess inventory from other businesses)

        You should look into the newer Note 6's as second hand units, once the Note 8 is released.

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        Note4 user reporting in. I wouldn't go second hand. The battery would degrade somewhat after a couple of years and replacement is costly since it is in built.

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        Note 6 was skipped in favour of bringing the numbering for the note series to 7 in line with the s7 series.

        So it's either Note 5, or the Note 7 'Fan Edition'…

        Anyhow still rocking the Note 4, going fine after warranty replacment of the mainboard which had emmc errors, been through at least 2 batteries so far, and I'd just wait a couple of months until the price of the Note 8 comes down, (Coles Rewards Mastercard apparently has some sweet as hell great price protection for like 2 years. : just buy from a retailer who will have stock in 2 years [and be around for 2 years, heh] )

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    Still rocking my old Note 3 and it is still a great phone.

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    700$ for an outdated phone doesnt make sense. If I was only interested in note 5 i would get it from ebay for less than 300.


      I tend to keep any phone that I buy for at least 2 years. Will something from eBay last for 2 years??

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        Its the same phone manufactured by Samsung sold by a reputable seller in ebay. There are plenty out there. You will be paying less than half of what you pay at jb hifi. If you still want to buy from a brick and mortar store like JBhifi then why not go for Samsung galaxy S7 edge for 699 -5% off using enterntainment book gift card or something like that. Sure it doesnt have a stylus but its a much better phone.


    Probably not more updates after nougat but I imagine security patches for a few more years


    get mine for $350

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    Just thought I suggest getting a refurb phone from Certified Tech Direct on ebay with their regular 20% coupon codes. I got a Note 5 from them, the phone that arrived was an ex Telstra phone still have 6 months to go under their 2 year warranty. I had a problem with the screen peeling off. Samsung fixed it for free. With 20% off, I got mine for around $350.


      A lot on Gumtree with peeling screens. Bad batches or design flaws or only happens when exposed to certain conditions?

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        I think it is either a design flaw or bad glue. I took it to Samsung and didn't have to explain much. I was expecting questions about how I was using the phone or having to justify why it is not a wear and tear issue, etc. They knew exactly what the issue was and took it back for repairs without much pushback.

        I guess those ones on Gumtree are probably grey imports? The issue will definitely surface inside of 2 years, my phone had the issue after about 3 months of use.

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