Best Go-to for Buying Computer Parts

Hey all. Trying to get my computer to a stable state, and will need to be spending a few hundred to get a CPU, Mobo, and RAM.

Is there a particular shop that is your go-to, should I buy online/overseas, wait for a sale (are there even sales?), or worth second-hand? Would the price difference between shops/sales vary significantly?



  • MSY.

    The right way to MSY is order online for pickup.

  • I see cpus and SSD go on sale here all the time but rarely for massive discounts. Motherboards less so.

    Lowest price for Ryzen 1600 (my current daydream cpu) is $260 vs $290 at umart. $4 cheaper at MSY.

    I doubt I would buy from a overseas online store. Maybe Australian but prefer MSY or uMart bricks and mortar.

  • I've been buying a lot of parts from Futu_online (basically same business as Shopping Express) on eBay when they have their sales going on.

    For full or complete systems I buy from MSY (first preference) or UMART.

  • U-mart. If you can collect from their store youre all set. They're often cheaper than MSY and they also pricematch when they arent. Plus their customer service is impeccable. Bought CPU, AIO Cooler and ram from them, will def go back as I need. I've been to MSY before, and while theyre consistently cheap, service is…..

    • Agree, umart is pretty good.

    • also, would not recommend OS purchase. Just had to spend $20 on shipping returning faulty RAM back to Newegg. While it was cheaper at the time, the time I wasted as well as the hassles of returning for refund were not worth it. Would have only cost me $5 more to buy local initially {after return shipping), and no headaches.

    • Umart is excellent - I've been using them for years.

      I always check their prices against the Ebay 20% off specials (Futu etc.) and they are almost always as cheap as, or within a couple of dollars of, the discounted prices.

      If necessary, I will pay a little extra to be able to drive over to the next suburb to pick things up!

  • MSY, also ebay nowadays seems to always have 20% off tech from selected shops, usually comes to a few dollars cheaper after price jacking.