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Free Worldwide Shipping on Prusa MK2S 3D Printer Kits $699 USD (Save + $100)


To celebrate finally having a stockpile of their MK2S kits Josef Prusa is celebrating by removing the shipping costs on the kits (was $130usd for me when I purchased mine a couple months back). If you've been thinking about getting one now is the time- with our dollar strong against the US and the free shipping thrown in it's a great deal on an excellent printer. Probably one of the best cost vs quality machines on the market, with a big bonus of having a larger print area than all others in its price range.

Note: this is not a ready built machine. It was pretty easy to build even though I'd never done anything like this before though. It took me about 5 hours all up. The hardest part was the very last bit making sure the sensor was low enough but not too low… And it wasn't hard so much as it was a pain in the butt.

Happy to answer any questions as a novice owner if you have any.

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  • Seriously tempted. I've never got prints from my Chinese kit that look anything like what comes out of one of these

  • Is our dollar actually strong?

    • +2

      Currently at a 2 year high against the USD at 81

      • But only marginally better than the plateau. Still, better this rate than before.

  • How does this compare with a Lulzbot TAZ 5/ 6? Any hands on experience?

  • My 200$ A8 prints as good as this…

    • Hehe, True, but I suspect you have upgraded yours to achieve that (as I have mine).

      I'd go for a CR10 if I was considering upgrading now. But I don't need to as my A8 is great.

      • +1

        First print is amazing, I have photos and videos.

        It's just such good bang for the buck. But yeah pain in the ass to put together.. If have the money, cr10 is a world better.

        But I am on my way building hypercube evo. ☺️

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