What's Your Salary and What Car Do You Drive?

Most seasoned ozbargainers would agree that spending $80,000 on a car whilst on an entry-level finance salary isn't the most prudent thing to do.

With many immigrant cultures now favouring excessive consumption as a show of status and wealth over prudence, is it really reasonable to spend more money to buy a german-badged car?

Is it reasonable to spend 100k on a cayman "as a hobby" on a 60k salary and save more money on other parts of your life?

If not, what is reasonable?

What is the value of you car compared to your annual post-tax take home salary?

Would also love to hear a vague estimate of your salary, what car you drive and how much you paid in the comments to stimulate discussion

Question also applies to motorcycles

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    I made a high-yield investment of $80k from my $180k salary to get bikies to ferry me everywhere


  • Earn $120k

    Drive 2016 VW Polo. No wife or kids.

  • Nothing wrong with that.
    Lots of people earn lots of money yet they just revealed their car expenditure. I think they spend for something else then.

    If the Porsche makes you happy go for it. You live once.
    I am also very frugal on everything but I also consider to get a 911.

  • Combined $160K, driving $8K car (New $25K).

    Would love a new $45K car, but can't justify the expense cost.

  • Single 62k
    2015 a45 as a daily

  • 190k
    Hyundai getz

  • 110kish
    Mazda 3 25gt

  • +1

    2008 BMW M3 V8. Bought second hand cash for $48k

    • I'm highly interested in m3 e92 for myself.
      How is the car and its maintenance and reliability?

  • +1

    Billion dollars
    2001 lancer

    • +2

      F*** you're taken Ozbargining to level 9000 LMAO

  • 75,000
    2007 Ford Focus XR5.
    You'll never pry it from my hands!!!

  • +1

    37k. 2001 Triton Ute. :)

  • 100k+ and driving 20 years old Japanese car which is valued max of 2k at the moment. No service and repair charges in last 4 years..Change oil and filter and keep driving.

  • 80k
    2009 Subaru WRX STI (bought second hand)

  • at 60k income, unless you're living at home, definitely don't tie yourself down with an 80-100k loan on a car, which will end up costing 120-150k when it's done and dusted (or more). That's nearly 5 or more yrs of savings down the drain.

    If you must have a Porsche, plenty of second hand porsches for sale that aren't gonna break the budget.
    If you don't care for manual, even an auto will be fine they go very cheap. (buut.. yeh get a manual)

    Boxsters start at 20k
    911's can be had at around 30-35k
    budget about 10k for repairs and any issues.

    Much better than getting a 80-100k car that'll depreciate to 30k in 3-5yrs.

    • Where can I get such porsche??

      • Just check out carsales. Spend the money on a PPI as well.

        100k km porsche's aren't too bad, they are generally reliable, just a few electric things to worry about like window regulators/ignition switches, relatively simple things. A lot have already had this stuff fixed though, so just look for one that has.

        Waterpump/AOS are a little dearer etc..
        The IMS issue isn't as big an issue as ppl make it out to be (allowing you a cheap porsche), but if you must have it done, do it with the clutch - 5k at a mechanic for everything.

        996 911's are a little inflated at the moment, you should be able to get them much cheaper than advertised. especially the ones that sit for awhile, so just take your time.
        Anything auto is especially cheap, and they aren't too bad if you just want to cruise around or use as a daily.

        just an example (you can probably get better)

        and if you get a good one, it may even go up in value after awhile.. but yeah.. there's a bit of a porsche bubble atm (i believe)

        • Thanks for sharing the info.

  • 175k
    FIFO 2&1
    Dealer Toyota Camry 1999 v6 3.0 @ 150k + minor repair/initial major service cost = $3000
    Gets me to the beach-supermarket-bedroom ok.
    Hope you find your sweet ride.

  • +4

    Make $13 per hour($17 on weekends making that paper!) brought a 2017 Mercedes-Benz C300 Manual for 100k on a 12% finance because it gets me bi*tches because Rego is PnTdrp (ie Panty Dropper) and who in this current generation has time to save money i want my shit NOW regardless of long term prospects and saving money.

    Dont have insurance because who can afford that shit but if i did id be with AAMI because i clearly like to burn money

    Consistently doing burnouts my because why da faq not? spend at least 2k on tyers annually

    Stains on the seats sold separately ;)

  • +3

    My salary - $250k
    - Mercedes A250 2015 (bought new in Feb'15)
    - Mazda CX9 GT 2017 (bought new in May'17)

    -Get $10k back in taxes for car component every year
    -So $5k per car per year I get back (split 10k in both cars)
    -$25k over 5 years (against a $50,000 Car)
    -Sell it after 5 years, I get $20k-25k re-sale value for a 50k car

    **Essentially paid anywhere between $0 to $5000 in total over 5 years or $1000 approx per car per year.

    • And here i am just pleb lyfing paying for my stock ex-demo honda civic for 22.5k and this bloke its rolling up in a new merc

      • The rich get richer.

      • -1

        And the government gives money back!

        • After me paying nearly 40% of my income , I pay $90,000-$100,000 in taxes every year


          -Minus the childcare benefit which so many get I don't
          -Minus so many other benefits the others can claim and I cannot.

          Yes I get 10% of my taxes back…like so many of you do at the time of tax filing

    • Do you mind elaborating on how you get 10k back in taxes? Are you on a lease or buying outright and tax deducting and depreciating?

      • +1

        The organisation I work for puts a part of the base salary in salary slip calling out 'Car Expenses' ~$25,000/year
        When your employer calls such an expense on your payslip, it's easier with ATO to claim tax deduction on car usage.

        So 36% (or 38%)of ~$25,000 (approx) as money you get back in car usage ONLY

  • +3

    75K salary before tax. Have a C63S Coupe incoming. Should be here before the end of the year.

    Before anyone asks. Years of Ozbargaining. Couldn't have done it otherwise.

    • I'm so friggen jealous well done!

  • $35k after tax

    Passat alltrack

    There's more to my story but y'all ain't finding out!

  • Also should state how long do you typically keep your car for.

    I usually buy a 2-3 year old car for $40K and sell it after approx 8 years. The last car sold for approx $5k so the depreciation of the car costs me $4,375 a year out of $150K salary

  • Salary 80k, Suzuki baleno 21k 👌🏼

    That's for my partner though. I ride a $5000 motorbike everywhere

  • I earn around $80k/yr + super

    I was driving a 14 year old car (with only basic safety features) until yesterday when I purchased a 30k car, 2016 model (kia sorento).

    Reason: if I get into a crash, it will be cheaper to replace the car than to recover from injuries. And I needed more space.

  • 97k, just traded in my 2012 Toyota FJ Cruiser ($53k when I bought it) for a 2017 Isuzu D-Max LS-M ($46k).

    Am a car and motorcycle enthusiast so I enjoy spending money on my vehicles.

    Also have: 2010 Suzuki Gladius, 2011 Honda CT110 Postie, 2016 Honda MSX125SF Grom, 1988 Honda NT400 Bros (Project), 1984 Toyota Cressida MX60.

    The wife has a 2010 Ford Focus. She makes about the same as me.

  • +1

    $143k salary, I drive a mitsubishi magna wagon and pay $120 a week rent.

  • +1

    To me the price of the cars vs salary is very relative… I drive a 2017 Octavia RS wagon with just about every option you can tick and I only make just over 80k a year.
    Now you can look at that and say "sheesh… dude spent 50k of his 80k on a car??". Not quite…

    First off, I'm an Ozbargainer. So I managed to find an ex demo and with the MY2018 being out I got a REAAAAALLY nice discount and 5 years free service. So nice that's been nearly 4mths since I bought it and I'm yet to see one advertised for anywhere near what I paid for the car. On top of that, I own my own business so I can claim a lot of the expenses and depreciation on tax and that helps heaps.

    So as you see, just looking at salary vs car is not so clear clut.

    • How much was the RS?

      • +1

        Paid 37k with all packages but comfort plus 5 years free servicing like I said. Traded in a 2008 Mazda2 which reduced that further and being an ex demo it qualified for Skoda's 1%pa finance rate. All in all, I'm pretty happy! Car is fantastic!

        Edit: Sorry, made a mistake! It's actually 3 years free servicing and 5 years/150000kms warranty!

  • +1

    $160k and I drive a 17 year old Mazda 323. I also have an Aprilia motorbike because it's faster than a car. When my kids are grown up, I'll buy an old Fiat 124 or Alfa GTV and restore it. German cars are a bit boring for my liking.

  • +1

    63.5 before tax, 2002 Camry sportivo on lpg. Best car I've ever owned -

  • I think its a bit crass to state specific salary so lets say "high" but still wouldn't waste money on new cars except for tax purposes. (I have an arbitrary cap of nothing over $50K).

    So new CX9 Touring (not my choice, wifes as wanted 7 seater) - this was for tax purposes and is pre-tax.
    Used (purchased at 6 year old) Golf GTI for a station car. $17K
    Heavily modified 60's Mustang for fun/weekend cash. $35K
    New Ducati Scrambler cash. $12K

  • Why bring immigrant races into it ? Just stick with salary and car and you will get your answers…

    • If I wasn't going to do it, someone else would have. It's a cultural norm

      Also I'm Chinese lol

  • 60k ish before tax. Wife makes a bit less. We have a 1991 MX5 bought for $2300. Might buy something from this millennium once the house is paid off (hopefully soon).

  • +1

    60k before tax and bought My17 WRX. You are only young once.

  • I drive a 95 Honda Prelude, whilst my wife drives a new Forester XT.
    I cant seem to let it go.

  • $75k and drive a 2014 Mitsubishi Triton I bought brand new. Best value 4x4 I could afford. Has now done 100,000km and a full lap of the Australian mainland. Will likely hang onto it until it dies.

  • Just a little over the $100k mark & drive a massive shit box R33 GTS-t, it's a heap of shit - but it's a car.
    Walk & train Monday - Friday.

  • +1

    80K and golf r32

  • 950k after tax, don't want to add my bonus as that does not count. drive Honda 2000 Accord and a Mini Cooper 2010 both still in top notch condition

    • Is that par for the course among the guys at work?

    • +15

      Congrats on moving on up in the world. About a year and a half ago you were looking for a job at dominos.

    • How do you make 950k a year mate

  • 78k after tax last year. I now drive a 2015 polo gti (was $29300 new). It was a huge splurge for me. Before that i drove a 98 Camry that started to cost me more than it was worth.

  • 100k salary
    33k 2012 Lexus IS

  • $110k salary plus business income.

    $65k 2016 MB.

  • +1

    I'm making only 50k a year, but got myself a new Mercedes c250 2 weeks ago, total cost around 78,000 over 3 years.

    I couldn't resist the sexy curve on the interior of the latest models…

  • +2

    After reading this, I think I need to get a new car.

  • +1

    120k before tax
    2010 aurion
    2017 mustang

  • 70k, now a '93 e36 4 banger. 7/100km

  • I think the bigger question is, how much do these people also pay for rent/mortgage (if any).

    • We haven't but you "could" draw from your equity and buy a nice car.

  • Combined 150K, has a 2016 Mazda CX 9 and a VW Passat..

  • $140K single salary, excluding extra. Got no car, don't need one.

  • Invested in Bitcoin and I'm riding a rocket to the moon

  • 2007 Honda Jazz.

  • I earn around 115K.

    Drive a 2016 Ford Mustang GT which cost around 63K when I got it 18 months ago.

    I kept my previous two cars (1994 Toyota Corolla Seca & 2003 Jeep Cherokee) for over ten years each - I suspect that the Mustang won't last that long.

    • +2

      just don't floor it out the gate of your local cars and coffee meets…

    • I suspect that the Mustang won't last that long

      Does this have anything to do with the 2 star ANCAP safety?

  • $240K. Porsche 911 Carrera, Porsche 928 (classic), 2007 Pajero, 2002 Rav4

  • ~110k, New 6k motorbike bought 2015. Previous was a 2002 Camry which I got in ?2007 for 6.5k.

  • 60,000 after tax, car is worth 8k, subaru impreza 2008, no need for a new car until it breaks on me.

  • +1

    115k before tax
    Civic 2006 probably worth $5000-$6000 now. Always tempted to upgrade, but can't justify the luxury needs.

  • I started driving my Toyota 86 when I was getting about 30k a year while I was at uni. That was three years ago. I'm 24 now, I'm on 75-80 a year, still driving the 86 but I'm looking to get a wrx/sti once I get my morgage down in the next year or two.

  • around $95,000, toyota rav4

  • ~120K Salary and driving $6500 used Mitsi Lancer 2007

  • Well I made just shy of 13 figures last year 12 if you count post tax and drive an endangered species white rhino on Mondays and Fridays and an asian man on Saturdays and Sundays I like to walk in my 50 inch heels the rest of the week so what's that count the hundred minus the two carry over the seven and multiply the six.. 69.69% ?

    • Best post by a country mile.

  • $55k
    1972 Falcon.

  • -1

    110k Salary + 40k approx per year Investment return
    -2013 Kia Rio paid 7k worth about 11k
    I also have a Tesla M3 reservation

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