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Switch + Has Been Heroes $380.15, Xbox 1S + Destiny 2 + FH3 $244.15, PS4 Pro + GTA V $452.15 Shipped @ EB Games eBay


As advised by Pub Envelope it's worth contact EB Games eBay about your purchase to redeem EB Points and to have a record of the purchase on their system.

Deal is live now and working as expected :)

Here's an awesome deal. People usually say that these sales are the worst for price jacking but EB Games has been included in this sale and these are awesome prices for these consoles. Thanks heaps to undefined for pointing out that EB Games was included as this is a deal not to miss if you're looking out for these consoles.

I thought I'd chuck it up early to ensure that people with search functions on are informed of this deal so they don't miss out :)

EB Games have not been found to price jack so these prices will be available at 4pm.

Nintendo Switch Grey Console + Has Been Hero Game $380.15 SOLD OUT 11/9 315pm.

Xbox One S 500GB Console + Destiny 2 + FH3 $244.15 SOLD OUT

Xbox One S 500GB Console + Destiny 2 + Minecraft $244.15 SOLD OUT

Xbox Elite Wireless Controller $132.15 (Back In Stock)

PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB Console + GTAV $452.15 (Back In Stock)

They also have some pretty awesome prices on Refurbished Phones, Seen Here:


iPhone 7 Plus 128GB - Black (Refurbished by EB Games) - Phones - PREOWNED $803.35

eBay 20% off Selected Stores: Thanks Undefined & OzSikh

As always, enjoy :)

11/9 12:15pm: Nintendo Switch back in stock.

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  • +2

    hope price don't change just before 4pm

    • +4

      I can't see the price changing at all, thought I'd just get in to ensure people who want it know about it early.

      I'll get the post removed if price changes before the sale starts :)

    • +2

      If it does there will be a negative vote shower this evening.

      • +1

        i wouldn't blame the OP though. Like shooting the messenger

        • +1

          All the negative votes for ebay price jack are of course for those greedy eBay stores nothing against OP unless OP is store rep.

  • +8

    That Destiny 2 and Forza deal is sensational.

  • +3

    Nintendo Switch + Game $380.15

    I think it's a pretty good price for just the Switch alone. I think the cheapest it's been was $375 from Kogan Australia? Initially I thought it's any game which would've made it heaps good, but it turns out to be one I've unheard of. But still good nevertheless.

  • +7

    Switch + Game feels misleading. Should be "Switch + Has Been Hero". The title almost implies there is another option.

    • +2

      Sorry, I tried to put it in the title but there wasn't enough space, I tried to show that in the description.

      Updated for transparency.

      • -3

        Could have omitted "Nintendo" and just had "Switch + Has been hero", no different to "Microsoft" Xbox 1S, or "Sony" PS4 :)

        • +2

          Done :)

        • +6

          I'd prefer a Cisco Switch. So yes, there is a difference.

        • +1

          @doweyy: Pretty decent price, question now is… how much can I sell Has Been Hero for? ;)

        • -1

          @moo: I'd prefer my kidneys. :P

        • +1


          I'm thinking maybe around $15? They sell it for $24 preowned and knowing their trade in amounts then it won't be too much.

          Could give it a whirl trying to sell on ebay or gumtree for a bit more.

        • +1

          @doweyy: they'll give no more than $10 I reckon

  • +2

    wow, incredibly cheap deal for Xbox One S with Destiny 2 and FH3.

  • Is the Nintendo Switch actually any good? Considering getting NBA 2K18 on it over the Xbox One.

    • +2

      The Switch is an amazing console. However… I'm not a fan of Has Been Heroes.. Bought it when it came out, because I pretty much only had Zelda. Was pretty disappointed in the game itself…

      • +1

        How are the graphics on a Switch? Anything specific that makes it fantastic?

        • The things that make it fantastic are: 1. Portability (at expense of graphics) and 2. its nintendo so you get the next mario/zelda/metroid etc.

          So if one or both of those aren't that exciting then its the worst console ever for you (and very expensive too)

        • +1

          @thearbiter117: On the back of that though, for a portable system I personally think the graphics are outstanding. It's also extremely responsive and I've yet to see any kind of frame lag (or whatever you want to call it).

        • Yeah for a portable system the graphics are very good. Crap compared to other current (4 year old) consoles but yes a lot lot better than say a 3ds. Although on the games where they are good the battery lasts what 2 and a bit hours? at least thats what i heard of zelda. For me that kind of kills its claim of being 'portable' (for me), if i can only play the good games for a couple hours on a charge thats pretty shite in my opinion.

        • @thearbiter117: it makes sense to me. i suppose on the spectrum of portable<—->static it falls a bit more to the right of a 3DS because of its size and battery life, but a few hours is still plenty enough to, say, undock at home, play it on the bus to uni, plug in with a spare USB-C at uni to play some more, etc.

          even if it had a much worse battery life it could still be considered semi-portable in that it's easy to take around to anywhere you can plug in a charger.

    • For what it is worth I will be buying one but I am waiting for Mario Odyssey to come out.

      There will be other deals.

      • It down seem like a bad deal though. Of course it will hit the $250 price point but when? And is it with the wait then?

        • +7

          It won't hit $250 for a long time.. Nintendo = premium price, just like apple.

        • @randolpg:

          Agreed. If the prices of the Wii U are anything to go by, I don't think the switch will be 250 anytime soon (if at all)

    • tossing up to get it on the switch also!! prob will end up getting it on the PS4 still just because graphics but i'm seriously tempted to go switch

      • +2

        Graphics aren't everything.

        Do you take the train or bus to work? Travel much? Think of how envious your fellow passengers will be when you calmly pull out a switch while they're playing games on their phones.

        I'm gonna take my switch to the club to pick up girls

  • -2

    maybe some new console announcements coming out for christmas soon and this is sort of a beforhand clearance of sorts. I am still waiting for Sony to make a Switch-like console to compete.

  • +6

    I guess everyone of us owns a Xbox 1s on ozbatgain now lol

    • Yeah great price but keep in mind FH3 download code.

      • Managed to sell mine about a week ago for $40 on eBay. Probably more than what you would get for a trade in.

    • Not me, I still have the first day edition

    • I was thinking about picking one up, but just realised it doesn't come in black?

  • Nintendo Switch Grey Console + Has Been Hero Game $380.15

    Hmm… that's tempting!

    • +1

      Just get it and zelda. you won't regret.

      • Hmmm… I was told there were some frame rate issues with Zelda on the switch? :)

        But still… very tempting!

        • +1

          Was fixed soon after release. Frame rates issues were really bad initially but it's minimal and only in an area or two now.

        • @zailiner:
          was that a software bug fix? or is there like a new console nintendo switch 1.01 or something?

        • @Blitzfx:

          It was a software fix, yes.

        • -3

          runs better on the PC if you have a high clocked intel and a geforce 1060 or higher.

  • Xbox deal is so good, but I already have a gaming pc…

    • +5

      That's not the OzBargain motto.

    • +4

      So what dude? I have a 1080, a launch xbone, ps4 and a ps4 pro… there's always more room for gaming!

      • +2

        What do you actually manage to do with a 1080 without the rest of the PC ??

        • Well I put those thermal pads on it… (EVGA FTW)

  • That's a great One S bundle, I was going to pay $299 today for the same thing and thought that was a really good deal..

  • +2

    If course there's a better Switch deal now. Finally pulled the trigger on the Scoopon deal from last week.

    • How much better is it really though?

      • $11 and a bonus game better :)

        • what a video of Has been heros … looks like some sort of weak mobile type game and a game that I would never play… I guess it possibly has resale value.

        • +1

          @Elijha: haha yeah $9 at eb games.

    • +1

      Hey I paid $500 for a neon and Splatoon 2 for my daughter the night before the Groupon deal.

      • That sucks mate. I was waiting for a decent deal. Even then I hesitated abount it for a while before buying it. Still $391 delivered is decent I guess. EB will probably pull all the good stuff down before 4pm anyway

      • +2

        It was for your daughter though

        • +3

          Are you gonna keep follow me around saying that? lol

          This is our third Switch now (my son and I have them already) excellent console.

        • @Where's_That_Cake: It depends, are you gonna keep having a guilt trip for things you get for your daughter?

        • @YellowKnight: it's not guilt, it's stinginess!

  • +2

    I'm really not sure that EB could allow such good deals.

  • Looking for a new set of wheel to go with GT Sport. Any suggestions? Current wheel is the good old G25 that is still going strong.

  • +1

    Pity you can't pick up from local store

  • +1

    For those interested in switch deal.has been heroes has $9 trade in at ebgames

    • Cheers

      • Yeah I think I'm going to wait for a better bundle.

  • +1

    good deal for the elite controller too, ~$130 delivered after 20% off

  • Well damn. I didn't want to buy an Xbox but for this deal, I feel almost forced. What are the main differences between Xbox One and Xbox One S?

    • -2

      The latter has a S in the title.

    • -1

      AFAIK 4k resolution support (which means beefier specs to handle it).

    • It's half the size, no power brick, much lower power usage, marginally better performance, plays 4k Blu-ray, supports HDR out put on games that support it

  • -1

    Do these come with a warranty?

  • Do they have click and collect?

  • I hope to get one if it wasn't for you meddling kids… I might

  • Deal is live

  • +1

    I got one from EB Games. Didn't wait to check if they jacked the prices. The one in my cart was the right price, so that's done.

    • Awesome :) Enjoy your new console!

      • Cheers buddy. I know it's still priced pretty highly, but I calculcated the cost vs reward. I could wait unti Christmas where it hits $350 but that's like saving $10 a month.

        • $120/25% off RRP is not going to happen after 9 months of it being out lol.

  • Got one :)

  • +1

    Done! Thanks OP! Xbox One S with two games for $244 delivered, that's a brilliant deal.

  • +3

    Got the [Nintendo] Switch and Zelda. Good luck to the rest of y'all.

    • +1

      Nice job. Zelda out of stock now.

  • +1

    Purchased a Switch and a pro controller.

  • +2

    Good price! Just ordered one. Can't wait to play Mario+Rabbids, Zelda and Mario!

  • Sweet, just purchased the Xbox console deal with FH3, Destiny 2 and also added Destiny 1 for $250 total.

  • +1

    98 Switch's and 100 XB1's sold already haha, wow.

  • +1

    Just got the X Box one s great buy for $244.15 thanks op!

  • +1

    Got the PS4 Pro deal! They seem to be selling fast…

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