Products you only Buy at Aldi (or Woolies/IGA/Coles)

What are the products you only buy at Aldi or the other big shops? Reasons can be any, for me it is the quality/price criteria.

I only buy in Aldi : the mayonnaise (in the glass jar) as we don't like any other. The fruit no sugar chewing-gum (packs of 3); chocolate pillows; grated grana cheese. Raspberry and Apple cordial.

Woolworths: cooking salt with iodine. The diced home brand tomato cans are the best compared to other cheap ones, so I'll buy there when I can

Iga:macaroni black and gold (which I think is being discontinued)

Coles: no particular product.


  • At Aldi - Eton crackers (akin to Ritz/Jatz).

    Cheaper and tastes just as nice.

  • Woolworths - tinned chickpeas in unsalted water (to use the water to make eggfree /aquafaba meringues). My local IGA and Coles only sell chickpeas in salted water and I never think to look when I'm in Aldi.

    From Aldi the licorice pins that they only seem to get in for Dutch Confectionary events. I've not seen anything similar at other stores.

  • Aldi: Wheat biscuits (same as Sanitarium), tinned fruit (Aus produce), soy milk half the time, rolled oats, dried fruit, yogurt, frozen peas, water crackers, soap, shampoo, dark chox.

    Coolies: Patchett's pork pies (getting harder and harder to find stores with it), Preppie or Choke when on special, Sanitarium soy milk half the time, nuts when on special, cultured butter when on special, Lindt dark chox when on special, some fresh produce specials, Opal topups.

  • The diced home brand tomato cans

    Imported crap sadly!

    • I'm Italian so for me are the best :)

      • Well as long as they are the ones from Italy. I've seen 'other' places listed on the tins :/

        I normally pay the extra 20c and buy aussie ones to keep aussies in a job.

  • Aldi loo paper 3 ply for me 2ply for the kids !!!

  • Aldi - Hummus (yummy smooth) Just awesome !

  • Aldi: chilli chips, protein bars, 3 ply toilet paper, chilli sauce, ice cream sandwiches

  • aldi tiramisu.

  • Woolies - Homebrand vanilla ice cream. Taste great. Coles one is terrible.

  • Aldi Titan bars, are like Mars bars used to taste 30 yrs ago

  • Aldi, easter eggs. They have bloody good chocolate for a bloody good price.

  • Coles fair trade coffee beans at $12/kg beat all other supermarket whole beans, I suspect because they turn over a large volume so the beans are pretty fresh. Not $30kg local roast, but not bad. Woolies whole beans don't seem as good to me, but my Coles is very busy and my woolies isn't, so maybe a stock age thing.

    • i did a barista course and the instructor said the coles fair trade coffee come from a well known Melbourne roaster, he didn't divulge where from though.

  • Aldi, Moser dark chocolate

  • Aldi: Wholemeal bread, 3L Orange juice, the toothpaste (and tooth brushes), mouth wash, tissues, snow gear, Hass avocados, tiramisu, microwave popcorn, and of course the chocolates.

    Then Reject Shop/Dollar Store: for bibs and bobs
    Kmart/Target: for home ware things
    Coles and Woollies: everything else
    Big W: barely ever get anything, last thing I bought from there were some indoor plants

  • Mint tea bags $1.79 for 40
    Twiggy Sticks: $3 equiv to $15 per kilo
    Cheddar $6 per kilo
    Haloumi - can't remember price but cheap
    Premium bread: $2.25
    Fresh frozen tuna steak: $17.99 per kilo
    Hoki with skin on: $9.99/k (used to do the Basa fillets till I saw how it was farmed)
    Pizza (plain boxed): 3 for $6

    generally avoid fruit and veg as it goes off quickly.

  • +1 vote

    Aldi -
    3 pizzas for $6
    Choc mint biscuits
    Vanilla yogurt
    Soy sausages
    Turkish bread
    Red kidney beans
    Pita bread
    Rechargeable batteries
    Tomato sauce
    Mayonnaise (jar)
    Corn kernals
    Rice cakes
    Toilet cleaner
    Mi goreng noodles
    Rice bran oil
    Pancake mix
    Baking paper
    Corn flour
    Maple syrup
    Aldi "magnums"
    Laundry detergent
    Frozen vegetables
    Canned tomatoes
    Lemon juice
    Frozen gozleme
    Softdrink ( only on pizza night)
    Business shirts (when on clearance)

    I like aldi.

    I won't buy their "yakult". Just doesn't taste good.

  • Woolies - everything.
    Especially their bakery items. I stay back at work deliberately late sometimes, just so that I can stop by the Woolies on the way home, halfway between work and home. Their bakery items are generally marked down after 6pm or so, so I get all my bread/buns/bacon & cheese rolls then, and use them fairly quickly. My local Coles doesn't do this unfortunately.
    Paying with a 5% discounted WISH eGift card that I obtained from Cashrewards using my Platinum Edge (3pts/$) and I reckon I'm onto a winner here :)

  • I generally go through Aldi first and then Woolies (my local Coles is pretty empty).

    Always At Aldi:
    - Tinned flavoured tuna
    - Soda water
    - Wine (for cooking, I don't drink it)
    - Olive oil
    - Long-life juice
    - Icecream

    Always At Woolies:
    - Weetbix
    - Granny smith apples
    - Orange juice (aldi stuff changed this year and is now gross)

  • Aldi: chai latte sachets, coffee pods, random special buys

  • Aldi toilet paper, goats milk soap and shower gel.

  • Aldi: Choco pillows (Kids love em), flavoured tuna, Chicken Nuggets, Shower gel

  • coles - cheese, i dunno i just like the coles brand "vintage" cheese

    woolworths - chicken wings (honey soy etc) because the coles ones are so pumped with water they taste like a soggy biscuit

    aldi - nothing because they don't exist here :(

  • Aldi - organic honey and soy milk

  • Aldi- their green laundry liquid is amazing.

  • Woolworths- their individual flossers. The ones from coles always stab my hand when I use them and also break very easily.

    I know it's bad for the environment but it's the only way I've been able to consistently floss! Still looking for an easy-to use alternative.

    Coles- Camembert cheese and garlic crackers

    • Yeah how good are those garlic crackers? I prefer the taste of Aldis Brie / Camembert, over Coles brand though. It seems creamier.

      • The Coles Garlic Crackers are life. Bought the Woolies version a couple of times and they are nowhere near as crispy and tasty.

        Oooh I have yet to try Aldi's Brie/ Camembert, I'll definitely put that on my list!

        I love the fact that the Coles Camembert is rated 4 health stars. I know it could be rubbish but it makes me feel better about enjoying some with a few crackers and a glass of wine before dinner :P

    • Have you tried the Aldi flossers Ellie?

      • I haven't! I don't really go to Aldi that much as it's not close to my house, but there is one on the way home from work- are their flossers good?

        • I can't really compare. I've only ever bought the Aldi ones but couldn't even tell you the cost. They seem ok to me? Hopefully, someone here can help you out?

  • Aldi: Turkish loaf, toasts amazingly
    Tiny Apples, I don't like to buy pre-packed fruit but make an exception here as I cant find tiny apples elsewhere, they are great for little kids as they eat the whole thing, no point in buying 'normal' sized ones and then throw out half an apple each time

    Woolies: The woolies $2 salt and vinegar chips. S&V is my fave and these are old school style, totally disregarding that they are on 2 bucks, these are the best of all brands. some of the others I find too sweet.

  • Aldi: Freezer bags. The quality is miles better than Colies homebrand's.

  • W TP.

  • Coles: Frozen Berry Mix (Raspberry, Blueberry, Blackberry)

    The Woolworths one includes Strawberries, and they make up a significant proportion of the packet.

  • ALDI - everything on shopping list, except for fruit ,veg, & most meat except for their whole chickens which are cheaper than any of the others. Love their biscuits choc,T-bags,toiletries, skin care, cheese, low cholesterol spread,fruit loaf & the list goes on.
    One question though - why has butter shot up in price to $4.85 for 500g? Haven't looked elsewhere lately, but last time I bought it had only just gone up to $3.26- seems a huge hike in price- for what reason?
    COLES- Everything not available in Aldi's such as Wik cooking fat, certain tinned foods, dog food as Aldi's isn't good. Gravy mix powder.
    WOOLLIES- Any specials needed at the time
    SPUDSHED - for most fruit & veg ( that isn't available from our own garden) & meat - theirs is good quality at a good price.
    EGG FARM - for the obvious! $ 6.00 for 2.5 dozen is cheaper than anywhere else.
    IGA - Only for emergencies, when the others are closed.

  • Aldi - The choc-coated licorice pieces. And (consequently) the 3 ply toilet paper!

  • Aldi
    - Vitamin Juice
    - Cordial
    - Whitening Mouth Wash (Good stuff)
    - Normal Mouth Wash (Blue Mouth Wash)
    - Pasta salad (Tastes a lot better than Coles & Woolies brand)
    - Cup-a-soup
    - Toilet Paper

    Woolies / Coles
    - Everything else

  • Unfortunately Iga doesn't have the macaroni black and gold anymore :( What is the cheapest alternative somewhere else.?

  • Aldi cling wrap big size when on special