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Xiaomi Huami AMAZFIT Pace English Smartwatch (IP67, GPS, HRM, Pedometer, MP3 Player) US $86.99 | $109.08 AUD Via GearBest


I've been watching the price of these for a while and this is nice and cheap now with a working coupon code…price may revert to original deal post of US 99.89 if coupon code stops working

Both Black & Orange are available for the same price…

Don't forget Cashrewards

New code added 12/9 if it doesn't work try code 'MIWATCH' for $89.99 US Price

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  • If you use "MIWATCH" you can get it for $89.99USD + $0.50 Shipping, coupon is still working as of right now. Hope you didn't buy, otherwise cancel and rebuy :)

    • That's awesome! Cheers mate

      • Not a problem, it's always worth a google search before posting a china deal because there's usually a hidden code somewhere haha. I found it at Coupons from China.

        • Do you use a specific sight or just google?

          I have used gogole a few times but the sites I get directed too, none of the coupons work.

        • @mavis30551:

          I just do an advanced google search to find results from the past 24 hours or 1 week, anything after that is generally expired. Just gotta put a bit of effort in when researching.

  • Great price - is a very capable watch & initial firmware issues seem to have been resolved.

  • Had this watch for about six months and next to no issues. If you run it's amazing as it syncs with strava.

    • How do you load the music to the device; software or drag and drop via USB?

      How is the battery life; with GPS on and off?

      • Drag and drop via usb which is connected to the charging cradle
        GPS off but everything else on I get about 5 days (includes sleep tracking so it's 5 x 24hrs.
        With GPS on i've not done but i'd guess maybe 2 days? But that is a rough guess based on running with the GPS on over an hour or so.

        • i also get 5 days with 24x7 heart rate monitoring on (altho it samples once every 15 seconds or so, not really true 24x7, but it's more than good enough). With GPS (on when running/using it for excercise tracking)- i haven't used GPS ALWAYS on, my guess would be 24 hours.

          And yes, i am a casual runner.

  • What's it like with displaying AFL and NBA scores? I currently have a pebble watch and am looking to upgrade

    • Can not install 3rd app yet :)

    • I currently have a pebble watch and am looking to upgrade

      Me too. But looks like this cannot reply to messages with canned text, like a Pebble.

      • Yeah it can't. I did like the speech recognition on the Pebble that then translated into text. No microphone on the Amazfit though.

        • There is mic, the last patch notes about a month ago added a MIC button on the quick settings screen, but u have to have it synced to phone and all it does is dictate into a websearch. Nothing like Google Now. Mind you, this is NOT a full Smartwatch, more like a smartwatch for running niche

  • Looks good. Anyone know if this can display live speed? I'm looking for a smart watch/fitness tracker type device that can display live speed basically to use as a speedo but it seems most only count steps and provide an average speed as a summary at the end of a session, not display it live.

    • It does speed. If you track running, cycling and probably walking or trail running it will show your speed as you go.

    • It does show pace (how many minutes to cover 1km) NOT speed (how many km in one hour). It displays this live (updates every 10 seconds), so varies greatly. It also aggregates it every KM and tells you 'for the last km'. It also tells you if you have BT earphone and listen to music.

      • Right, thanks for that Hippo! Not for me then :( Just looking for a convenient way of monitoring speed in a highly policed section of bike path while on a very minimalist bike build I'm just about to finish… for whenever I need to get more beard oil :)

        • I'm not sure that's true. I just looked at cycling and running and they both have a current speed and minutes per km as separate fields. You have to scroll down to the second screen of data/stats to see it

  • Anyone currently have one that can do quick video for us?

  • Reviews not very promising

    I bought an Amazfit Pace as a running watch. The software/hardware has some serious flaws/shortcomings.

    • Heartrate sensor while exercising is flaky with my heartrate, despite steady speed/exertion, suddenly jumping from say 130bpm to 180 and then it takes ages to get back.
    • Tracked treadmill distances way off by sometimes 20%. Yeah it's ego-boosting to think you're running faster but it's not. I don't even think the watch learns from re-calibrating after every treadmill run either.
    • Flaky bluetooth connectivity. You cannot say keep your watch arm straight down for too long otherwise the bluetooth connection with your headset is too far and music starts stuttering.
    • Music player is shit. There is no shuffle function or ability to choose a particular music folder(album). There's not even a track 'loop' function. In other words once you get to the end of you big, clumsy playlist it just stops playing!!
    • You have to tee-up music player before you initiate GPS run and then player will all of a sudden stop requiring you start setup run setup again. GUI should work like this - select activity/music yes or no/pick album or shuffle?/start activity.
    • No aural activity progress output in English. When I first got ostensibly Western market version watch a lady voice chimed out in Cantonese every 5 minutes my progress report. No English option. Then a software update got rid of voice feedback altogether.
    • Poor/no integration with good wellbeing app like MyFitnessPal. Apparently you can connect to Strava via Amazfit smartphone app but I can't frickin' work it out in the crappy app.
    • I think it's pretty good value for the price and haven't seen any serious flaws or shortcomings.
      I agree that the bluetooth for music is a bit flaky but i changed to a better headset and it was generally pretty good. It still cut out and then back in if i had my hand low and behind my back and sometimes in my normal motion when running but the vast majority of the time it is fine.
      The heart rate sensor seemed pretty accurate but keep in mind that this is not linked to a band around your chest but through the watch on your wrist and you have to tighten it. I'd doubt any watch with this setup will be the most accurate.
      I found the GPS tracking of my runs pretty spot on. The issue is when you start the GPS before your run, cycle, walk make sure you are already outside. If not, it goes through antire search cycle and finds nothing, even if you go outside pretty quickly. Having said that, even if you are outside to start with it takes about 60-90 seconds to find a satellite…
      I don't have the same problem with the music setup as the person in the review. It works pretty well for me. Basic functions of play, FF, RW, skip, Vol, stop which is ok for me, especially since you can load 4GB of music directly onto the watch so don't need to take your phone with you.
      The Strava integration is pretty straightforward. The data is stored on your watch until you open the Amazfit app on your phone and sync the data. Unsurprisingly, in the exact same place you sync your data there is a Strava icon you can press to take you to the Strava app! I reckon the person giving the review just put the watch on and went for it. 5 mins of reading would've made their experience so much better.
      I've had a Pebble Time steel, Samsung Gearfit, 2 cheapo chinese bands and a Garmin Vivofit. For the sheer depth of functions, battery life and the cost, the Amazfit is the best value IMHO.

      • You are right on all points, just to correct that available storage is only about 2.6gb out of the box. It is a bit sneaky Huami keeps advertising it as 4gb storage.

        It is the most value for money GPS watch at the moment.

        • Yep, you're right, it's definitely not 4GB but enough to get around 700-800 songs on there so plenty for me.

      • just wondering how exactly does playing music off the watch work? if i have bluetooth earphones, does it connect to the watch?

        • Personally, I dont use the music player function. You just connect the watch to pc via usb, drop the songs in the music folder. On the watch, you go to the player and you can press play, forward and previous. You can connect a bluetooth earphone.

          But based on forum feedback, some people have complained that playing music while running can be spotty because when you swing your arm, it may put the watch out of bluetooth receiving range. So it also depends on the quality of your earphones. Your mileage may vary.

  • I got this watch, everything is good except for the screen. It is a transreflective screen which is great under sunlight but really dim indoors. Do consider this before buying. But this screen's battery consumption is very low. So you get a good 7 to 8 days without GPS and continuous heart rate monitor (with bluetooth notification) and about 3 to 4 days with continuous HR monitor and daily GPS 1 hour run.

    There are a lot of pros but i'll just list the cons for consideration.

    - low brightness screen indoors
    - have notification for calls but cannot answer them
    - cannot reply messages
    - only displays the last notification for any app, so cannot scroll through multiple whatsapp messages
    - cannot install third party apps natively but you can root it to perform such a function albeit, the screen might not fit properly
    - date format is US format (mm-dd) and cannot change. It annoys me a little. However can change to km and kg
    - no swimming, cannot track gym workouts like weight lifting
    - does not use Andriod Fit (not sure what it is called). It has its own proprietary OS so does not support many popular apps. But Strava integration is useful.

    Overall, this is a very running/cycling focused watch. If you intend to use it for running with GPS and simple notification, I think the price is extremely attractive. If you intend to use it more as a smart watch, I think there are other options other there that can do this better.

    • The brightness has several settings. I too thought it was quite dim too but if you have always on it's fairly bright. Still not amazing but pretty good. Having said that, i find the sleep state dimness to be fine indoors, outdoors is sometimes hard to read so you have to press it on.
      The rest of your Cons i'd have to agree with too.

      • I already have brightness as Always On and I still find it dim. Im too used to Samsung tracker's bright AMOLED display. Of course, screen - battery is a trade off.

        • Yeah comparatively, chalk and cheese and yep, battery is the winner because of it. I'd take battery any day if i had to choose. Otherwise i'd want both! The Pebble's sensors are good so when you turn your wrist it turn the screen brightness up is really good. Maybe in future updates, they'll code that in…?

        • Depends on your usage and expectaion… I have never had problem feeling the screem is too dim - when running I am outdoors - so plenty of natural light to reflect, screen is very visible while running. When indoors, plenty of indoor lighting, when indoors i am mostly only reading time - so it's not a big deal. I think under incadecent lighting it feels dim, and the backlight it like old-school timex 'indiglo' type. Trade off…

    • Any idea whether it is safe to bring for a swim? Thanks

      • Yes, i think it's IP67? pretty good for a gentle swim.

        "IP67 rating, which means that it is fully protected from dust (6) and can also withstand being submerged in 1m (about 3.3 feet) of static water for up to 30 mins"

      • Best not to swim. IP67 devices can survive in swimming pool for short period, but the movement of the arm during swimming may exert too much force and could let in water. It cant track laps anyway. Not advisable.

    • Totally agree with your comments. I love mine. Looks really good but screen a bit dim inside. Wish there were a few more watch face options although being able to use your old pic as background is nice.

      • You can download watchfaces and some of them are customisable whereby you can choose what information to display, like calorie, HR, weather, etc. Just drag and drop the file into the "Watchface" folder and you are done.

        I have got a Rolex and IWC watch on the go :p

  • Xiaomi is taking over the world!

    • They're just flooding the market with IoT devices. It;s their strategy to take advantage with all the manufacturing in china - they're in prime spot to do this.

      • Are these really Xiaomi or Huami. I realised when buying the Xiaomi Soocare Sonic Toothbrush that box does not even say once Xiaomi.
        Company was called Soocare.

        • It's for sale on the Chinese Xiaomi website (for $150, no less, so pretty good deal).

          But the Xiaomi ecosystem is pretty broad. Usually, Xiaomi invests small stakes in start-ups which manufacture its non-core products. So most of the technology comes from the partner company, while Xiaomi's input is largely in design and app integration. Xiaomi's power banks, for example, are made by ZMI. In this case, Huami makes the watch (and Xiaomi's Mi Bands).

          The Soocare toothbrush was initially crowdfunded on Xiaomi's Mijia platform, so it's produced to Xiaomi specifications, but not sold under the Xiaomi brand.

        • @monkeymuffins: Thanks, but these brushes are sold as Xiaomi Soocare when it does not have that name on boxes even they funded it. Looks like Xiaomi name is used to attract more sales and increase reliability in buyer's eyes.

  • Can you get bootleg designer wrist bands for this like you can for Apple Watch and Galaxy Gear?

  • I see AU$112.84 as the final price after applying code: MIWATCH and get additional $3.76 using PayPal ( New GB customers only )

  • @urbancartel: you've been watching this…


  • I use this watch for my runs and my bike rides, works very well compared to my friend's Garmin, about 80-90% as accurate. A bit finicky uploading the data to strava sometimes but For $100 you cant really complain. Great little device.

  • hmmm I paid an extra $15 for 7-9 day shipping, it's already been a week and the order hasn't even been processed. Gearbest won't be ever getting my business again, I could have bought from a local seller for slightly more and had it in my hand right now.

    • Try contacting the rep on here - maybe he can sort it out for you

    • I am in exactly the same boat. Going overseas on Friday and paid for $15 3-7 business day…. never again !

      • I'm still awaiting a reply as I submitted a ticket… contemplating just cancelling the order to be honest.

    • just received an update, item is on back order and won't ship for another 10 days making the $15 extra for priority shipping completely useless. they've given me 3 options… wait it out, exchange for another item, or have the money credited to my gear best "wallet"… so no option to just refund my money, brilliant.

  • both coupons have expired.

  • Hey UC, you can now get this for $78.99 USD (~$99.54 AUD) @ This Link using GBHUAMIB15.

  • Still waiting for my item to be shipped painfully slow

    • yup, me too. I won't be using gear best again… and I paid for express shipping too, what a waste of money.

      • order STILL processing….. was told by gearbest the watch is on backorder and would ship on the 28th… well that's come and gone.

  • has anyone actually received their order…. ?

  • I’m sorry if anone placed orders and have been screwed around by GearBest after I posted this deal - although I didn’t buy one myself I’ve recently had a pretty ordinary buying experience through then which resulted in me cancelling the order after also paying for it express and it not being processed over 2 weeks after ordering. Personally I won’t be buying anything or posting any deals on here as I think they rack up a heap of business of Ozbargain but in many cases are taking our goodwill too far…best of luck getting your orders, I do hope they arrive soon

    • Are they just a drop ship operation, take money and only then order from supplier direct delivery to customer? I.e. no inventory.

    • Hi, did they refund you the money directly? I'm at the point where I want to cancel my order, but they are saying they will only refund the money into the gearbest wallet to spend on another item.

      Gearbest Customer Support At10/02/2017 18:35:06
      Dear ———,
      Thank you for placing your order on Gearbest. Please check your order information below.

      Remaining items (Not available currently):
      Skuquantity Product Name Estimated Dispatch Time Suggested Options
      221903201 * 1
      Original Xiaomi Huami AMAZFIT Smartwatch Bluetooth 4.0 15-Oct-17 Wait or Exchange

      15th of October?! the order was placed on the 10th of September… if they never had the stock, they shouldn't keep selling the item… gearbest can honestly get (profanity).

  • Just got my email that it's been shipped.
    Took almost 4 weeks since purchase. What a (profanity) joke.

  • has anyoen got their watch??

    • I did finally… now I need to send it back as its defective …. absolutely terrible experience all round.