What Have You Googled That Made You Freak out?

Ok people, so I read the thread about the guy finding cold sore cream and started to freak out.

There was a response in the thread about not googling anything medical, which brings me to the topic of the thread. I once had an infection in the mouth and googled the symptoms which told me that I had HIV. So after a few consultations with the doctor and undergoing a test for HIV at the melbourne sexual health clinic, I was given all clear.

It was a traumatic time and I learned a valuable lesson about not to use Dr Google.

Have you any such stories to share?


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    Not Dr Google, but google search: typophobia

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      Fear of Typos?

      I think you mean trypophobia

      • yup, thanks for correcting me

      • OMG yes always gives me chills

      • Those pictures have always made me very unsettled. I told my friend about it and they thought it was weird. I also get this feeling when I look really closely at skin, with how it's just such a weird pattern when it's dry

      • How ironic

    • I think I have that fear too, I don't want to click on your link to check, just in case the is

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    Anything to do sex and teenagers, especially age of first sexual experience https://www.betterhealth.vic.gov.au/health/healthyliving/tee…. I think of my teenage daughter, look at boys she hangs out with, remember when she was 3yrs old, and completely freak out.

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      Stop looking at porn!

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      About one in four Year 10 students and half of all Year 12 students have had vaginal intercourse.

      I doubt it…

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        lol….u must have neen out of school for a while now

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          I am in year 12 though

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          ow…. then u really need to get out of that library

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    Laser eye surgery videos

  • Earlier this year my wife suffered necrotising fasciitis. The doctors told me not to google it but of course I did. Terrible stuff with no known cause. Don't look at the google images.

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      Agree (work in healthcare). Hope she has recovered and is o.k.

      • Thanks. Not fully recovered but (just) ok. Pretty good outcome considering the doctors only gave her 50:50 chance of making it through

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      Couldn't help but Google, not good!

  • Fyi dr Google is a seperate search.you need to click the … On the Google search page for more options then press … Again and that's where the proper Google dr search is.

  • I woke up at 3am earlier this year with a very localised stomach pain and a fever. I put the symptoms into WebMD and the top hit it came back with was appendicitis. I didn't believe it (or wanted to) at the time so I went to work (my second week of a new job) just waiting for it to go away. At 5pm it was still bad as ever and I was starting to think it might have been correct, so I went to a GP, he referred me to emergency and sure enough, it was appendicitis. Basically it's not all bad, still a pretty helpful tool at times.

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    Wisdom teeth removal videos

    Actual surgery wasn't so bad, because I paid the extra and got general anesthetics, so was completely knocked out during the procedure. The real fun was figuring what to eat afterwards since I had gauze padding on all four corners of my mouth

  • Wet gangrene of the peepee

    I was disgusted after I cleaned up

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      Don't be ashamed. It had to be done.

  • For some reason every time I am going on an overseas holiday for the 2 weeks before I fly I always Google videos on plane crashes lol I'm a nervous flyer as it is but that makes me worse but for some reason I always do it.

  • Pimple and cyst popping videos always get me

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    blue waffle

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    In a different way of freaking me out the Google search that most disturbed me was..


    Didn't realise how much was actually up there and readily accessible to anyone who knows my name.

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    When I Dr Google my symptoms, it almost always says cancer…but it's not a toohmah!

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    Hot dark and moist

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    I must not Google or watch genuine medical stuff.

  • Lotus seed pod and a video of a dog having worms removed (party sized spaghetti worth). Bot fly as well, nasty shit.

  • "bear grylls eating giant larva"

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